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[00:30] <Kohthefacesteale> Hey Yawl

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[00:34] <flameo> KOHY

[00:34] <flameo> WTF

[00:35] <flameo> HOW DARE SHE

[00:35] <flameo> I shall see her

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06[00:59] * ATFF waves

[00:59] <ATFF> hello

[00:59] <ATFF> I hope everybody is more sane now

[00:59] <+Ultimate> Hi ATFF.

[00:59] <ATFF> Last night was, well, interesting.

[00:59] <ATFF> Let's just say you're all glad you weren't here ^^

[01:00] <ATFF> Hi Ultimate

[01:04] <flameo> ?

[01:04] <flameo> What happened

[01:21] <ATFF> Yeah…

[01:21] <ATFF> So how is everybody?

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[01:23] <ATFF> is it wrong i'm hoping something from lok will be leaked soon

[01:23] <ATFF> the wait is kind of killing me

[01:24] <+KataraFanboy> Little more book 2 stuff would be nice

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[01:26] <ATFF> yeah ^^

[01:27] <ATFF> like i'm anti-leak

[01:27] <ATFF> but… i want more lok stuff

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[01:28] <RandomRanaun> yaay finally another anti-leak person :D

[01:28] <ATFF> :D

[01:28] <ATFF> well i'm only half anti-leak :P

[01:28] <TyDy> hey guise

[01:28] <ATFF> i don't mind if it's like a week in advance

[01:28] <ATFF> but if it's like 6 months, then yea it's wrong

[01:28] <RandomRanaun> lol yeah, I understand

[01:29] <RandomRanaun> the people who say things like they wanted to beat up the woman that stopped P. J. Byrne from talking about Bolin's love interest...

[01:29] <RandomRanaun> I don't care for that at all

[01:30] <ATFF> 9_9

[01:30] <Lucky38> I'm all for little leaks such as screen caps and all, not so much entire clips though.

[01:30] <RandomRanaun> I only like leaks if they're just little teases

[01:31] <RandomRanaun> when people are asking for the entire storyline or the finale to be given away, that's asking too much

[01:31] <Lucky38> Absolutely.

[01:32] <ATFF> ok yes that's ridiculous

[01:32] <ATFF> like i'm happy we got anything about bolin having a love interest

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[01:32] <Lucky38> Oh....okay....bye RR.

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[01:37] <Lucky38> Wb Random

[01:37] <RandomRanaun> ty

[01:38] <ATFF> wb RandomRanaun

[01:39] <RandomRanaun> ty

[01:39] <Lucky38> Soooo...

[01:39] <Lucky38> How bout that weather?

[01:39] <Lucky38> Can't get enough of that weather.

[01:39] <ATFF> lol

[01:39] <Lucky38> Some nice weathery weather.

[01:41] <ATFF> yeppp

[01:41] <ATFF> actually the weather is really rainy here

[01:41] <Lucky38> Lol KFB.

[01:41] <Lucky38> Jeter's a fatass now.

[01:42] <ATFF> ?

[01:42] <ATFF> is this about sports…?

[01:42] <Lucky38> Stay out of this ATFF.

[01:42] <Lucky38> And yes it's sports related.

[01:42] <+KataraFanboy> Still probably better than any garbage your team has :p

[01:42] <Lucky38> T_T

[01:45] <ATFF> hm

[01:45] <ATFF> yeah i don't care anyways

[01:45] <ATFF> Lucky38: who are you?

[01:45] <ATFF> koh?

03[01:45] * Lucky38 is now known as SifuHotman

[01:45] <flameo_> Oh

[01:45] <SifuHotman> It's not our fault we have to have Ciriaco around.

[01:45] <ATFF> ah



[01:45] <SifuHotman> Yup.

[01:46] <SifuHotman> I didn't stay too long though.

[01:46] <ATFF> Lol yeah

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[01:46] <ATFF> oh there's koh

[01:46] <ATFF> **Cue kOHHHHHYYYYYY**

03[01:46] * SifuHotman is now known as AceOfSpades

[01:46] <KingofHearts> Hey ya'll. And Are you an AceofSpades Hotman?

[01:47] <AceOfSpades> Yup.

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[01:48] <ATFF> hi flameo_

[01:48] <ATFF> your gf is here

03[01:48] * AceOfSpades is now known as SifuHotman

[01:48] <KingofHearts> AceOfSpades:

[01:48] <KingofHearts> ATFF Stop it.

[01:48] <ATFF> okkk

[01:49] <ATFF> but you stop fumble shipping

[01:49] <flameo> KOHY!

[01:49] <+KataraFanboy> FUMBLE

[01:49] <+KataraFanboy> WHERE

06[01:49] * +KataraFanboy dives for the ball

[01:49] <SifuHotman> flameo:  Kony?

[01:49] <flameo> No

[01:49] <flameo> KOHY

[01:49] <SifuHotman> XD

[01:49] <flameo> KOHY

[01:49] <flameo> JOHY

[01:49] <SifuHotman> Teeheehee

[01:49] <flameo> KOHY

[01:49] <KingofHearts> Ugh

[01:50] <flameo> My Kohy

[01:50] <flameo> Mine

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06[01:50] * +KataraFanboy apologizes for the random football senses kicking in

[01:50] <flameo> My sister

[01:50] <KingofHearts> KataraFanboy: Fumble is a ship

[01:50] <KingofHearts> A ship that ferret hates

[01:50] <+KataraFanboy> But fumble is also a play in football

[01:50] <KingofHearts> Lol well dug

[01:50] <KingofHearts> *Duh

[01:50] <+KataraFanboy> So yeah :p

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[01:51] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: it's me and humble

[01:51] <SifuHotman> Oh boy.

[01:51] <+KataraFanboy> Where is Humble anyway

[01:51] <KingofHearts> Anyone else want to know what their life card is?

[01:51] <KingofHearts> For fun

[01:51] <SifuHotman> Yeah, mine isn't Ace of spades

[01:52] <KingofHearts> I didn't think so. There is no scorpio ace of spades

[01:53] <SifuHotman> 9 of clubs apparantly

[01:53] <KingofHearts> What does that mean?

[01:54] <KingofHearts> nvm

[01:54] <KingofHearts> Interesting...

[01:54] <SifuHotman> I don't know.

[01:54] <SifuHotman> I'm not well versed in this kind of stuff.

06[01:54] * KingofHearts isn't either.

[01:54] <KingofHearts> It's just fun.

[01:54] <ATFF> KingofHearts: what's mine

[01:54] <KingofHearts> Plus I get to be a King XD

[01:54] <KingofHearts> Go to the website I linked at put in /your/ birthday

[01:55] <SifuHotman> Apparantly, according to the 9 of clubs thing, I gamble even though I don't.

06[01:56] * KingofHearts chuckles. That's funny.

[01:58] <SifuHotman> Mind quite literally fucked.

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[01:59] <flameo> Oh ultimate preach it

06[01:59] * SifuHotman praises like an all black Louisiana choir.

[01:59] <SifuHotman> PRAISE THA LAWD!

[01:59] <flameo> Lol

[02:00] <SifuHotman>

[02:00] <SifuHotman> My aplogies for the long link

[02:01] <+KataraFanboy> SH: You can use to shorten it

[02:01] <SifuHotman> How so?

[02:01] <SifuHotman> + link?

[02:02] <+KataraFanboy> Put the link into

[02:02] <+KataraFanboy> It wll generate a shorter link

[02:03] <SifuHotman> Okay, you're dealing with a mentally lacking child in terms of this kind of stuff here.

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[02:04] <+KataraFanboy>

[02:06] <SifuHotman> M'kay.

[02:06] <SifuHotman> Thankyou kind sir.

[02:06] <SifuHotman> You know what sucks.

[02:07] <ATFF> lol so who wants to share rumors about tla 2?

[02:07] <ATFF> I DO



[02:07] <SifuHotman> caps?

[02:07] <ATFF> SifuHotman: WHY THE HELL NOT

[02:07] <ATFF> ANYWAYS

[02:07] <+KataraFanboy> Well gaang, I'm headed off for now

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[02:08] <SifuHotman> Alrighty.


[02:08] <ATFF> hi Omashu_Rocks

02[02:08] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: bbl)

03[02:11] * SifuHotman is now known as SifuHotman|fanon

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[02:17] <KingofHearts> Long Feng may actually be Long gone

[02:17] <KingofHearts> Azula's fire will be green

[02:19] <KingofHearts> Ugh can someone tech saavy help me? ChiyoMahama?

[02:20] <SifuHotman|fanon> Jet is gonna have an actual "Jet" pack.

[02:20] <KingofHearts> I just backed up my Iphone and all of my contacts were deleted :(

[02:21] <KingofHearts> As well as some very sweet messages from my boo thang

06[02:22] * SifuHotman|fanon doesn't even want to think of what a boo thang could possibly mean.

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[02:29] <KingofHearts> SifuHotman|fanon: My lova

[02:29] <ATFF> oh toph will actually be asian

[02:29] <ATFF> i heard that too

[02:29] <ATFF> hi flameo

[02:30] <KingofHearts> I'm sorry is tla 2 actually coming out?

[02:30] <ATFF> it's a rumor

[02:30] <ATFF> that it's actually coming out

[02:31] <KingofHearts> Paramount would have to be completely stupid to put that movie out

[02:31] <KingofHearts> Thought it might make some money...

[02:36] <flameo> Hi ATFF

[02:37] <ATFF> anybody here know how to make gifs?

[02:37] <ATFF> I had an idea for the best gif set…

[02:39] <SifuHotman|fanon> I had the link not too long ago, but I have no idea where it is now.

[02:40] <KingofHearts> I made one...from my phone...using cinegram

[02:40] <ATFF> nah i need my computer

[02:41] <ATFF> i don't know if i can stream fmab on my phone

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[02:44] <ATFF> maybe looking up lust in the tumblr tag wasn't the best idea O.o

[02:44] <KingofHearts> Haha

[02:44] <KingofHearts> eeew

[02:45] <KingofHearts> Where are Humble, Momo, Tydy, Hawshire, and Mysteria btw?

[02:45] <KingofHearts> Haven't seen the first four all weekk

[02:46] <ATFF> Hey I was looking for the character from fmab

[02:46] <KingofHearts> I'm sure you were Ferret

[02:46] <KingofHearts> Ugh now I don't have any of my contacts or apps

[02:47] <KingofHearts> curse you I the phone

[02:48] <ATFF> c'mon there has got to be gifs of lust using her spear SOMEWHERE

[02:55] <ATFF> …

[02:55] <ATFF> nope

[02:55] <ATFF> freaking nowhere

06[02:55] * KingofHearts plays song for Ferret on the world's smallest violin

[02:55] <KingofHearts> Koh

03[02:55] * KingofHearts is now known as Koh|Away

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[03:00] <ATFF> hi TyDy

[03:00] <TyDy> hey ATFF, how are you?

[03:01] <ATFF> i'm good ^^

[03:02] <TyDy> thats good :)

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06[03:06] * ATFF hops around

03[03:06] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:08] <ATFF> hi Omashu_Rocks

[03:08] <ATFF> i'm hopping around

03[03:08] * ATFF is now known as ATFF|Boing-boing

[03:09] <Omashu_Rocks> hahaha

02[03:10] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[03:10] <ATFF|Boing-boing> wai nobody talking 2day

[03:10] <ATFF|Boing-boing> less talk mai homies

[03:11] <ATFF|Boing-boing> so how was everybody's day?

[03:11] <ATFF|Boing-boing> good?

[03:11] <ATFF|Boing-boing> maybe?

06[03:12] * ATFF|Boing-boing sighs

[03:12] <ATFF|Boing-boing> WELL SCREW YOU

[03:12] <ATFF|Boing-boing> YOU'RE ALL BORING LURKERS

06[03:13] * ATFF|Boing-boing hops into another chat

06[03:15] * ATFF|Boing-boing rolls bak in creyin

[03:15] <ATFF|Boing-boing> halp

[03:15] <ATFF|Boing-boing> talk toh meh

03[03:15] * Koh|Away ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:15] <Koh|Away> ATFF|Boing-boing: Do you have a boing in your city?

03[03:15] * snip101 (4cb45697@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:16] <Koh|Away> Hey snip

[03:16] <snip101> hey

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03[03:16] * Koh|Away is now known as KatyEssef

03[03:16] * Annawantimes (3252c1f2@wikia/Annawantimes) has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:17] <ATFF|Boing-boing> KatyEssef: wassa boing

[03:17] <ATFF|Boing-boing> Annawantimes: TALK TO ME

[03:17] <ATFF|Boing-boing> I'M BORED

[03:17] <Annawantimes> HAI ATFF

[03:17] <KatyEssef> We have one in Tampa, it's a place filled with giant trampolines and you play on them all day

02[03:17] * snip101 (4cb45697@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[03:18] * KatyEssef is now known as KatyEffus

[03:19] <KatyEffus> ATFF|Boing-boing:

03[03:19] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[03:43] * KatyEffus is now known as CruelIntentions

[03:43] <CruelIntentions> Hotman what fanon you reading?

03[03:45] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:54] <CruelIntentions> Hey Trill

[03:54] <Trillian> Hey

[03:55] <ATFF|Boing-boing> hi Ultimate and Trillian

[03:55] <+Ultimate> Hi ATFF.

[03:57] <ATFF|Boing-boing> so

[03:57] <ATFF|Boing-boing> fairy tail's on tonight

[04:03] <CruelIntentions> I didn't know Fairytail came on tv

[04:05] <ATFF|Boing-boing> i think it only airs in japan tonight

[04:05] <ATFF|Boing-boing> idk

[04:05] <ATFF|Boing-boing> it's only the sub tho

[04:08] <ATFF|Boing-boing> Episode 159 :D

03[04:12] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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[04:12] <ATFF|Boing-boing> DSFJKLDSAFJKDFA

[04:13] <+KataraFanboy> error: Translator failed. Please contact your service provider.

[04:16] <ATFF|Boing-boing> Translation: Talk to me

[04:16] <ATFF|Boing-boing> I'm effing bored


[04:16] <ATFF|Boing-boing> I DO ENJOY THOSE


[04:18] <ATFF|Boing-boing> …

[04:19] <ATFF|Boing-boing> WHAI ARE YOU GUYS NO FUN

[04:19] <ATFF|Boing-boing> I'M SO BORED

[04:19] <ATFF|Boing-boing> I NEED SOMEBODY TO TALK TO

06[04:21] * ATFF|Boing-boing runs awai and creys

[04:21] <ATFF|Boing-boing> pls

02[04:29] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) Quit (Quit: There is no negative bread.)

03[04:35] * ATFF|Boing-boing is now known as ATFF|GLORIOUSFT

[04:35] <ATFF|GLORIOUSFT> sweet beautiful fairy taill

[04:35] <ATFF|GLORIOUSFT> oh how i waited all week for theee

[04:35] <ATFF|GLORIOUSFT> and now thou hast finally come

02[04:47] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: Be back tomorrow morning or later tonight, pending on your time zone)

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03[04:57] * ATFF|GLORIOUSFT is now known as ScrewRavenTail

02[04:57] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Life is like a blank canvas and you need to splatter as much paint on it as possible.)

