Due to scheduling conflicts and my school's requirements, I was unable to take any computer science courses in school, which meant I taught myself outside of school. In addition to taking high level math classes, I've continuously learned computer science outside the classroom over the last four years in order to compensate for my lack of computer science coursework. Online courses on Udacity alongside local classes provided me with the basic computer science knowledge I needed. I also Additionally, I took a semester-long course in which I learned about algorithmic programming and data structures - knowledge typically taught during sophomore or junior year at college. Though it was a challenging course, it taught me the fundamental theory behind computing. I then took the AP Computer Science A test, without having taken the class, scoring a 3.

Besides outside courses, I have also compensated through projects and an internship. I attended many hackathons and at each I learned something new. At my first hackathon in 2014, I learned how to develop websites. At VTHacks in 2017, I learned all about computer vision and how to recognize objects. At the last hackathon I attended, I helped conduct a workshop as well as mentored some hackers through hardware prototyping. Over the summer, I interned at a cybersecurity firm. There I helped work on security systems for critical infrastructure and set up cloud based servers. Not taking computer science ended up being advantageous for me, because it did not allow for complacency in my education.

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