[16:22] <Techie> i have a question, is freenode  under coppa?
[16:23] <Techie> or can under 13 years of age folks be on IRC?
[16:23] <+erry> we're not really under coppa anymore
[16:23] <+Fuchs> Techie: we used to have that in the motd, it has been removed though
[16:23] <Techie> m'kay
[16:23] <+erry> also it wouldn't rpevent you from using freenode, you'd just not be able toregister
[16:23] <+Fuchs> so yes, people under 13 can be on IRC
[16:23] <+erry> but wenever ask for your age anyway so
[16:23] <+erry> ;p
[16:24] <Techie> so just to confirm, coppa doesn't apply to freenode, account or no account
[16:24] <+erry> not currently