[05:01] <ScrewRavenTail> SCREW RAVENTAIL

[05:11] <ScrewRavenTail> OMG GUYS

[05:11] <ScrewRavenTail> BOOK 1 DVD OF KORRA

[05:11] <ScrewRavenTail> COMING OUT


[05:11] <ScrewRavenTail> EEP

06[05:11] * ScrewRavenTail runs right

[05:11] <ScrewRavenTail> EEEP

06[05:11] * ScrewRavenTail runs left

03[05:14] * DooperScooper (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[05:14] * CruelIntentions is now known as PooperScooper

[05:14] <PooperScooper> Hey Humble

[05:14] <DooperScooper> hi

[05:14] <PooperScooper> Where ya been?

[05:14] <DooperScooper> thats wat i was thinkin of!

[05:14] <DooperScooper> in a world

03[05:15] * PooperScooper is now known as KingofHearts

[05:16] <DooperScooper> bye

02[05:16] * DooperScooper (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

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[16:41] <BolinPabu> anybody know what image OR wants for his fanon?

02[16:43] * flameo (ba2d1d45@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[16:53] * Ieao (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:53] <BolinPabu> hey Ieao

[16:53] <Ieao> hey all

[16:54] <Ieao> so... what's up Gods

[16:54] <BolinPabu> the ceiling

[16:55] <BolinPabu> FAS and Sliders for fanons

[17:12] <BolinPabu> good night

06[17:12] * BolinPabu yawns

02[17:12] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

03[17:16] * Santameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:18] <Ieao> hey

03[17:25] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:34] <Ieao> wb

02[17:36] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

02[17:40] * madfoot (~madfoot@unaffiliated/madfoot) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)

[17:54] <Ieao> ...

03[17:56] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:58] * Santameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[17:58] <+Ultimate> Damn it

03[17:59] * Romeo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:02] <Ieao> BELLE


[18:02] <Ieao> OOOH

[18:02] <Ieao> AFTER 6 LONG MONTHS

[18:02] <Ieao> :D

03[18:04] * Belle_ (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[18:04] * Belle_ (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[18:04] * Belle_ (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:04] <Ieao> last episode before the timeskip

[18:04] <Ieao> :D

03[18:04] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:04] <Ieao> hey ferret

02[18:05] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Disconnected by services)

03[18:05] * Belle_ is now known as Belle

03[18:05] * iChiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:06] <ATFF> hi iChiyo

[18:06] <ATFF> lol now there are three of you online XD

[18:08] <iChiyo> Hai :)

[18:08] <iChiyo> Lol

[18:08] <iChiyo> Only 2 are logged in as me ;)

[18:08] <Belle> Chiibots

[18:10] <ATFF> :|

[18:10] <ATFF> still

[18:10] <ATFF> Soph[BNC] is like half you :P

[18:10] <ATFF> what does your bot do?

[18:10] <iChiyo> I don't have a bot yet :P

[18:11] <ATFF> wait then how are you only logged in as two?

03[18:14] * Romeo is now known as flameo

[18:16] <iChiyo> Because Soph[BNC] is not a registered nick :P

[18:16] <iChiyo> Nor is it logged into my account :P

[18:17] <ATFF> lol why

[18:20] <iChiyo> Cause I don't want that one logging my ip when I connect :P

[18:20] <iChiyo> And it can go down easily

06[18:22] * ATFF does not understand

[18:22] <ATFF> butok

[18:23] <iChiyo> Hehe :P

[18:24] <ATFF> what does Soph[BNC] even do?

[18:24] <iChiyo> The same as ChiyoMihama :)

[18:25] <iChiyo> It's a client what is connected to IRC

[18:25] <iChiyo> But stays connected even when I'm not connected to it

[18:25] <iChiyo> It also records what is said so I can read it when I connect :)

[18:26] <ATFF> ohok

[18:29] <ATFF> so

[18:29] <ATFF> what is up my fellow sailors?

[18:31] <iChiyo> I missed my ship

[18:31] <iChiyo> To get home :P

[18:34] <Ieao> shit luffy

02[18:35] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Being optimistic isn't ignorance. It doesn't make you naive or oblivious. It simply means you're hopeful and strong.)

[18:35] <Ieao> a stare and those crazy strong beasts like cower in fear

06[18:40] * ATFF is confused

06[18:45] * flameo forces the last of his lunch down his throat

[18:45] <flameo> But I'm so full

[18:45] <flameo> It tastes so good

02[18:46] * iChiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) Quit (Quit: BBL)

02[18:50] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: later all)

03[18:50] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has left #wikia-avatar

02[18:57] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[19:00] * KataraLover (32340c27@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:00] <KataraLover> Hello, all!

03[19:09] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:10] <KataraLover> Hi, flameo!

[19:16] <ATFF> hi KataraLover and flameo

[19:16] <KataraLover> Hello, ATFF! How are you? :)

[19:18] <ATFF> I'm god ^^

[19:18] <ATFF> You?

[19:19] <KataraLover> I have a bad runny nose, but other than that, I'm doing well. What are you up to?

[19:22] <ATFF> *good

[19:22] <ATFF> Lol not god

[19:22] <ATFF> Nothing much :P

[19:22] <ATFF> Just wishing I had something to fangirl over

[19:24] <KataraLover> xD Nothing much happening here either. Just talking to you and watching some class videos that I need to catch up on...

[19:24] <ATFF> this image is clutter, right?

03[19:26] * KingofHearts ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:26] <KataraLover> Yeah, I would think so.

[19:26] <KataraLover> Hello, KingofHearts.

[19:26] <KingofHearts> Hey IRC and Flamey and KataraLover

[19:26] <KataraLover> How are you? :)

[19:26] <KingofHearts> I'm good.

[19:27] <KataraLover> That's good to hear. :)

02[19:28] * KingofHearts ( Quit (Client Quit)

[19:34] <flameo> Noooo

[19:34] <flameo> I missed her

02[19:36] * Ieao (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Quit: When the evil seems invincible, be patient, and the goodness will save you. Good day/night)

02[19:37] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[19:37] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[19:42] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[19:44] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

06[19:45] * flameo pets away

03[19:46] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:47] <KataraLover> Hello, lalonde!

[19:47] <Lalonde> hi!

[19:47] <RandomRanaun> I thought about making a forum proposal

[19:47] <RandomRanaun> but all my forum proposals have been shot down :(

[19:47] <Lalonde> did the font change or something?

[19:47] <Lalonde> it looks funny in here

[19:49] <KataraLover> It looks the same to me @ Lalonde.

[19:49] <Lalonde> hm

[19:52] <ATFF> hi Lalonde

[19:52] <ATFF> RandomRanaun: :( what about?

[19:52] <Lalonde> hello

[19:52] <RandomRanaun> you wouldn't care

[19:53] <RandomRanaun> :P

[19:54] <ATFF> Maybe I would :P

[19:55] <RandomRanaun> Grey DeLisle is still getting hate on her Tumblr :(

[19:58] <ATFF> lol

[19:58] <ATFF> does that really surprise you?

[20:00] <RandomRanaun> I just can't believe it's still going on

[20:00] <ATFF> yep

[20:00] <RandomRanaun> "lmao what kind of adult acts passive aggressive because someone says something mean about them over the internet." idk if this was supposed to be sarcasm or not ._.

[20:00] <ATFF> i think that is sarcasm…

[20:00] <ATFF> it has to be…

[20:00] <RandomRanaun> idk

[20:01] <RandomRanaun> she liked it and they said: "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. IM DYING. KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON GREY"

[20:01] <RandomRanaun> and tagged it with: "#thanks for proving my point #also eat shit"

[20:02] <RandomRanaun> apparently you're not allowed to defend yourself when someone says something mean about/to you over the internet

[20:02] <RandomRanaun> perfect SJW logic

06[20:06] * ATFF sighs





06[20:07] * ATFF runs off and cries

03[20:07] * ATFF is now known as SpreadLoveNotHat

03[20:07] * SpreadLoveNotHat is now known as SpredLoveaNotHat

03[20:08] * SpredLoveaNotHat is now known as SpredLoveNotHate

03[20:12] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:13] <SpredLoveNotHate> hi chiyo

[20:14] <Chiyo> hey SpredLoveNotHate :)

[20:14] <KataraLover> Hi, Chiyo. :)

[20:14] <Chiyo> hey KataraLover :)

[20:14] <SpredLoveNotHate> can somebody explain to me how this is irrelevant?

03[20:14] * KataraLover is now known as KL|brb

[20:16] <SpredLoveNotHate> pls

[20:16] <SpredLoveNotHate> i'm not meaning to be rude

[20:16] <SpredLoveNotHate> i just honestly don't understand

02[20:17] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[20:22] * Windows8 (c6167a9e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:23] <Windows8> Windows 8 is awesome

[20:24] <flameo> Oh

02[20:24] * Windows8 (c6167a9e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Changing host)

03[20:24] * Windows8 (c6167a9e@unaffiliated/humble) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[20:24] * Windows8 (c6167a9e@unaffiliated/humble) Quit (Changing host)

03[20:24] * Windows8 (c6167a9e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:24] <flameo> Humble

[20:24] <flameo> That's nice

02[20:24] * Windows8 (c6167a9e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

02[20:26] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[20:26] <RandomRanaun> SpredLoveNotHate: I guess the page is meant to focus on the position itself

[20:26] <SpredLoveNotHate> haha it's ok I asked lostris :P

[20:26] <SpredLoveNotHate> no

[20:26] <SpredLoveNotHate> she left

[20:26] <SpredLoveNotHate> fuck

[20:26] <SpredLoveNotHate> fuccffckckckaksdfl

[20:27] <RandomRanaun> although the Chief of Police article has a History section....  *shrug*

03[20:27] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[20:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[20:29] <SpredLoveNotHate> hi KataraFanboy

[20:29] <+KataraFanboy> Hi ATFF

[20:31] <KL|brb> Hi, KFB!

03[20:32] * KL|brb is now known as KataraLover

[20:32] <+KataraFanboy> Hi KL

[20:33] <KataraLover> How are you?

[20:34] <+KataraFanboy> I'm all right, just hoping to write

[20:35] <RandomRanaun> lol, have you seen the petition page the SJWs made to get Grey DeLisle fired from her jobs?

[20:42] <RandomRanaun> I wish more VAs could join tumblr and fight against the SJWs :(

[20:49] <SpredLoveNotHate> they're probably scared of going through what grey is

02[20:56] * KataraLover (32340c27@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Katara fan forever!)

06[21:08] * SpredLoveNotHate sighs and flops onto the floor

03[21:36] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar


[21:36] <Lalonde> OH

[21:36] <Lalonde> OH MY GOD YOU GUYS

[21:36] <Chiyo> yea?

[21:37] <Lalonde> I FOUND

[21:37] <Lalonde> THE FUNNIEST SHIT

[21:37] <Lalonde> ITS A DILDO


[21:37] <Lalonde> IT DOESN'T EVEN

[21:37] <Lalonde> LIKE

[21:38] <Lalonde> HOW

[21:40] <Lalonde>

[21:40] <Lalonde> look at that

[21:40] <Lalonde> how majestic

02[21:43] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: bbs)

[21:45] <Lalonde> aw man

[21:45] <Lalonde> whew

[21:45] <Lalonde> oh god

[21:45] <Lalonde> its just

[21:45] <Lalonde> so fucking funny

[21:46] <Lalonde> it'll stare wistfully into the depths of your vagina

[21:46] <Lalonde> hahahahahahaha oh man i can't do it bro

[21:50] <Lalonde> alrihgt

[21:50] <Lalonde> i'm out

02[21:50] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: ollies outie)

[22:11] <SpredLoveNotHate> sohai

03[22:11] * SpredLoveNotHate is now known as atff

03[22:12] * atff is now known as ErzaTheTitania

03[22:15] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:15] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[22:15] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[22:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

03[22:19] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:19] <+KataraFanboy> Hi Trill

[22:20] <Trillian> Hi

[22:20] <+KataraFanboy> What's up?

[22:21] <ErzaTheTitania> hi KataraFanboy and hi Trillian

[22:21] <+KataraFanboy> Hi atff

[22:22] <Trillian> Hihi

[22:22] <Trillian> I'm sort of half-asleep.

03[22:32] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:32] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[22:43] <RandomRanaun> oh god the Victorious ship wars are nearly as bad as ATLAs atm

[22:43] <RandomRanaun> Jori shippers and Bade shippers are going crazy :S

[22:55] <RandomRanaun> aww ATFF's not here :(

[22:55] <RandomRanaun> (heylo Trill btw)

[22:56] <Trillian> heyo

[22:57] <RandomRanaun> I'm excited for Tori Fixed Beck and Jade :DD

[22:57] <Trillian> wait

[22:57] <RandomRanaun> Elizabeth finally gets her own solo

[22:58] <Trillian> Tori Fixed Bec and Jade

[22:58] <RandomRanaun> oh whoops

[22:58] <Trillian> omfg i'm going to cry laughing

[22:58] <RandomRanaun> *Fixes :P

[22:58] <Trillian> bEC AND JADE

[22:58] <Trillian> THAT'S FROM HOMESTUCK

[22:58] <Trillian> asdglkjsdtlkjah

[22:58] <Trillian> nsd

[22:58] <RandomRanaun> wut? :o

[22:58] <Trillian> Jade Harley is a character from Homestuck whose best friend/guardian is a dog named Beck.

[22:59] <RandomRanaun> oh haha

[23:00] <RandomRanaun> what a weird coincidence, the Beck and Jade in Victorious are lovers :P

[23:01] <Trillian> Whoa.

[23:01] <Trillian> That's.

[23:01] <Trillian> Erm.

06[23:01] * Trillian coughs.

03[23:01] * Jabberjay (~Canis@wikia/Olorin-The-White) has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:01] <Trillian> A lot of weird people ship Bec and Jade. :|

[23:02] <Trillian> Hey Jabberjay.

[23:02] <Jabberjay> hello

[23:03] <ErzaTheTitania> wat here no RandomRanaun

06[23:03] * ErzaTheTitania saw my name

[23:03] <Jabberjay> Xibalba is such an interesting thing I wanna learn more

[23:03] <ErzaTheTitania> *now

[23:03] <ErzaTheTitania> hi Jabberjay

[23:03] <RandomRanaun> hey Jabberjay

[23:03] <RandomRanaun> so anyway, the shipping wars in the Victorious fandom atm are out of control

[23:04] <RandomRanaun> people are giving death threats ._.

[23:04] <ErzaTheTitania> That show has a fandom?

[23:04] <ErzaTheTitania> How big…?

[23:04] <RandomRanaun> uhh, yeah

[23:04] <RandomRanaun> pretty big I guess

[23:04] <ErzaTheTitania> Well i mean i know every show has a fanodm

[23:04] <ErzaTheTitania> but like… you know

[23:04] <ErzaTheTitania> you only hear of so many

[23:04] <RandomRanaun> so anyway

[23:04] <Jabberjay> hello

[23:04] <RandomRanaun> Jori and Bade shippers are going insane

[23:04] <RandomRanaun> Jori = Jade and Tori

[23:04] <RandomRanaun> Bade = Beck and Jade

[23:05] <Jabberjay> Victorious has a big fandom

[23:05] <Jabberjay> mostly teenage girls who watch nick and stuff, but not all

[23:05] <Jabberjay> the fandom is very...

[23:05] <RandomRanaun> it has a pretty big periphery demographic

[23:05] <Jabberjay> they like to argue a lot

[23:05] <RandomRanaun> yeah, I'm not too invested within the fandom tbh

[23:06] <RandomRanaun> they're not really my kind of people I guess

[23:06] <ErzaTheTitania> Jabberjay: all fandoms like to argue a lot

[23:06] <Jabberjay> Yes, but the Victorious fandom does it a lot more

[23:06] <ErzaTheTitania> O.o

[23:06] <ErzaTheTitania> god that must be awful

[23:06] <RandomRanaun> and oh god they do

[23:06] <Jabberjay> they're kind of like the Glee fandom, i guess

[23:06] <Jabberjay> they argue a lot too, at least from what i see

[23:07] <RandomRanaun> they argue over ships (Jori and Bade mostly), who should be the star, whether or not Victoria is better than Ariana or Liz, etc.

[23:07] <Jabberjay> If Marvin Marvin is what Nick is trying to push to replace iCarly, they've become the new Disney

[23:07] <Jabberjay> At least some of the sitcoms are ok but that show is just awful

[23:08] <ErzaTheTitania> …I don't even know what that is

03[23:08] * Pichu (Pichu@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:08] <RandomRanaun> I hope Dan Schneider's new shows start airing soon

03[23:08] * Pichu (Pichu@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has left #wikia-avatar ("bye")

[23:08] <Jabberjay> Marvin Marvin is a new show about an alien

[23:08] <RandomRanaun> with iCarly over and Victorious almost done, the network needs some saving fast

[23:08] <Jabberjay> the main character is the guy from Fred: The Show

[23:09] <Jabberjay> cancelling Victorious was a really bad move, it was really popular, i don't get it.

[23:09] <RandomRanaun> ikr

[23:09] <RandomRanaun> the show one the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV Show earlier this year

[23:09] <Jabberjay> this is marvin marvin

[23:09] <Jabberjay> it's terrible

[23:09] <RandomRanaun> and got nominated for three Emmy's

[23:09] <RandomRanaun> so ofc Nick has to cancel it

[23:10] <Jabberjay> everyone watch the promo right now

[23:10] <Jabberjay> its terrible

[23:10] <RandomRanaun> and now they're treating it pretty badly

[23:10] <Jabberjay> I know, they've been postponing episodes for Big Time Rush

[23:10] <RandomRanaun> they keep pulling episodes the day their going to air and replacing them

[23:10] <RandomRanaun> yeah

[23:10] <Jabberjay> i don't understand why they didn't cancel that show, it's not really popular

[23:10] <Jabberjay> And the actors are getting old

[23:11] <RandomRanaun> yeah, idk who really watching Big Time Rush anymore

[23:11] <RandomRanaun> *watches

[23:11] <Trillian> I didn't even know it was still going on.

[23:11] <ErzaTheTitania> Isn't that the one about like 30 year old guys pretending to be 16?

[23:11] <RandomRanaun> at least it's not as bad as Fred: The Show or Marvin Marvin

[23:11] <Jabberjay> They're 20

[23:11] <RandomRanaun> I saw the first episode of that Marvin show and it's godawful

[23:11] <ErzaTheTitania> hm

[23:12] <Jabberjay> Big Time Rush is another fandom big on arguing

[23:12] <ErzaTheTitania> i seem to remember something like that

[23:12] <RandomRanaun> lol imagine if Victorious wins favorite TV show at the 2013 KCAs

[23:13] <Jabberjay> just look at the nick confessions blog and you'll see what i mean: Xibalba is described in the Popol Vuh as a court below the surface of the Earth associated with death and with twelve gods or powerful rulers known as the Lords of Xibalba. The first among the Maya Death Gods ruling Xibalba were Hun-Came (One Death) and Vucub-Came (Seven Death), though Hun-Came is the more senior of the two.[4][5] The remaining ten Lords are often referred t

[23:13] <Jabberjay> o as demons and are given commission and domain over various forms of human suffering: to cause sickness, starvation, fear, destitution, pain, and ultimately death.[1] These Lords all work in pairs and are Xiquiripat (Flying Scab) and Cuchumaquic (Gathered Blood), who sicken people's blood; Ahalpuh (Pus Demon) and Ahalgana (Jaundice Demon), who cause people's bodies to swell up; Chamiabac (Bone Staff) and Chamiaholom (Skull Staff), who turn

[23:13] <Jabberjay>  dead bodies into skeletons; Ahalmez (Sweepings Demon) and Ahaltocob (Stabbing Demon), who hide in the unswept areas of people houses and stabbed them to death; and Xic (Wing) and Patan (Packstrap), who caused people to die coughing up blood while out walking on a road.[4][5] The remaining residents of Xibalba are thought to have fallen under the dominion of one of these Lords, going about the face of the Earth to carry out their listed dut

[23:13] <Jabberjay> ies.

[23:13] <Jabberjay> ...WRONG COPY PASTE

[23:13] <Jabberjay> opps

[23:13] <Jabberjay> oop*

[23:13] <ErzaTheTitania> wat

[23:13] <Jabberjay>

06[23:13] * ErzaTheTitania is so lost right now 

[23:13] <Jabberjay> go through the victorious and big time rush tags

[23:14] <Jabberjay> there's lots of arguing

06[23:15] * ErzaTheTitania shrugs

[23:15] <ErzaTheTitania> All I know is LOK is coming out to DVD soon :D

[23:15] <Jabberjay> yeah but no release date

[23:15] <RandomRanaun> omg so much fighting

[23:15] <RandomRanaun> ErzaTheTitania: old news

[23:15] <Jabberjay> I hope it's titled Book One instead of Volume One

[23:16] <Jabberjay> It just wouldn't feel right

[23:16] <ErzaTheTitania> RandomRanaun: how is it old?

[23:16] <ErzaTheTitania> wat

[23:16] <RandomRanaun> I posted the link to the video days ago :P

[23:16] <ErzaTheTitania> how old is it

06[23:16] * ErzaTheTitania shrugs

[23:16] <RandomRanaun> nobody really seemed too interested

[23:16] <Jabberjay> I hate it when shows do Volume One/Two/etc instead of Season One/Two/etc.

[23:16] <Jabberjay> it bugs me so much

[23:16] <ErzaTheTitania> nothing popped up on my dash so i waited until AW found out about it

[23:17] <Trillian> Jabberjay: Why?

[23:17] <Jabberjay> It's just one of those things

[23:17] <Jabberjay> And also sometimes they don't include all of season one on volume one and they only put like 5 episodes on it

[23:17] <Jabberjay> and they never release a season boxset

[23:17] <Jabberjay> I saw the trailer on my dash

[23:18] <ErzaTheTitania> LIke nothing ever comes onto my dash

[23:18] <Jabberjay> I always get news like a few minutes after it comes because of my dash

[23:19] <ErzaTheTitania> who do you follow?

[23:20] <Jabberjay> 902 people

06[23:20] * ErzaTheTitania collapses

[23:20] <ErzaTheTitania> DAAANG

[23:20] <ErzaTheTitania> I only follow like 100 something

[23:20] <Jabberjay> But even before that I started out as an ATLA ask blog so I followed ATLA blogs right away

[23:20] <Jabberjay> even before I got to a high number I still got news quickly

[23:21] <ErzaTheTitania> who do you follow who posts news?

[23:22] <Jabberjay> most people just post it after seeing it and arent exclusively news blogs

[23:22] <Jabberjay> uhh...i guess avatarsnowy posts a lot of news quickly

[23:23] <RandomRanaun> "Call it a hunch…but I’m pretty sure it’s scoliosis." omg Grey is hilarious

[23:23] <RandomRanaun> inb4 people shout "ABLEISM"

[23:24] <Jabberjay> OH MY GOSH


[23:25] <Jabberjay> YOUTUBE THANK YOU

[23:25] <Jabberjay> ALL THREE OF THE BOOKS

[23:26] <Jabberjay> AND A PDF DOWNLOAD

03[23:31] * RandomRanaun is now known as NowhereToRun

[23:32] <Trillian> how could this happen to me

[23:32] <Jabberjay> what

[23:32] <Trillian> i made my mistakes

[23:32] <Trillian> i got NowhereToRun

[23:33] <NowhereToRun> hold on to me and i'll hold on you

[23:33] <NowhereToRun> don't over think what have we got to lose

[23:33] <NowhereToRun> it's me and you me and you no matter what

[23:33] <Trillian> the night goes on as im

[23:33] <Trillian> fading awway

[23:35] <NowhereToRun> pain make your way to me to me

[23:35] <NowhereToRun> and i'll always be just so inviting

[23:36] <Jabberjay> shine bright like a diamond

[23:37] <Trillian> lucy in the sky with diamonds

03[23:44] * KingofHearts ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[23:44] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)

06[23:45] * KingofHearts sighs

[23:45] <KingofHearts> still no Momo

[23:45] <KingofHearts> Nowhere to run, you Humbly?

[23:45] <KingofHearts> nvm

[23:45] <KingofHearts> RR

[23:46] <NowhereToRun> ?_?

03[23:46] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:47] <KingofHearts> I can only use that smiley from my phone

[23:47] <KingofHearts> Omg Chiyo I needed you yesterday

[23:47] <Chiyo> i was ill :(

[23:47] <KingofHearts> :( How are you feeling now?

[23:47] <Chiyo> what did you need though?

[23:47] <KingofHearts> I effed up my Iphone

[23:48] <Chiyo> better, but a little bit worried

[23:48] <Chiyo> ohh

[23:48] <KingofHearts> What are you worried about?

[23:48] <Chiyo> im having an operation on monday

[23:48] <KingofHearts> Tonsels?

[23:48] <KingofHearts> Abnoids?

06[23:48] * KingofHearts Tonsills

[23:48] <Chiyo> no lol, for my leg

[23:49] <KingofHearts> adenoids

[23:49] <KingofHearts> Oh, what happened?

[23:50] <Chiyo> i was hit by a car a few years back, and they put some metal thing in my leg to help my bone heal

[23:50] <Chiyo> and its time to take the metal out

[23:51] <KingofHearts> Oh my gosh Soph

[23:51] <KingofHearts> Wow

[23:51] <KingofHearts> Just wow

[23:52] <KingofHearts> I bet your leg is really strong now

[23:52] <Chiyo> im not sure really :P

06[23:52] * KingofHearts nods

[23:52] <KingofHearts> Well either way I pray everything goes well

[23:53] <Chiyo> ^_^, it should do, i just dont like hospitals and places where there are needles and stuff

02[23:55] * ErzaTheTitania (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[23:56] * latency (ae07133d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[23:56] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:57] <ATFF> hai

[23:57] <Chiyo> hey :)

[23:58] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: Do you think the Science in the World of Avatar has enough information on it?

[23:58] <ATFF> I keep trying to put it to needs help because it's missing major sections on lok information but sfh keeps moving it back sayin it's fine

[23:59] <ATFF> …

Session Time: Sun Dec 02 00:00:00 2012

[00:00] <+KataraFanboy> I think some more could be used, but the needshelp template on it, Idk...

[00:00] <ATFF> I mean all it has is a small ammount of metal stuff

[00:00] <ATFF> the water tribe section has more than that…

[00:01] <+KataraFanboy> Maybe "expand" instead of "needshelp"?

[00:06] <ATFF> Alright, thanks

03[00:08] * KingofHearts is now known as Bubblrcup

[00:08] <Bubblrcup> my OTP

[00:11] <Trillian> Bubblrcup?

[00:11] <Trillian> W . . . what?

[00:12] <Trillian> Bubblrcup: what is this

[00:16] <Bubblrcup> Trillian: It's as great as a ship as catdog

[00:16] <Jabberjay> bye

[00:16] <ATFF> o.o

[00:17] <ATFF> okkk

06[00:17] * ATFF smiles and scoots away awkwardly.

02[00:17] * Jabberjay (~Canis@wikia/Olorin-The-White) Quit (Quit: Hey)

[00:18] <Trillian> Bubblrcup: ....????

03[00:19] * ATFF is now known as ErzaTheTitania

[00:24] <Bubblrcup> Trillian, do you have a problem with a ship between the kindergarten aged superheroes who are sisters?

[00:24] <Trillian> Bubblrcup: Oh my goodness is that from PPG?

[00:24] <Trillian> i

[00:24] <Bubblrcup> What did you think it was?

[00:24] <Trillian> I didn't have a clue.

[00:25] <ErzaTheTitania> XD

[00:25] <Trillian> Well fine, if we're going to pull out weird shippings . . .

06[00:25] * Bubblrcup doesn't believe Trill

03[00:25] * Trillian is now known as Pucktania

[00:25] <ErzaTheTitania> O.O

[00:25] <Pucktania> Well actually let me

[00:25] <ErzaTheTitania> From shakespeare or some other fandom that I don't know

[00:26] <Bubblrcup> Lol Hamlet and Hamlet's father's ghost

[00:26] <Bubblrcup> Romeo and Mercutio

[00:26] <Pucktania> Puck/Titania from A Midsummer's Night Dream

[00:26] <Pucktania> Although my *original OTP* was . . .

03[00:27] * Pucktania is now known as Bluegenta

[00:27] <Bubblrcup> Haha

[00:27] <Bubblrcup> Everyone shipped that

[00:27] <Bubblrcup> until they realized blue was a gil

[00:27] <Bubblrcup> *girl

[00:27] <Bluegenta> Lesbian dog OTP ftw!

[00:27] <Bluegenta> I still ship it thank

[00:27] <Bubblrcup> Haha

[00:27] <Bubblrcup> Why is blue a girl? It makes no sense

[00:28] <ErzaTheTitania> Bluegenta: I think magenta is male

[00:28] <Bubblrcup> Magenta's a chick Ferret

[00:28] <ErzaTheTitania> she is

[00:28] <ErzaTheTitania> hm

[00:28] <Bubblrcup> That green one with the short ears was a guy though

[00:28] <Bluegenta> A ferret?

06[00:28] * ErzaTheTitania shrugs i saw it on tumblr that she was male but half of tumblr is bs so idk tho

[00:28] <Bluegenta> Magenta's female.

[00:28] <Bluegenta> here

[00:28] <ErzaTheTitania> Alright.

03[00:28] * ErzaTheTitania is now known as Ameelo

[00:29] <Bluegenta>

[00:29] <Ameelo> If we're getting into weird ship territory

[00:29] <Bubblrcup> I shipped Tony and Vivian from out of the box too

03[00:29] * Bluegenta is now known as Kateelo

[00:29] <Kateelo> Bubblrcup: /EVERYONE DID/

[00:29] <Kateelo> everyone

[00:29] <Kateelo> e v e r y o n e

[00:29] <Bubblrcup> Haha, yes they did.

[00:29] <Ameelo> That's outdated

[00:30] <Ameelo> Salt and pepper had another kid or something

06[00:30] * Ameelo remembers that

[00:30] <Bubblrcup> Tommy and Lil?

[00:30] <Bubblrcup> yea they cinnamon

[00:30] <Bubblrcup> *They had

[00:30] <Bubblrcup> the first kid was paprika

03[00:31] * Bubblrcup is now known as Penicky

[00:31] <Ameelo> oh and then didn't it turn out that blue had a little sister or some shit like that

[00:31] <Ameelo> idk

[00:31] <Kateelo> I don't think so

[00:32] <Ameelo> i think she also had a box

[00:32] <Ameelo> where she went into live action and talked

[00:32] <Kateelo> what

[00:32] <Ameelo> i remember that very strongly because it bothered me

[00:32] <Kateelo> what

[00:32] <Ameelo> yeah she became a puppet

[00:32] <Ameelo> or something

[00:32] <Kateelo> i dont

[00:32] <Ameelo> and she talked

[00:32] <Kateelo> n o

06[00:32] * Ameelo goes to look it up

[00:33] <Penicky> Yea blue was talking the last time I watched blues clues

03[00:33] * Penicky is now known as Drakkenfists

03[00:34] * Drakkenfists is now known as Penneejonay

[00:34] <Ameelo> yay through google i remembered

[00:34] <Ameelo> it was like a segment called blues room

[00:34] <Ameelo> and she coudl talk

[00:34] <Penneejonay> Yep,, that's what happened

[00:34] <Penneejonay> I see we love shipping Meelo huh?

[00:34] <Ameelo> oh and she did have a baby brother

[00:35] <Ameelo> he was white with rainbow spots or something

[00:35] <Ameelo> i think that was when i stopped watching

[00:35] <Penneejonay> Cute...

03[00:35] * Kateelo is now known as Katohan

[00:35] <Katohan> I have found it

03[00:35] * Ameelo is now known as Amohan

[00:35] <Katohan> oh wait

03[00:35] * Katohan is now known as Zukohan

[00:35] <Zukohan> I have found the one weird-as-monkeyfeathers LoK shipping

03[00:35] * Amohan is now known as Yangchan

[00:35] <Yangchan> NO

[00:36] <Yangchan> YANG CHEN AND ROHAN


[00:36] <Yangchan> actually wait

03[00:36] * Yangchan is now known as Oohan

[00:36] <Oohan> Oogi x Roahn

[00:36] <Penneejonay> Wowzers

[00:36] <Oohan> *rohan

[00:36] <Oohan> Can't get weird

[00:36] <Oohan> *weirder

[00:36] <Penneejonay> Bolin and Pabu is a ship for non romantic/sexual reasons right?

[00:36] <Penneejonay> Because I totally ship that

[00:37] <Oohan> yeah probably

[00:37] <Oohan> but then you also probably have people who ship it sexualy

[00:37] <Penneejonay> Yea...not my cup of yea

[00:37] <Penneejonay> *tea

[00:38] <Penneejonay> Has anyone read the Mark Watches reviews of ATLA and LOK?

[00:40] <Oohan> no

[00:40] <Oohan> link?

03[00:43] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:46] <Oohan> hi Will-k

[00:46] <Will-k> Hi Oohan :)

[00:52] <Penneejonay> C is for cookie

[00:52] <Penneejonay> C is for cake

[00:52] <Penneejonay> C is for Condom

[00:53] <Penneejonay> C is for Colors

[00:54] <Will-k> Alright then.

03[00:56] * snip101 (4cb45697@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:57] * snip101 (4cb45697@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[00:58] * Zukohan is now known as KarkatVantas

02[00:58] * KarkatVantas (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) Quit (Quit: how about n o)

02[00:59] * Penneejonay ( Quit (Quit: You can only grow from what you know. So stop being so hard on yourself. :))

03[01:00] * FirstEvil (97d530ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:00] * FirstEvil (97d530ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[01:04] * ToodlesPoodles (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:04] <ToodlesPoodles> Is it against policy to write a blog about going inactive?

[01:04] <ToodlesPoodles> Just making sure

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy> Really no, it's not

[01:05] <ToodlesPoodles> Thanks

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy> np

03[01:06] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

02[01:06] * ToodlesPoodles (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[01:36] * auror (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:37] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) Quit (Quit: Now I'll be movin' on.)

02[01:43] * auror (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[01:44] * Mysti (ae4a5bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:45] * Mysti is now known as Pizzicato

[01:45] <+Ultimate> Hey Mysti.

[01:45] <Pizzicato> Hello Ultimate.

[01:45] <Pizzicato> ^_^

[01:45] <Pizzicato> Who are you, NowhereToRun ?

[01:45] <Pizzicato> And who are you, latency ?

[01:45] <Pizzicato> ...And who the heck is Oohan ?

01[01:46] <Orion]> and where am I?

[01:46] <Pizzicato> Fine, whois it is.

[01:47] <Pizzicato> ...Still not sure who latency is.

[01:47] <Pizzicato> :/

03[01:49] * ToodlesPoodles (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:49] * ToodlesPoodles (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Changing host)

03[01:49] * ToodlesPoodles (6c4bca2b@unaffiliated/humble) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:49] * ToodlesPoodles (6c4bca2b@unaffiliated/humble) Quit (Changing host)

03[01:49] * ToodlesPoodles (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:54] * ToodlesPoodles (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[01:56] * minnichi (631b890f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:06] * Pizzicato (ae4a5bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #wikia-avatar

03[02:06] * Sitri (Dcasawang1@wikia/Dcasawang1) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:15] * PlasmaTime (~Plasma@ has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:26] * auror ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:26] * auror ( Quit (Changing host)

03[02:26] * auror (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:28] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:28] <+Ultimate> =D

[02:28] <flameo> You can't help it

[02:28] <flameo> HI

03[02:28] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:28] <+Ultimate> xD

02[02:37] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) Quit (Quit: Now I'll be movin' on.)

03[02:41] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:42] <Lalonde> hello

[02:42] <+Ultimate> Hi Lalonde.

[02:42] <Lalonde> whats up

02[02:43] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)

[02:43] <+Ultimate> Just chatting, listening to music. How are you?

[02:43] <Lalonde> pretty bored

[02:43] <+Ultimate> xD

[02:43] <+Ultimate> Ah, boredom kills...

[02:43] <Lalonde> you have no idea..

03[02:44] * KarkatVantas (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:44] <Lalonde> ah

[02:44] <Sitri> HI KarkatVantas

[02:45] <Lalonde> oh

[02:45] <Lalonde> happy racing season everyone

03[02:46] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:46] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

03[02:49] * KingOfHearts ( has joined #wikia-avatar

06[02:50] * +KataraFanboy prods at flameo for Koh

[02:50] <flameo> KOHY!!

03[02:51] * Pizzicato (ae4a5bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:53] <KingOfHearts> Hey Pizza

[02:54] <KingOfHearts> Jump Jump the House is Jumpin.

[02:54] <flameo> Lol

02[02:55] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[02:59] <Pizzicato> Interesting nickname for this nick.  :P

03[03:05] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[03:10] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: ollies outie EASTERISLANDDILDO)

02[03:12] * auror (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[03:12] * auror ( has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:13] * auror is now known as Guest89084

03[03:16] * Sitri (Dcasawang1@wikia/Dcasawang1) has left #wikia-avatar

03[03:30] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:31] <TyDy> congrats on user of the month Minnichi :)

02[03:35] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[03:45] * KarkatVantas is now known as JaneCrocker

06[03:45] * Oohan falls down onto the ground and just sort of lies there

03[03:45] * Oohan is now known as ATFF

[03:45] <ATFF> I can't believe I still had thatnick

06[03:46] * ATFF sighs

02[03:47] * PlasmaTime (~Plasma@ Quit (Changing host)

03[03:47] * PlasmaTime (~Plasma@wikia/PlasmaTime) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:48] * Energybender (~Energyben@wikia/Energybender) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:49] * ATFF is now known as ATFF|Ontheground

[03:51] <ATFF|Ontheground> hah just found out there's a subreddit for korrasami

03[03:53] * Guest89084 is now known as auror

02[03:53] * auror ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:53] * auror (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:54] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:54] <ATFF|Ontheground> wb auror

[03:56] <KingOfHearts> Hey Ty

[03:56] <TyDy> helloooooooooo

06[03:58] * TyDy watching how to train your dragon 

[03:58] <KingOfHearts> That's a great movie.

[03:58] <TyDy> it actually is!

[03:58] <TyDy> i watched it 3 years ago on the airplane

[03:59] <TyDy> and its on tv right now

03[03:59] * Annawantimes ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[03:59] * Annawantimes ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:59] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:59] <TyDy> hey Annawan

[03:59] <+Ultimate> Hey Annawan. =)

[03:59] <Annawantimes> hey

[03:59] <ATFF|Ontheground> hi Annawantimes

[03:59] <ATFF|Ontheground> hi TyDy

[03:59] <Annawantimes> hi ATFF

02[04:00] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: bye everyone and may your dreams fill you all with joy and splendor! Bye!)

[04:00] <TyDy> Hey furry ferret creature made of fire

[04:03] <TyDy> inception is on now...gets better and better <3

02[04:04] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: It isn't what you have, or who you are, where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.)

02[04:04] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: dinner)

03[04:07] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:08] <TyDy> hi Belle :)

[04:08] <Belle> Hey Ty :)

[04:08] <TyDy> how are you?

03[04:11] * Helices (4c667a33@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:11] * Helices (4c667a33@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Changing host)

03[04:11] * Helices (4c667a33@unaffiliated/helices) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:11] * Helices (4c667a33@unaffiliated/helices) Quit (Changing host)

03[04:11] * Helices (4c667a33@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:11] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[04:12] * Belle (~androirc@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:12] * Belle (~androirc@ Quit (Changing host)

03[04:12] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:12] <TyDy> welcome back :P

[04:12] <Belle> Thanks xD

03[04:13] * Jabberjay (~Canis@wikia/Olorin-The-White) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:13] <TyDy> helloooo Jabberjay

[04:16] <Helices> Anyone know where I can download ProTools for free?

[04:16] <Jabberjay> hi

02[04:16] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) Quit (Quit: Sorry for my lack of activity, I've recently suffered the loss of a family member)

[04:17] <Jabberjay> aww

[04:17] <Jabberjay> I hope he's okay

[04:17] <Pizzicato> Hey Helices.

[04:17] <Helices> hi

[04:18] <minnichi> Okay so I just now noticed that TyDy said something to me. And why thank you! xD

[04:18] <Pizzicato> Hey Jabberjay.

[04:18] <Jabberjay> hi

[04:19] <TyDy> minnichi: you are quite welcome :P

[04:20] <minnichi> Dangit where's that KMP?! Been dying to a word with the evil editor for making me rush for the BSST  l:( So much in fact that I was too busy rushing to notice TyDy's earlier statment! xD

[04:21] <TyDy> KMP= bane of everyone's existence

[04:21] <Pizzicato> Haha.

02[04:22] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

[04:22] <minnichi> Not to mention he describes himself as evil and manipulative

[04:23] <minnichi> Maybe if I talk about his evil ways long enough on the IRC it'll actually get his attention

[04:23] <TyDy> is he on here?

[04:23] <minnichi> No, he'd have the plus sign haha. But you never know!

[04:24] <TyDy> yea i forgot....hes still a newbie admin

[04:24] <TyDy> come at me KMP

[04:24] <minnichi> hahaha

[04:25] <Jabberjay> who is KMP

[04:25] <TyDy> Kettle Meat Pot

[04:25] <TyDy> i say Meat

[04:25] <minnichi> haha

[04:25] <TyDy> just because

[04:26] <minnichi> Well if he comes on he'll have a completely random name with a plus sign

[04:26] <Jabberjay> I remember him

[04:26] <minnichi> and then make everyone believe it's not him

[04:26] <TyDy> he is the Anti-Christ

[04:26] <minnichi> haha

[04:26] <minnichi> well

[04:26] <TyDy> maybe not that bad

[04:26] <minnichi> if you see a random plus sign appear and say things like

[04:27] <minnichi> 'or am i? i could be anything. or i am just a mysterious entity in the shadows etc. etc.' just anything that's egotistically mysterious

[04:27] <minnichi> that'll be him :P

[04:27] <TyDy> i just realized....

[04:27] <TyDy> the dark spirit

[04:27] <TyDy> its freaking KMP

[04:27] <minnichi> XD

[04:28] <TyDy> mind = blown

[04:28] <TyDy> KMP is Grey Delisle

06[04:28] * minnichi gasps 

[04:28] <TyDy> everything suddenly makes sense

[04:28] <minnichi> indeed!

[04:28] <minnichi> so the BSST has been run by the dark spirit this whole time, no wonder!

[04:29] <TyDy> He manipulated ALL OF US

[04:29] <TyDy> the cretin!

[04:30] <Jabberjay> If no one likes him why is he admin

[04:30] <TyDy> no thats not it

[04:30] <minnichi> Manipulative

[04:30] <TyDy> we like making fun of him

[04:31] <minnichi> he makes you think he's awesome and then becomes admin

03[04:31] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:31] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[04:31] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:31] <TyDy> welcome back :)

[04:32] <TyDy> hope you liked that chatzillafied emoticon

03[04:32] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:32] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[04:32] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[04:32] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[04:32] <Belle> Thanks Ty

[04:32] <Belle> Hey gorgeous

[04:32] <+KataraFanboy> Hey beautiful

[04:33] <minnichi> Whoa there, when'd this happen?

[04:33] <+KataraFanboy> Inside joke :p

[04:34] <TyDy> i dig it

[04:34] <minnichi> can it be as severe as Thailostris?

[04:34] <TyDy> that^

[04:34] <TyDy> o.0

[04:34] <Pizzicato> XD

[04:35] <TyDy> is Thailostris.....real?

[04:35] <TyDy> it was really unclear ..

[04:35] <minnichi> the silence is unsettling

[04:36] <TyDy> KMP draws near

06[04:36] * Jabberjay lunges at TyDy

06[04:36] * TyDy sidesteps

[04:36] <TyDy> take a seat

06[04:36] * Jabberjay grabs TyDy, stabs

06[04:37] * TyDy busts a cap up Jabberjay's ass

06[04:37] * Jabberjay dodges

06[04:37] * TyDy reloads

[04:37] <TyDy> eat metal b*tch

06[04:37] * TyDy unleashes a barrage of bullets at Jabberjay

06[04:39] * Jabberjay dodges each of them and reveals he is actually a bird

06[04:39] * TyDy installs a window

[04:39] <TyDy> come at me bro

06[04:39] * Jabberjay turns back into human and runs away

[04:39] <Jabberjay> my plans are foiled again

[04:39] <TyDy> XD

[04:39] <TyDy> ill be watching out for your next attack

06[04:40] * TyDy keeps his eyes peeled 

[04:40] <Jabberjay> that gives me an idea

06[04:40] * Jabberjay peels TyDy's eyes

06[04:41] * minnichi shoots a rock glove and breaks TyDy's window ^^ 

[04:42] <TyDy> shit just go real

06[04:42] * TyDy turns on Two Steps from Hell theme music

06[04:43] * TyDy pelts minnichi and jabberjay with raisins 

06[04:43] * Jabberjay pelts TyDy with minnichis

[04:44] <minnichi> XD

[04:44] <TyDy> rats, too much witty humor

[04:44] <TyDy> Can't take it

06[04:44] * TyDy dies

[04:44] <Jabberjay> VICTORY

[04:44] <Jabberjay> now to cut off the head and stake the heart and burn the body

06[04:44] * TyDy resurrects 

[04:45] <TyDy> over my dead body

Session Close: Sun Dec 02 04:45:09 2012

Session Start: Sun Dec 02 04:45:09 2012

Session Ident: #wikia-avatar

02[04:45] * Disconnected

Session Close: Sun Dec 02 04:45:09 2012

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03[15:06] * Now talking in #wikia-avatar

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[15:06] <KataraLover> Hello, Orion].

03[15:08] * thewaterearth (63a4b2a3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:08] <thewaterearth> hi

01[15:09] <Orion]> hi

[15:09] <thewaterearth> yay person

[15:10] <thewaterearth> does anyone go on this any more??

01[15:10] <Orion]> yes

01[15:10] <Orion]> many people

01[15:10] <Orion]> but irc is not always active

[15:10] <thewaterearth> every time i go on nobody is on

01[15:10] <Orion]> sometimes it's quiet for a few hours

01[15:10] <Orion]> maybe a bit unlucky?

[15:10] <thewaterearth> ah

03[15:11] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[15:11] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[15:11] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:11] <thewaterearth> so do u like marvel as in like comcs and movies

01[15:11] <Orion]> hmm sometimes

01[15:11] <Orion]> I am not that much into that type of comics tho

01[15:11] <Orion]> brb, need to eat something

[15:11] <thewaterearth> ah

[15:12] <thewaterearth> same here

[15:12] <KataraLover> Hello, thewaterearth.

[15:12] <KataraLover> and wb, Lia!

[15:12] <thewaterearth> hi who eer katara lover is

[15:12] <Belle> Thanks Kat

[15:12] <thewaterearth> oh kat

[15:12] <thewaterearth> oh kay

[15:12] <thewaterearth> hi

[15:15] <thewaterearth> so if sponge bob charicters where thrown in a hunger games arena with only the wepons of clerinets, bubble wands, spatulas who would win?

[15:18] <hawkins> Belle: use your belladonna nick

[15:18] <hawkins> plz

[15:18] <Belle> no lol

[15:18] <hawkins> i feel like making fun of it

[15:18] <Belle> well too bad :P

[15:18] <thewaterearth> no one gunna awenser my question

[15:19] <hawkins> i never watched spongebob

[15:19] <KataraLover> I've never watched hunger games...

[15:19] <hawkins> lol

[15:19] <hawkins> it's a book

[15:19] <thewaterearth> okay then switch it to....never watched.....*facepalms*

[15:20] <hawkins> KataraLover: hunger games is a trilogy of books xD

[15:20] <KataraLover> Okay. I've never read the books /or/ watched the movie.

[15:20] <KataraLover> I know. But there's also a movie

[15:20] <thewaterearth> the book r the best seris in the world

[15:21] <hawkins> i know there's a movie

[15:21] <hawkins> the movie about the second book'll be released in 2013

[15:21] <thewaterearth> hawkins , do u like da seirs

[15:21] <hawkins> seirs?

[15:21] <hawkins> what is seirs?

[15:22] <thewaterearth> sieris

[15:22] <thewaterearth> cnt spelll it!

[15:22] <thewaterearth> searis

[15:23] <thewaterearth> ughhh1

[15:23] <hawkins> searis?

[15:23] <hawkins> is that a pokemon? ;)

[15:23] <thewaterearth> ):V

[15:23] <hawkins> ;)

[15:23] <hawkins> never knew you like pokemon of all anime

[15:23] <thewaterearth> *facepalms)

[15:24] <thewaterearth> *punchs hawkins in face*

[15:24] <hawkins> y'don't have to be shy

06[15:24] * hawkins dodges

[15:24] <hawkins> ooh, the kid is getting shy

[15:25] <hawkins> ;P

[15:25] <thewaterearth> *trips hopkins as he doges*

[15:25] <thewaterearth> *kicks him repediantly*

06[15:25] * hawkins backflips

06[15:25] * hawkins keeps backflipping.

[15:25] <thewaterearth> *water bends his butt of a cliff and hopkins dies*

06[15:26] * hawkins then lands on one hand and kicks thewaterearth with all his strength, which knocks him out.

[15:26] <hawkins> dude, this is a non-bending battle

[15:26] <hawkins> i'm not gonna go for any bending battle

[15:27] <thewaterearth> *bends any ways*

[15:30] <thewaterearth>,_who_would_they_be%3F%3F

[15:32] <hawkins> first of all, i think you've got to improve your grammar. no offense...

[15:33] <hawkins> but i guess your idea is good

[15:33] <hawkins> idk about comparing stuff

03[15:35] * Sitri (Dcasawang1@wikia/Dcasawang1) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:36] <KataraLover> Hi, Sitri!

[15:36] <Sitri> Hi :)

[15:37] <Belle> Slow ass =_=

02[15:37] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)

[15:37] <hawkins> Sitri: where did'ja get that nick?

[15:38] <hawkins> budd`y

[15:38] <hawkins> *buddy

02[15:38] * thewaterearth (63a4b2a3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[15:38] <Sitri> You know

[15:38] <Sitri> that thing

[15:38] <hawkins> what?

[15:38] <hawkins> what thing?

[15:38] <Sitri> Mira's demon form

06[15:39] * hawkins headdesks.

[15:39] <hawkins> you still watching that crap?

[15:39] <hawkins> *reading

03[15:39] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:39] <Belle> watching*

[15:39] <Sitri> both

[15:39] <hawkins> *reading

[15:39] <Sitri> and reading

[15:39] <Belle> Hey flame

[15:39] <flameo> Dc

[15:39] <hawkins> >:D

[15:39] <flameo> Nooooo

03[15:39] * Sitri (Dcasawang1@wikia/Dcasawang1) has left #wikia-avatar

[15:39] <hawkins> ...

[15:39] <flameo> Hi belle

[15:39] <hawkins> damn you idiot

[15:40] <flameo> What?

[15:40] <hawkins> i'm talking about dc

[15:41] <flameo> Yes

[15:41] <flameo> He is evil

[15:42] <hawkins> no

[15:43] <hawkins> he's a weak and good demon who is bastardizing this dark and evil world

[15:44] <flameo> Why did he choose a demon. Name?

[15:44] <hawkins> what?

03[15:44] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) has left #wikia-avatar

03[15:44] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:44] <hawkins> tch tch tch

03[15:47] * Belle is now known as Aconite

[15:54] <hawkins> my mom actually though this was january 2, not december 2 -_- xD

[15:55] <flameo> Lol

[15:55] <flameo> Oh lol

[15:56] <KataraLover> Wow. xD

[15:57] <KataraLover> GTG. Good-bye, all!

[15:58] <flameo> I gtg too

[15:58] <flameo> BYE!

02[15:58] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[15:58] * KataraLover (32341257@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Katara fan forever!)

03[16:00] * Aconite is now known as Belle

02[16:00] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

03[16:02] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:03] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Client Quit)

03[16:07] * iOnlySleptFor6Hr (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[16:11] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[16:12] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:22] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

03[16:25] * Summer (75d82c4c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:26] <hawkins> hey bud

[16:26] <Summer> hey brother

[16:26] <Summer> how do you do?

[16:26] <hawkins> i'm good....

[16:26] <Summer> you do realise that it looks like we have two personalities?

[16:26] <hawkins> yep, you're my alter ego

[16:26] <Summer> NO

[16:26] <Summer> YOU'RE MY ALTER EGO

[16:27] <hawkins> you do realise this is the 10000000th time we've discussed that?

[16:27] <Summer> true that

[16:27] <hawkins> dude, this does relieve the boredom

[16:27] <Summer> ikr :D

03[16:32] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:37] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Client Quit)

[16:40] <Summer> so uh hawkins bro

[16:40] <hawkins> yea?

[16:40] <Summer> why the hell did this bolinpabu join and leave? i'd have loved to talk with him

[16:40] <Summer> it's booring

[16:40] <hawkins> idk

[16:40] <hawkins> and i know how ya feel

[16:40] <hawkins> it /is/ boring, Summer

02[16:45] * Summer (75d82c4c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[16:46] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)

03[16:49] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:50] <hawkins> tch

03[16:51] * atff (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:53] <hawkins> tch

03[17:04] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:05] <hawkins> oooooo gods

[17:18] <atff> hi BolinPabu

[17:21] <BolinPabu> ohai atff

[17:21] <atff> hai

[17:21] <atff> omg im so lost on tumblr

[17:21] <atff> like you won't even believe it

[17:22] <atff> humble flooded my dash with posts about taylortot120-something or rather

03[17:25] * hawkins_ (~natsu11@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:26] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)

03[17:27] * hawkins_ is now known as hawkins

02[17:27] * hawkins (~natsu11@ Quit (Changing host)

03[17:27] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:32] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

03[17:34] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:34] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Client Quit)

[17:38] <atff> oh you're natsu

[17:38] <atff> haha i thought you were hawk something or rather

[17:38] <hawkins> lol

[17:39] <hawkins> lol atff

[17:39] <atff> in my defense

[17:40] <atff> there was somebody who came on here that had hawk in their name


[17:40] <atff> BUM BUM BUM

[17:42] <hawkins> atff: who did you think it was?

[17:42] <hawkins> and is hawk your nick or something? ;)

[17:42] <atff> No

[17:42] <atff> there was this guy though

[17:42] <hawkins> lol

[17:42] <atff> who used to come on as I think it was Hawkeye

[17:42] <atff> but sometimes he'd change hsi nick a bit

[17:43] <atff> i thought you were him

03[17:43] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:44] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Client Quit)

03[17:45] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:46] <BolinPabu> gud night everyone

02[17:46] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Client Quit)

[17:46] <atff> Night?

[17:47] <atff> Bro it's eight something in the morning

06[17:47] * atff shrugs

[17:49] <hawkins> atff: might be night for him

[17:49] <hawkins> it's like 22:19 for me

[17:49] <atff> Hm I was under the impression he lived in America

[17:49] <atff> I could be wrong though

[17:49] <hawkins> and i'm GMT + 5:30

[17:50] <hawkins> atff: what's up?

[17:50] <atff> Nothing much ^^

[17:50] <hawkins> :o

[17:50] <hawkins> nothing's up?

[17:50] <hawkins> nothing? are you blind?

[17:50] <atff> Well i suppose my ceiling is :P

[17:50] <hawkins> the sky's up

[17:50] <hawkins> thank goodness

[17:51] <hawkins> i thought you were blind

[17:51] <hawkins> ;)

[17:51] <atff> Yes I'm typing on the irc because i'm clearly blind :P

[17:51] <hawkins> hawkins nick is cool, ain't it?

[17:51] <atff> I'm happy because it finally cleared up :D

[17:51] <atff> i have plans to go ice skating so it would have sucked if it was still raining…

[17:51] <atff> hawkins: yep

[17:52] <hawkins> i've never seen ice except for once

[17:52] <hawkins> it doesn't snow here, and i've only gone once to a snow point

[17:52] <hawkins> i'm jealous of you guys

03[17:52] * JaneCrocker ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:52] <atff> Doesn't snow here

[17:52] <hawkins> hey

[17:53] <atff> I think it's hailed twice in my fourteen years, but that was only for like five minutes

[17:53] <atff> I literally think i'ts neer snowed

[17:53] <atff> hi JaneCrocker

[17:53] <atff> JaneCrocker: Trill or Gods?

[17:53] <hawkins> ain't trill

[17:53] <JaneCrocker> atff: excellent w wat do u thin k

[17:53] <JaneCrocker> **q not w

[17:54] <hawkins> Trill'll never talk like that even if she is going to die

[17:54] <atff> XD

[17:54] <hawkins> TheSummoner?

[17:54] <JaneCrocker> fuk u hawkins u dont no my lif

[17:54] <hawkins> who is dat?

[17:54] <hawkins> uh-huh

[17:54] <hawkins> i was just saying, man

[17:54] <hawkins> cool

[17:54] <JaneCrocker> anohter gr8 q

[17:55] <hawkins> can you talk normally?

[17:55] <atff> I don't think gods would swear o.o

[17:55] <hawkins> i can't get ya

[17:55] <JaneCrocker> im teh summoner of bithces thank

[17:55] <hawkins> It's some TheSummoner

06[17:55] * atff knows no summoner

02[17:55] * JaneCrocker ( Quit (Client Quit)

[17:55] <hawkins> good, just go

[17:55] <atff> hmmmmm

[17:55] <hawkins> i couldn't get one thing he said

[17:55] <hawkins> and he was  bein rude

[17:55] <hawkins> *bein'

[17:55] <atff> me neither

[17:55] <atff> BUt then again

[17:55] <atff> gods is generally rude

[17:56] <hawkins> better to avoid people like dt

[17:56] <hawkins> *dat

[17:56] <hawkins> he's not like that

[17:56] <atff> no

[17:56] <atff> not like that

[17:56] <atff> but he's still rude

[17:56] <atff> once he nicked to atffhater

[17:56] <hawkins> gods is rude in a different way

[17:56] <atff> and he tried to have me kicked from chat

[17:56] <atff> and I wasn't even doing anything wrong

[17:56] <hawkins> did he do that as a joke?

[17:56] <atff> no he sounded dead serious

[17:57] <hawkins> sometimes we do something as a joke but get carried away

[17:57] <hawkins> it's happened to me a lot of times

[17:57] <atff> he pinged kfb and asked for me to get kicked on account of spam

[17:57] <hawkins> you never know, man

[17:57] <atff> i tried to get people to join a boardgame…

[17:57] <hawkins> hmm, but well, he's never swore whenever i am

[17:57] <atff> yeah

[17:57] <atff> but trill isn't like that either

[17:57] <hawkins> well, if you like pinged or repeated the same thing over and over, it /is/ spam

[17:57] <atff> so which Bolin was that O.o

[17:57] <hawkins> she definitely isn't that

[17:58] <atff> yeah but it was only like a bit :P

[17:58] <hawkins> idk what you did, so i ain't discussing

06[17:58] * atff shrugs

[17:58] <hawkins> it's not good if you hear from someone and decide

[17:58] <atff> But, if you want to talk spamming omg energybender o.o

[17:58] <atff> yeah i know

[17:58] <hawkins> better if you hear from a neutral party

[17:58] <hawkins> you gotta know both the people's stories

[17:58] <atff> yep

[17:58] <hawkins> not that i don't trust you

[17:58] <atff> lol i know

[17:59] <hawkins> like, some people take that in a bad way, so...

[17:59] <hawkins> atff: so, you're rollback right?

[17:59] <hawkins> what do you think about the wiki right now?

[18:00] <atff> it's kind of dull

[18:00] <atff> i mean

[18:00] <atff> not that i miss the wikiqualist stuff

[18:00] <hawkins> lol!

[18:00] <atff> but pretty much nothing's going on right now

[18:00] <hawkins> other than the dullness

[18:00] <hawkins> like, the other stuff

[18:01] <hawkins> walls

[18:01] <atff> ohh

[18:01] <hawkins> the new forums

[18:01] <atff> haha

[18:01] <hawkins> which i hate, btw

[18:01] <atff> i wasn't here before talk pages

[18:01] <atff> so i can't really compare

[18:01] <atff> i have looked through some talk pages

[18:01] <atff> and honestly i don't get it at all

[18:01] <atff> do you respond to people on your own talk page/

[18:01] <atff> and why does it never show up

[18:01] <hawkins> the new forums're partly why i stopped editing

[18:01] <atff> oh

[18:01] <atff> yeah the new forums suck

[18:01] <hawkins> well, it's your own choise

[18:01] <hawkins> *choice

[18:01] <atff> actualy

[18:02] <atff> we don't even have the new forums anymore

[18:02] <hawkins> older and experienced users such as myself (not to boast) used to reply on their own talk pages to keep records

[18:02] <hawkins> but new and some old users reply on the other person talk page

[18:02] <hawkins> but then if you want to follow the conversation, it'll get hard

[18:03] <atff> oh

[18:03] <atff> how does that make sense o.o

[18:03] <hawkins> so we had a template saying, "Hey <user>, you got a message in this user's talk page" for users like me

[18:03] <atff> ohh ok

[18:03] <atff> in that sense

[18:03] <atff> i kind of like message walls better

[18:03] <atff> because it's easier to grasp

[18:03] <atff> again

[18:03] <atff> i can't really judge though

[18:03] <hawkins> i know, message walls're better

[18:03] <atff> but i really hate the new forum system

[18:03] <hawkins> in many ways

[18:03] <atff> it's so confusing

[18:04] <hawkins> but like

[18:04] <hawkins> the kudos

[18:04] <atff> YES

[18:04] <hawkins> i fucking hated them


[18:04] <atff> Want to know what's funny?

[18:04] <hawkins> what?

[18:04] <atff> the only post that got the most kudos was somebody complaining about kudos and the new forum system ingeneral

[18:04] <hawkins> i actually liked forums before

[18:04] <atff> or as far as i can tell :P

[18:04] <atff> Me too

[18:04] <hawkins> lol

[18:04] <atff> it made sense

[18:04] <atff> and like

[18:04] <atff> you couldn't get lost

[18:04] <atff> and there wouldn't be 50 posts per second

[18:05] <hawkins> i also liked message walls

[18:05] <atff> plus you didn't get the people who didn't know what was going on

[18:05] <hawkins> yeah!

[18:05] <atff> going in and saying

[18:05] <atff> lol hai guise wads dis

[18:05] <hawkins> the main problem of the forums now are, they're /too/ easy

[18:05] <atff> Yeaah

[18:05] <hawkins> so we get spam

[18:05] <atff> And i think the kudos would be better off in like

[18:05] <atff> the comments or something

[18:05] <hawkins> i know!

[18:05] <atff> why do we need kudos in a fourm?

[18:06] <atff> what practical purpose does that serve at all?

[18:06] <atff> but i'm just happy that we aren't using it currently :P

[18:06] <hawkins> wjxhuang's bot'd like, archive people's talk pages if they got too long

[18:06] <atff> but then again

[18:06] <hawkins> lol!

[18:06] <atff> now we have no admin board…

[18:07] <atff> but

[18:07] <atff> if we get the choice to ever go back to the old or new forum systems

[18:07] <hawkins> i'm kinda hating wikia right now

[18:07] <atff> i'm sticking with the old one

[18:07] <atff> YES

[18:07] <hawkins> me too


06[18:08] * atff calms down

[18:08] <atff> Ok so they like

[18:08] <hawkins> like, when message walls were released, i thought

[18:08] <atff> made it harder to see what badges you had

[18:08] <hawkins> "staff aren't that idiotic"

[18:08] <atff> which also completely bugged things over

[18:08] <hawkins> "walls aren't even that idiotic"

[18:08] <atff> all the badges froze up

[18:08] <atff> you couldn't see where you need stuff

[18:08] <atff> and like

[18:08] <hawkins> "i'd never hate on wikia like those haters, those idiots"

[18:08] <atff> i know badges don't matter that much

[18:08] <hawkins> and now look at me

[18:08] <hawkins> i'm really angry at wikia

[18:09] <atff> but i have like an attachment to them

[18:09] <atff> because there why i started editing

[18:09] <atff> hawkins:  i'm not mad at wikia

[18:09] <atff> i just think that they need to like

[18:09] <atff> stop "updating"

[18:09] <hawkins> all this has taught me one valuable thing though, never plan ahead; you never know what'll happen. your plan could just go down the drain

[18:09] <atff> or "improving" it

[18:09] <atff> Haha what was your plan?

[18:09] <hawkins> like, not as in plan

03[18:09] * KingOfHearts ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:10] <hawkins> just don't promise yourself or plan

[18:10] <hawkins>

[18:10] <atff> hi koh

[18:10] <hawkins> SEE MY AWESOME TALK

[18:10] <KingOfHearts> Hey Ferret

[18:10] <hawkins>

[18:10] <KingOfHearts> Chiyo how are you today?

[18:10] <hawkins> i got thailog's welcome ;)

[18:10] <atff> I got Bos's

[18:10] <atff> of course he's not even an admin anymore, so…

[18:10] <Chiyo> im alright thanks KingOfHearts :)

[18:10] <hawkins>

[18:10] <hawkins> LOL

[18:11] <hawkins> atff:

[18:11] <hawkins> see dat?

03[18:11] * Kitty-Kat (32714799@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:11] <hawkins> i was a n00b back then

[18:11] <hawkins> in 2011

[18:11] <atff> haha weren't we all? :P

[18:11] <KingOfHearts> Hey Kat

[18:11] <atff> hi Kitty-Kat

[18:11] <Kitty-Kat> hey

[18:12] <atff> When I joined the wiki I wasn't even planning on editing

[18:12] <atff> I was just getting tired of not being able to edit my comments

[18:12] <atff> and then i stumbled upon the IRC

[18:12] <atff> and ironically enough, BD convinced me to start editng

[18:12] <hawkins> i came here with the idea of adding references

02[18:12] * Kitty-Kat (32714799@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[18:12] <hawkins> as the wiki had virtually no references back then

[18:12] <hawkins> NONE OF EM

[18:12] <atff> D:

[18:12] <hawkins> NONE

[18:12] <atff> the horror

[18:13] <atff> I actually did that on this other wiki

[18:13] <hawkins> the great ore-sama started adding them

[18:13] <hawkins> and the whole wiki has them now

[18:13] <atff> and then i decided to start taking upon my own to do whatever the hell i wanted

[18:13] <atff> because there were next to no actual contributors

[18:13] <atff> and then the admin was all like

[18:13] <atff> haha no

[18:13] <atff> and then i was like

[18:13] <atff> ok sorri bai

[18:13] <atff> i actually haven't been there since

[18:13] <atff> but a lot of my work is still there ^^

[18:14] <atff> hawkins: i love references

[18:14] <atff> it's the reason why i trust wikipedia

[18:14] <atff> if they have them, ofc

[18:14] <atff> Plus it makes me feels mart when I use them ^^

[18:14] <KingOfHearts> Can someone ping me?

[18:14] <atff> KingOfHearts: yo

[18:14] <KingOfHearts> Thanks

[18:15] <hawkins> man

[18:15] <hawkins> i get the nostalgic feeling when i look at my archives

[18:16] <hawkins> i should take like an hour to take a look at them and think about the good and sweet old 2011

03[18:16] * flameo (ba2d32f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[18:16] * KingOfHearts ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[18:16] * elekar (4735ca73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:16] <flameo> OH MY

[18:16] <flameo> KOH

[18:16] <flameo> LEFT

[18:16] <flameo> AS

[18:16] <flameo> SOOM

[18:16] <flameo> AS

[18:16] <flameo> I CAME

[18:16] <flameo> !

[18:16] <atff> hi flameo

03[18:16] * KingOfHearts ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:16] <flameo> O_O

[18:16] <flameo> YESS

[18:16] <flameo> KOHY

[18:16] <atff> hawkins: how can it be sweet

[18:17] <flameo> hi ATFF!

[18:17] <atff> if i wasn't here D:

06[18:17] * atff jokes

[18:17] <hawkins> atff: all my buddies were there

[18:17] <hawkins> irc was so fun

[18:17] <hawkins> there was so much livelyness

[18:17] <atff> yeah IRC is kind of like a ghost town these days

[18:17] <atff> Actually AW kind of is in general…

[18:17] <hawkins> all those reasons like glued me to this wiki

[18:17] <hawkins> and in 2012, the glue started coming off

[18:17] <atff> maybe just because I joined during the bust of activity for lok :P

[18:17] <hawkins> in may 2012, it came of totally

[18:17] <hawkins> lol

[18:18] <hawkins> in 2011, it was one of the greatest wikis

[18:18] <hawkins> now, it's just a normal wiki

[18:18] <atff> see i wish i had come to the wiki first

[18:18] <atff> instead of being where I /was/

[18:18] <atff> because i regret now wasting any time there

[18:19] <hawkins> i was first in fairy tail wiki

[18:19] <hawkins> that was my fist wiki ;)

[18:19] <hawkins> *first

[18:19] <atff> AW was my first wiki :)

[18:19] <atff> AAW was my second

[18:19] <hawkins> and that was when FT was actually nice

[18:19] <atff> And leverage wiki was my third

[18:19] <hawkins> FT's a piece of crap now

[18:20] <atff> D:

06[18:20] * atff still likes it…

[18:20] <hawkins> atff:

[18:20] <hawkins> imo, it is one

[18:20] <hawkins> the bsst was delivered like that before

[18:21] <atff> now you just have to check for it :P

[18:22] <hawkins> lol

[18:22] <hawkins> i also had 2-3 fanon ideas back then...

[18:22] <atff> and it's run by kmp

[18:22] <atff> rather than 88

[18:22] <atff> *888

[18:22] <hawkins> tho i'm not cut out for fanon stuff

[18:22] <atff> I have one

[18:22] <hawkins> i was once a deputy editor

[18:22] <atff> but i never update it because laziness

[18:23] <hawkins>,_Issue_37:_17_December

[18:23] <atff> Yeah I saw that :P

[18:23] <atff> I believe it was BM said he pulled a Natsu and would post the BSST himself :P

[18:24] <hawkins> lol

[18:24] <hawkins> i was so awesome

06[18:24] * hawkins is getting so nostalgic

[18:24] <hawkins> i'm a nostalgic guy by nature

06[18:24] * atff pats hawkins on the back

[18:24] <hawkins> i keep thinking about the past

[18:24] <atff> I am too :P

[18:25] <hawkins> the bsst also used to have so many articles back then

[18:25] <atff> i'm supposed to be writing for the bsst

[18:25] <atff> but i never know what to write about…

[18:25] <hawkins> 888 never failed to get it by two weeks

[18:25] <hawkins> that happened to me a lot of times too

[18:25] <hawkins> just keep thinking about it

[18:26] <hawkins> think about something that is happening in the real world, in the wiki, in wikia, etc, etc.

[18:26] <hawkins> just go through the new,

[18:26] <hawkins> *news

[18:26] <hawkins> now-a-days, bsst is rarely up by two weeks

[18:26] <hawkins> at least before kmp took care of it

[18:26] <hawkins> no one sent us any articles

[18:27] <hawkins>,_Issue_37:_17_December/@comment-The_888th_Avatar-20111227101404?permalink=330494#comm-330494

[18:27] <hawkins>,_Issue_37:_17_December/@comment-Theavatardemotivator-20111226022241?permalink=330056#comm-330056

[18:28] <hawkins> i get so excited if i think about that

[18:29] <hawkins> you guys missed the Golden Days of Avatar Wiki

[18:29] <hawkins> i pity you, atff

[18:29] <atff> :|

[18:29] <hawkins> These are the Dark Ages of Avatar Wiki

[18:29] <atff> there can still be more gold in the future, right?

[18:29] <atff> Lol Dark Ages

[18:29] <hawkins> which precede the Wiki's downfal

[18:29] <hawkins> *downfall

[18:29] <atff> I would think that the dark ages would be when the wiki was first created, no?

[18:29] <atff> Nah

[18:29] <atff> I think it'll stick around

[18:29] <hawkins> nope

[18:29] <atff> I mean it may not be 2011

[18:30] <atff> But there still is a lot of users

[18:30] <atff> Who enjoy what they do

[18:30] <atff> I think that a lot of users see when they first joined as a sort of golden age

[18:30] <atff> To any site, ever

[18:30] <atff> But then after about a year or so

[18:30] <atff> Their friends leave, time moves on and it all gets old

[18:30] <atff> So the "golden ages" of when they first joined are over

[18:30] <hawkins> what really made me disinterested in avatar was lok's finale

[18:30] <hawkins> well, no

[18:31] <hawkins> the irc was a lot cheerful

[18:31] <atff> That doesn't mean that it can't still be the golden ages for everybody, no?

[18:31] <hawkins> no spem

[18:31] <hawkins> *spam

[18:31] <hawkins> no idiots in the wiki

[18:31] <hawkins> and so much to edit

[18:31] <atff> I find that hard to believe

[18:31] <atff> There has to always have been idiots…

[18:31] <hawkins> exactly

[18:31] <hawkins> not so much idiots

[18:31] <hawkins> less fanon

[18:32] <atff> Ok that I can believe

[18:32] <hawkins> fanon is really cluttering the wiki

[18:32] <hawkins> i remember when the page count reached 4000 and 5000

[18:32] <hawkins> like 6-8 months ago

[18:32] <hawkins> i used to think the fanon wiki and the main wiki merge was good

[18:32] <hawkins> but the number of fanons just keep increasing

[18:32] <hawkins> it's really annoying

[18:33] <hawkins> and if they're good, then it's okay

[18:33] <hawkins> some users create fanons that're not even that good

[18:33] <hawkins> it's even more annoying

[18:33] <hawkins> Fanon here, fanon there

[18:33] <atff> Lol

[18:34] <hawkins> it's like fanon is everywhere

[18:34] <hawkins> ugh, it irks me

[18:34] <hawkins> so much

[18:34] <atff> hm

[18:34] <hawkins> then i found the amazing world of anime

[18:34] <hawkins> all over again

[18:34] <atff> I don't think that there's anything wrong with fanon…

[18:34] <atff> Yeah I recently discovered anime

06[18:34] * atff sniffs

[18:35] <atff> It's beautiful

[18:35] <hawkins> because you haven't gotten used to a wiki where there isn't so much fanon

[18:35] <hawkins> a bit fanon, i can take

[18:35] <hawkins> but this is too much to take for me

[18:35] <hawkins> at least for me

[18:35] <hawkins> when avatar wiki was boring me to death,

[18:35] <hawkins> i thought of other series

[18:35] <hawkins> then i thought of anime

[18:36] <hawkins> i remembered that back when i was small, i saw a show on the TV called naruto

[18:36] <hawkins> i didn't understand anything back then

[18:36] <hawkins> but i liked the fights

[18:36] <hawkins> so i searched for it

[18:36] <atff> Oh

[18:36] <hawkins> then i remembered i also saw a show in which a guy stretches and like dies when he swims

[18:36] <atff> And that's why you're obsessed with Naruto now, huh? :P

[18:36] <hawkins> i searched

[18:36] <hawkins> i got one piece

[18:36] <atff> Ah

[18:36] <hawkins> well, i watched both at first

[18:36] <hawkins> i liked the latter

[18:37] <atff> It makes sense now XD

[18:37] <hawkins> i stopped the former for some time. and then, when i had watched like 200 episodes of one piece, i went back to naruto and completed it as it didn't have that many episodes

[18:37] <atff> hawkins: Do you have a tumblr?

[18:37] <hawkins> it took me 3 months to finish naruto

[18:37] <hawkins> yes

[18:37] <hawkins>

[18:37] <hawkins> don't use it tho

[18:38] <atff> XD oh well

[18:38] <atff> still following you :P

[18:38] <hawkins> lol

[18:38] <hawkins> then i went back to one piece

[18:38] <hawkins> and i'm at 528 episode now

[18:38] <atff> Is it normal to get asks from random people asking you to check out their blog?

[18:38] <hawkins> got just about 48 episodes to get online with the series

[18:39] <hawkins> idk

[18:39] <hawkins> haven't been on tumblr for a lot of time

[18:39] <atff> XD ok

[18:40] <hawkins> cool, i just had a cool discussion

[18:40] <hawkins> i haven't had such a conversation since like forever

[18:40] <hawkins> either no one is on

[18:40] <hawkins> or i have some work

[18:41] <atff> I'm always on :P

[18:41] <atff> Or almost always…

[18:41] <hawkins> oh, and btw

[18:41] <hawkins> lol

[18:41] <hawkins> the user groups

[18:41] <atff> Let me guess

[18:41] <hawkins> when they were reintroduced, they were cool

[18:41] <atff> Not half as ridiculous?

[18:41] <hawkins> and then

[18:41] <hawkins> people lost interest

[18:41] <hawkins> they stopped editing

[18:41] <atff> Lol we had one called the "Boomeraang squad" which was to improve Team Avatar articles

[18:41] <atff> Of course

[18:41] <hawkins> they just did whatever they wanted

[18:41] <atff> After they all were A-Class

[18:41] <atff> Because hey

[18:42] <atff> IF we make it sound official

[18:42] <atff> WE GET USERBOXES :D

[18:42] <hawkins> only a handful of them actually were series about improving the wik

[18:42] <hawkins> *wiki

[18:42] <hawkins> all the idiots saw user groups and made their own idiotic groups

[18:42] <hawkins> (no offense to those groups' founders)

[18:43] <hawkins> then even i started losing interest

[18:43] <atff> XD

[18:43] <atff> Yeah that happens

[18:43] <atff> I feel like the Fire Sages actually do good work though

[18:43] <atff> And the fauna council, well if they ever started functioning properly they could be useful

[18:43] <hawkins> and then, after i started watching one piece back in april, i completely got cut off from the wiki

[18:43] <atff> And then I think there are a ton of lost causes

[18:43] <hawkins> some of the groups that did the work were

[18:43] <hawkins> transcript team

[18:43] <hawkins> idk about them now tho

[18:44] <hawkins> fire sages did their work a little

[18:44] <atff> Well I think the transcripts are almost

[18:44] <atff> *finally* finished

[18:44] <hawkins> referencing warriors did their work

[18:44] <hawkins> i founded it and did all the work

[18:44] <atff> XD

[18:45] <hawkins> but once the work was done, people started referencing pages as soon as they were created or stuff were added

[18:45] <hawkins> so we no longer needed the group

[18:45] <hawkins> it was terminated, sadly

[18:45] <atff> :|

[18:45] <hawkins> but, my pride of doing all that will never go away

06[18:45] * atff gives hawkins an internet-gold star

[18:45] <hawkins> the one thing i hate is keeping needless stuff

[18:45] <hawkins> :D

[18:45] <hawkins> thanks ;p

[18:46] <hawkins> i also knew bos well

[18:46] <hawkins> what happened to him was unfortunate

[18:46] <hawkins> ah wlel

[18:46] <hawkins> *well

[18:46] <hawkins> there were fanon admins back then too

[18:47] <hawkins> vulmen and DC were great admins too!

02[18:47] * elekar (4735ca73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[18:47] <hawkins> but i do think that removing fanon admins and having 7 admins was a good idea

[18:48] <hawkins> there were only 5 back then

[18:48] <atff> Hm

[18:48] <atff> Yeah I miss Vulmen and DC

[18:48] <hawkins> were you here back then?

[18:48] <atff> No

[18:48] <atff> Well yes and no

[18:48] <atff> I was an anon

[18:49] <hawkins> when there was a seperate user group called fanon administrators?

[18:49] <atff> And I only commented :P

[18:49] <hawkins> oh lol

[18:49] <hawkins> i was never an anon here

[18:49] <hawkins> i came here with an account

[18:49] <hawkins> i got a bit experience in FT wiki

[18:49] <hawkins> experience enough to know what Wikia was

[18:49] <hawkins> and that we could edit here

[18:50] <atff> Hm

[18:50] <atff> Yeah I stalked around a lot before making my account

[18:50] <hawkins> i actually only got an account because i couldn't add pics that i wanted to in FT wiki

[18:50] <atff> So I kind of new what was going on

[18:50] <atff> XD

[18:50] <atff> I only got an account so I could edit my comments

[18:50] <hawkins> and at that moment, natsu11 was the only thing that came to my mind

[18:50] <hawkins> 'cause i thought natsu was badass back then as a n00b

[18:51] <atff> XD

[18:51] <hawkins> though natsu11's become some kind of an online name for me

[18:51] <hawkins> now

[18:51] <hawkins> my email is even

[18:51] <hawkins>

[18:51] <hawkins> i dare you to spam

[18:51] <hawkins> BITCHES!

[18:52] <hawkins> lol

[18:52] <atff> XD

[18:52] <hawkins> following you now

[18:53] <hawkins> atff: so

[18:53] <hawkins> tch

[18:53] <hawkins> i might have to leave now

[18:53] <atff> Aw :(

[18:54] <hawkins> it's 23:30

[18:54] <atff> oh

[18:54] <atff> yeah that's late

[18:54] <hawkins> and i have school tomorrow

[18:55] <atff> Oh yeah

[18:55] <atff> Then i suppose you should probably go

[18:55] <hawkins> lol

[18:55] <hawkins>

[18:55] <hawkins> ONE PIECE!

[18:56] <hawkins> atff: how do you change your picture in tumblr?

[18:56] <atff> Go to your dash

[18:57] <atff> then click the gear

[18:57] <hawkins> and i think i should get back to tumblr

[18:57] <atff> and then change avatar and use the image you want to display

[18:57] <hawkins> gear?

[18:57] <atff> yeah

[18:57] <atff> the settings button

[18:58] <hawkins> ooo

[18:58] <hawkins> that

[18:58] <hawkins> ty :)

[18:58] <hawkins> after i get online with one piece, i'd have nothing to do

[18:58] <atff> yw :)

[18:58] <hawkins> i should probably watch one arc i skipped

[18:59] <atff> XD that may be a good idea

[18:59] <hawkins> and just watch some previous arcs i watched

[18:59] <hawkins> and get into tumblr

[18:59] <hawkins> it looks like a good thing to kill time with

[19:00] <atff> XD yes

[19:00] <atff> it's very good

[19:00] <atff> but beware of being sucked in :P

[19:00] <hawkins> lol

[19:00] <hawkins> i know how to avoid being sucking in

[19:01] <hawkins> lol

[19:01] <hawkins> so anyway, bye

[19:01] <atff> :P if you say so

[19:01] <atff> Bye :) See you soon!

[19:01] <hawkins> thank goodness i logged this conversation

02[19:01] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Quit: I may look like I'm leaving, but I am not. I am always here, looking at you.)

[19:02] <flameo> lol

[19:02] <flameo> okay

03[19:02] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[19:02] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[19:02] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[19:02] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Client Quit)

02[19:05] * atff (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[19:06] <KingOfHearts> damnit Lia

[19:07] <flameo> YES lia

[19:07] <flameo> is supposed to come back

03[19:09] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[19:09] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[19:09] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[19:09] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

03[19:14] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:14] <ATFF> Hi :)

[19:14] <ATFF> What did I miss/

[19:15] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: you joined

[19:15] <ATFF> welcome

[19:15] <+KataraFanboy> hi ATFF

[19:16] <ATFF> Anything else happen Chiyo

[19:16] <Chiyo> nm

[19:17] <ATFF> ok :)

02[19:17] * flameo (ba2d32f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[19:18] * KingOfHearts ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

03[19:18] * flameo (ba2d1a00@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:18] <flameo> KOHY

[19:18] <flameo> no

[19:18] <flameo> i cant believe

[19:19] <flameo> she

[19:19] <flameo> she

[19:19] <flameo> left

[19:19] <flameo> i leave for  2 seconds

[19:19] <flameo> and gone

[19:19] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: on that recent edit, woudl it be ok to move it up a paragraph

[19:19] <ATFF> i know it depicts the text below

[19:19] <ATFF> bu really it looks awful there

[19:19] <ATFF> *but

[19:19] <+KataraFanboy> Which one, Shyu or Great Sage?

[19:19] <ATFF> Shyu

[19:19] <+KataraFanboy> You can

[19:22] <ATFF> nooooo

[19:22] <ATFF> tumblr is down

[19:22] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: what do i do with my life

[19:22] <+KataraFanboy> idk

06[19:23] * ATFF runs around in circles

[19:23] <ATFF> omg

[19:23] <ATFF> i need tumblr

[19:23] <ATFF> the world is out of balance

[19:23] <ATFF> halp

[19:23] <+KataraFanboy> ATFF

[19:23] <+KataraFanboy> just stop

[19:23] <+KataraFanboy> breathe

[19:23] <+KataraFanboy> and read my fanons :p

06[19:23] * ATFF breathes

[19:23] <ATFF> XD

[19:24] <ATFF> link?

[19:24] <+KataraFanboy> Take your pick -

03[19:28] * KingOfHearts (458ffb77@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:29] <ATFF> hi KingOfHearts

[19:29] <KingOfHearts> Hey Ferret

[19:44] <ATFF> um

[19:44] <ATFF> are the things above appropriate? o.o

[19:45] <+KataraFanboy> I don't think so...but, we can't edit them...

[19:45] <RandomRanaun> da hell?

[19:45] <RandomRanaun> block that person asap


[19:46] <ATFF> WARN

[19:46] <ATFF> NOW

06[19:46] * ATFF didn't really need to see Avatar Korra's boobs

[19:46] <flameo> of

[19:47] <ATFF> I'm not as comftorable with nsfw content as others may be :P

[19:47] <+KataraFanboy> Message sent

[19:47] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: it's a good thing you didn't go to 4chan while the series was airing then...

[19:47] <ATFF> I avoid that place in general

[19:47] <RandomRanaun> they discovered Korra's bra size through means that were NSFW

[19:48] <ATFF> o.o

[19:49] <ATFF> I don't mind boobs /that/ much

[19:49] <ATFF> I'd honestly just rather notsee it

[19:50] <ATFF> ok good s/he changed it back

[19:50] <ATFF> should this be undone?

[19:50] <ATFF> I think that skill sounds better…

[19:52] <+KataraFanboy> "Incomprehensible"? I don't know how that is so...

[19:53] <ATFF> It's not just me, right?

[19:54] <+KataraFanboy> I don't know...imo, both of them have workability

[19:54] <ATFF> hm

[19:54] <ATFF> you wouldn't really say "strength" in karate

[19:54] <ATFF> you'd say he has a skill in karate

[19:54] <ATFF> or a stength in ice skating

[19:54] <ATFF> vs a skill in ice skating

[19:55] <ATFF> Right?

[19:55] <RandomRanaun> Ariana's wearing her hair down for the first time in ages :D

[19:56] <+KataraFanboy> Just reading it to myself in context...skill could work better

[20:00] <RandomRanaun> which Jade do you think looks the best?

[20:01] <ATFF> RandomRanaun: i think that the firs one does

[20:02] <RandomRanaun> how come

[20:02] <RandomRanaun> *?

[20:02] <ATFF> I guess it looks the most natural

[20:02] <ATFF> I don't really like the look of dyed hair

[20:03] <RandomRanaun> yeah, I agree

[20:03] <RandomRanaun> I didn't really like the way she looked in season 2 tbh



03[20:17] * ATFF is now known as ATFF|Writing

[20:31] <RandomRanaun> ATFF|Writing: Liz looks really pretty with dark brown hair

02[20:36] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: bbs)

03[20:37] * auror (~auror@trivialand/regular/auror) has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:56] <ATFF|Writing> hi auror

03[20:59] * Seliah (5bb1cfd7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:00] <Seliah> Hi guys :)

[21:05] <auror> hi ATFF ^_^

[21:06] <flameo> SELIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03[21:08] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[21:08] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[21:09] <Seliah> Hey KFB :)

[21:09] <+KataraFanboy> Hi Seliah

[21:11] <Seliah> How are you today?

[21:11] <+KataraFanboy> I'm all right

03[21:11] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:12] <Seliah> Hey Lalonde

[21:12] <Lalonde> hi

[21:13] <flameo> wait

03[21:15] * ballju ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:17] <Seliah> Hey ballju :)

[21:17] <ballju> hello Seliah *huggles* :3

[21:17] <Seliah> ^^"

02[21:52] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[21:54] <KingOfHearts> I am going to die from a Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos addiction

[21:54] <flameo> no

[21:54] <flameo> you arent

[21:54] <flameo> young lady

06[21:54] * flameo grabs Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos and dumps it in bin

[21:54] <flameo> NO DYING

06[21:57] * KingOfHearts laughs. Noooo not my cheetos!

[21:57] <flameo> none for you

06[21:57] * flameo carries James inside

[21:57] <flameo> WHAT

[21:58] <flameo> WRONG PLACE

[21:58] <flameo> UGH


[22:03] <KingOfHearts> Well we're moving on up. To the east side

06[22:03] * KingOfHearts misses MetalArmor

02[22:05] * ATFF|Writing (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[22:08] * AF|Hurrying (d4fb72a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

06[22:08] * AF|Hurrying waves

[22:08] <AF|Hurrying> Chiyo: :D

06[22:08] * AF|Hurrying pets away :D

[22:08] <Chiyo> AF|Hurrying :D

03[22:09] * flameo_ (ba2d2a14@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:09] <Seliah> Welcome back flameo

02[22:09] * flameo (ba2d1a00@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[22:09] <Seliah> Hi AF :)

[22:09] <Chiyo> Seliah :D

[22:09] <away> :D AF|Hurrying

[22:09] <away> long time no see <3

[22:09] <Seliah> Hiya Chiyo

02[22:09] * flameo_ (ba2d2a14@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[22:11] <AF|Hurrying> so true :(

[22:11] <AF|Hurrying> i lost my phone

[22:11] <AF|Hurrying> so im never on from there

[22:11] <away> :(

[22:11] <AF|Hurrying> and ive been out this weekend a lot so i couldnt join :/

02[22:12] * AF|Hurrying (d4fb72a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[22:23] <Seliah> Well, I'll be leaving :)

[22:23] <Seliah> bye guys

02[22:23] * Seliah (5bb1cfd7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[22:27] * KingOfHearts (458ffb77@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #wikia-avatar

02[22:39] * ballju ( Quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.3 --

03[22:52] * wjxhuang ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:52] * wjxhuang ( Quit (Changing host)

03[22:52] * wjxhuang (~quassel@wikia/The888thAvatar-WHSL) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[22:52] * ChanServ sets mode: +v wjxhuang

03[22:54] * TutusForAll (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:58] * TutusForAll (6c4bca2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[22:59] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:59] <flameo> Hi

02[23:10] * +wjxhuang (~quassel@wikia/The888thAvatar-WHSL) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[23:17] * Typhoonmaster (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[23:22] * flameo_ (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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02[23:28] * flameo_ (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[23:39] * ballju ( has joined #wikia-avatar

03[23:47] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[23:47] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

03[23:49] * auror is now known as Wigfall

03[23:49] * Wigfall is now known as auror

03[23:50] * RandomRanaun is now known as Guest84388

02[23:50] * Guest84388 (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) Quit (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))

03[23:50] * RandomRanaun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:51] <Gunter> "NOT NOW BABY"

03[23:54] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

06[23:55] * flameo waits for his smile

[23:55] <+Ultimate> =P

[23:56] <+Ultimate> I was getting to that. xD

[23:56] <flameo> Lol

[23:56] <+Ultimate> =D

[23:56] <+Ultimate> ^ There you go. xD

[23:57] <flameo> Lol

Session Time: Mon Dec 03 00:00:00 2012

03[00:00] * minnichi (631b890f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:19] <Gunter> flameo x Ultimate

[00:22] <flameo> Excuse me

[00:22] <flameo> Gunter oooooh

[00:22] <flameo> Now I know where the name came from

[00:22] <flameo> XD

[00:22] <Gunter> wenk wenk

[00:22] <flameo> I FELT SO DUMB

[00:22] <flameo> Gunter

[00:23] <flameo> I'm the ice king

[00:23] <flameo> No go

[00:23] <flameo> Gunter

03[00:23] * Gunter is now known as Prismo

03[00:24] * madfoot (~madfoot@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:24] * madfoot (~madfoot@ Quit (Changing host)

03[00:24] * madfoot (~madfoot@unaffiliated/madfoot) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:26] <ballju> I'm the ice king, ADVENTURE TIME :3

[00:37] <flameo> Lol

[00:37] <flameo> Oh Ultimate

[00:37] <+Ultimate> Si?

[00:38] <flameo> Lol

[00:38] <flameo> you and your Spanish

[00:38] <+Ultimate> xD

[00:38] <flameo> Make a dash To the box on the top of the screen that says flameo

[00:39] <flameo> XD

[00:39] <+Ultimate> =P

[00:40] <+Ultimate> Craziness... -_-

[00:40] <flameo> XD well In simpler words join me in the query box

[00:40] <+Ultimate> xD

06[00:41] * flameo waits

[00:41] <+Ultimate> What are you waiting for? xD

[00:42] <flameo> Lol

[00:42] <flameo> Query

[00:42] <+Ultimate> I queried.

[00:44] <flameo> I realized

[00:44] <flameo> XD

[00:44] <+Ultimate> I know you realized.

[00:44] <+Ultimate> You're querying me right now. xD

[00:44] <flameo> XD

[00:44] <flameo> why don't we keep the CONVO in query it's there for a reason XD

[00:45] <+Ultimate> Fine with me. =P

[00:46] <flameo> Lol

03[00:49] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:49] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[00:49] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[00:50] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has left #wikia-avatar

03[00:54] * AliceSkywalker (458e58b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:54] <AliceSkywalker> hello!!

03[00:54] * Jabberjay (~Canis@wikia/Olorin-The-White) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:55] <+Ultimate> Hey Alice. =)

[00:55] <AliceSkywalker> FLAMEY!!!

[00:55] <AliceSkywalker> hi ultimate

[00:55] <+Ultimate> Hi Olorin.

[00:55] <AliceSkywalker> hey JJ

[00:55] <Prismo> hi alice

[00:55] <AliceSkywalker> hello Prismo

03[00:55] * Pichu (Pichu@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:55] <AliceSkywalker> Pichu!!!!!!!!!!!!

[00:55] <Pichu> hi alice

03[01:08] * KingOfHearts (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:09] * KingOfHearts (~chatzilla@ Quit (Client Quit)

02[01:11] * AliceSkywalker (458e58b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[01:16] <flameo> Koh did not

[01:16] <flameo> How dare Koh quit on me!!!!

[01:18] <Pichu> because trill isn't here

[01:18] <Pichu> probably

03[01:18] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:19] <Pichu> FFTA ih

[01:19] <ATFF> Helo ^^

03[01:23] * RandomRanaun is now known as RR|AFK

03[01:24] * RR|AFK is now known as RandomRanaun

03[01:28] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:29] <Pichu> hi, belle

[01:29] <Pichu> atff poke

[01:29] <+KataraFanboy> Hey beautiful

[01:29] <Belle> Hi pichu

[01:29] <Belle> Hey gorgeous

[01:29] <Pichu> is KataraFanboy the beast

06[01:29] * ballju pokes his head in again and says hello :3

[01:30] <ATFF> hi Belle

[01:31] <ATFF> Pichu: poke

02[01:31] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[01:31] * Belle (~androirc@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:31] * Belle (~androirc@ Quit (Changing host)

03[01:31] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:36] * ATFF is now known as ATFF|AFK

02[01:39] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))

03[01:40] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:41] * KingOfHearts (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:41] <KingOfHearts> ugh

[01:41] <flameo> KOHY?0!!

[01:41] <flameo> Stay

06[01:41] * KingOfHearts points out she's not a dog

[01:41] <flameo> Lol

[01:42] <flameo> XD

[01:42] <flameo> SOWWY

[01:42] <KingOfHearts> lol it's fine

03[01:43] * Taikai|happy (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

06[01:43] * Taikai|happy can't stop smiling.

[01:43] <flameo> Why?

[01:43] <flameo> So happy?

[01:44] <Taikai|happy> UotM

[01:44] <Taikai|happy> Ultimate kindly nominated me :)

[01:44] <flameo> For admin?

[01:44] <flameo> What

[01:44] <flameo> For what?

[01:45] <Taikai|happy> User of the Month

[01:45] <flameo> Oh my

[01:45] <flameo> Well

[01:45] <flameo> I hope you get it

[01:45] <flameo> Kool

[01:46] <flameo> I guess you did a lot of work in one day

[01:46] <flameo> It's only zdecember 2nd XD

[01:46] <+Ultimate> More like a lot of work over the course of months. ;)

[01:46] <Taikai|happy> :)

[01:46] <flameo> Lol

[01:47] <flameo> I want someone to nominate me for best user to ever roame the wikia

[01:47] <flameo> Lol

[01:47] <+Ultimate> xD

[01:48] <flameo> Hehe

03[01:51] * ATFF|AFK is now known as ATFF|Back

[01:51] <ATFF|Back> Taikai|happy: i'm voting for you :)

[01:51] <Taikai|happy> Hey ATFF

[01:51] <Taikai|happy> Aww! Thanks :)

[01:52] <ATFF|Back> No need to thank me

[01:52] <ATFF|Back> You honestly deserve it the most :D

[01:52] <KingOfHearts> Good for you Taikai

02[01:52] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[01:53] * ATFF|Back is now known as ATFF

[01:57] <KingOfHearts> I threw a wish in the well

[01:58] <ATFF> Don't ask me I'll never tell

[02:01] <Taikai|happy> I look to you as I fell.

[02:02] <Taikai|happy> King and ATFF: Thanks :)

[02:02] <ATFF> And now you're in my way

[02:03] <Jabberjay> This is basically the reason why i dont like the dacu's animation

[02:03] <Jabberjay>

[02:03] <Jabberjay> THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME

02[02:13] * Jabberjay (~Canis@wikia/Olorin-The-White) Quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)

02[02:25] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.)

03[02:26] * KataraFanboy is now known as PHI0DAL0|

[02:29] <Taikai|happy> Another great quote.

03[02:32] * PHI0DAL0| is now known as PHI0DAL0|Q1

03[02:44] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:44] <ATFF> hi Trillian

[02:44] <Trillian> hi

[02:44] <Taikai|happy> Hey Trillian

[02:45] <Trillian> Hey, why so happy?

02[02:45] * +PHI0DAL0|Q1 (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: dinner - oh boy, the BCS is getting it again...maybe these idiots will realize it's time for a fuckin' playoff at Division 1-A already.)

03[02:46] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) has left #wikia-avatar

[02:46] <Taikai|happy> Well, Ultima....never mind.

[02:47] <ATFF> she may still be online

[02:47] <ATFF> if you want to query her

[02:48] <Taikai|happy> Oh yeah, thanks. :)

03[02:48] * ATFF is now known as ATFF|LOTF

[02:48] <Taikai|happy> LOTF?

[02:48] <ATFF|LOTF> Lord of the Flies

[02:48] <ATFF|LOTF> I have to read it for school

[02:49] <Taikai|happy> Oh.

02[02:54] * RandomRanaun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) Quit (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))

03[02:54] * RandomRanaun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:55] <ATFF|LOTF> Hi RandomRanaun

03[02:58] * IamGuruPathik (4ca80409@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:59] * IamGuruPathik (4ca80409@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[03:04] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:04] <Taikai|happy> Hey Ty

[03:04] <Taikai|happy> Bye Ty

[03:04] <Taikai|happy> Bye everyone

[03:05] <TyDy> Bye You happy little man

02[03:05] * Taikai|happy (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Bye! *rains happiness*)

[03:05] <TyDy> wow

03[03:05] * TyDy is now known as Ty|Physics

03[03:05] * flamek|SORRY (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:05] <Ty|Physics> i forgive you

03[03:05] * flamek|SORRY is now known as flameo

03[03:06] * flameo is now known as flameo|SORRY

[03:06] <Ty|Physics> lol

[03:06] <flameo|SORRY> XD

01[03:06] <Orion]> man

[03:06] <flameo|SORRY> Hey

[03:06] <flameo|SORRY> Ty

01[03:06] <Orion]> I read lord of the flies

01[03:06] <Orion]> it's incredibly boring

[03:06] <flameo|SORRY> My physics exam was reat

[03:07] <flameo|SORRY> Great

[03:07] <Ty|Physics> yea that book was pretty boring

[03:07] <flameo|SORRY> I actually don't mind physics

01[03:07] <Orion]> many people look very deep into it

[03:07] <Ty|Physics> not yet

01[03:07] <Orion]> and say it's great

01[03:07] <Orion]> but honestly.. it isn't

[03:07] <Ty|Physics> its a dead pigs head..end of story

01[03:07] <Orion]> it's totally overrated, people give it more than it is

[03:07] <Ty|Physics> XD

01[03:07] <Orion]> so.. physics

01[03:07] <Orion]> what was it about?

[03:08] <Ty|Physics> im doing a problem about a hungry bear walking towards a bag of goodies

[03:08] <ATFF|LOTF> hhi Ty|Physics

[03:08] <Ty|Physics> i have to find torque

[03:08] <ATFF|LOTF> hi flameo|SORRY

[03:08] <Ty|Physics> hey fellow fire ferret teammate :P

[03:08] <ATFF|LOTF> Orion]: yeah i was expecting that

[03:08] <ATFF|LOTF> OH


[03:08] <Ty|Physics> in like 10 minutes

[03:08] <flameo|SORRY> Hi ATFF

[03:08] <Ty|Physics> i freaking love that game now

[03:09] <auror> lol

[03:09] <ATFF|LOTF>

[03:10] <ATFF|LOTF> RandomRanaun, auror and Ty|Physics and anybody else who likes the game

[03:10] <RandomRanaun> no thanks

[03:10] <ATFF|LOTF> D: awww

[03:10] <Ty|Physics> im in

[03:10] <Ty|Physics> just give me a sec

[03:11] <ATFF|LOTF> KingOfHearts: if you're interested you can join in too :D

[03:12] <ATFF|LOTF> Last call for anybody who wants to play

[03:13] <ATFF|LOTF> Going once…

[03:13] <ATFF|LOTF> going twice…

[03:13] <ATFF|LOTF> anybody?

[03:13] <flameo|SORRY> Wait wait

[03:13] <flameo|SORRY> Me

[03:13] <flameo|SORRY> Maybe

[03:13] <flameo|SORRY> But I have no idea how

[03:13] <Ty|Physics> just do it

[03:13] <ATFF|LOTF> do you know how to play?

[03:13] <flameo|SORRY> No

[03:13] <ATFF|LOTF> you can't really explain how

[03:13] <Ty|Physics> i still don't know

[03:13] <ATFF|LOTF> you just kind of do it

[03:13] <flameo|SORRY> Lol

[03:13] <Ty|Physics> i won and i didnt know how to pla

[03:14] <ATFF|LOTF> ^

[03:14] <ATFF|LOTF> just click random buttons

[03:14] <Ty|Physics> *we won

[03:14] <ATFF|LOTF> take all of the risks

[03:14] <Ty|Physics> NO

[03:14] <ATFF|LOTF> and don't forget to use skills/items

[03:14] <ATFF|LOTF> oh and never under anyconditions be a paladin

[03:14] <ATFF|LOTF> most useless class ever

[03:14] <Ty|Physics> FU

[03:14] <Ty|Physics> i won as a paladin

[03:14] <Ty|Physics> best class ever

[03:14] <Pichu> no

[03:15] <Ty|Physics> only rule: never go in the brothel

[03:15] <ATFF|LOTF> no

[03:15] <ATFF|LOTF> sometimes going into the brothel is ok

[03:15] <flameo|SORRY> Wait

[03:15] <flameo|SORRY> I reached some sort of page

[03:15] <flameo|SORRY> Oh ATFF is host

[03:16] <ATFF|LOTF> yep

[03:16] <ATFF|LOTF> don't sock

[03:16] <ATFF|LOTF> seriously

[03:16] <ATFF|LOTF> why do you have two accounts on there?

03[03:16] * Ty|Physics is now known as TyDy

[03:16] <flameo|SORRY> Lol

[03:16] <flameo|SORRY> I tried the first one

[03:19] <ATFF|LOTF> it's ok

03[03:20] * Connor_ (62153d12@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:20] <ATFF|LOTF> hi Connor_

[03:20] <Connor_> hi ATFF|LOTF

[03:20] <Connor_> whats LOTF

[03:23] <KingOfHearts> Oh wait, we have no classes

[03:23] <TyDy> i left

[03:23] <TyDy> new game

[03:23] <TyDy> i decree

[03:23] <KingOfHearts> redo

[03:24] <flameo|SORRY> What

[03:24] <flameo|SORRY> The hell

[03:24] <KingOfHearts> ATFF|LOTF: redo

[03:24] <ATFF|LOTF>

[03:24] <KingOfHearts> Flamey we're starting a new game

03[03:24] * Typhoonmaster (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:24] <ATFF|LOTF> Connor_: lord of the flies

[03:24] <Connor_> ATFF|LOTF: ah cool cool

[03:24] <ATFF|LOTF>

[03:24] <ATFF|LOTF> ^anybody that's interested

[03:27] <RandomRanaun> ATFF|LOTF: redo plz?

02[03:27] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[03:29] * Connor_ (62153d12@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[03:31] * flameo|SORRY (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[03:34] * PHI0DAL0|Q1 ( has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:34] * Jabberjay (~Canis@wikia/Olorin-The-White) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:34] * PHI0DAL0|Q1 is now known as PHI14DAL3|Q2

02[03:35] * PHI14DAL3|Q2 ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:35] * PHI14DAL3|Q2 (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:35] * ChanServ sets mode: +v PHI14DAL3|Q2

02[03:42] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[03:45] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:46] * PHI14DAL3|Q2 is now known as PHI14DAL10|Q2

02[03:52] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[03:53] * PHI14DAL10|Q2 is now known as PHI17DAL10|Half

03[03:54] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[03:57] * Jabberjay (~Canis@wikia/Olorin-The-White) Quit (Quit: Hey)

[03:57] <Typhoonmaster> jabberjay you are missing board game

[03:58] <auror> what

02[03:58] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

02[03:59] * auror (~auror@trivialand/regular/auror) Quit

03[04:07] * SoulSpirit (46f70902@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[04:12] * PHI17DAL10|Half is now known as PHI17DAL17|Q3

[04:15] <RandomRanaun> KingOfHearts: did you see the new Victorious episode last night?

[04:15] <KingOfHearts> Nah :/

[04:15] <RandomRanaun> aww

[04:15] <KingOfHearts> Was it good?

[04:15] <RandomRanaun> yeah

[04:16] <RandomRanaun> there was a lot of Cabbie, Tandré, Bade, and Jandré :D

[04:16] <KingOfHearts> ferret

[04:16] <KingOfHearts> Awesome.

[04:16] <RandomRanaun> oh, and Bade got back together

[04:16] <ATFF|LOTF> yes

[04:16] <KingOfHearts> sweet

[04:16] <RandomRanaun> and Liz performed her first solo on the show :DD

[04:16] <KingOfHearts> that warms my heart

[04:16] <ATFF|LOTF> come on

[04:16] <KingOfHearts> I hated Bori

[04:16] <ATFF|LOTF> you know i had no chance at winning

[04:17] <KingOfHearts> and yay for liz

[04:17] <Typhoonmaster> yea

[04:17] <Typhoonmaster> im dominating

[04:17] <RandomRanaun> I really hope Tandré gets together at some point

[04:17] <KingOfHearts> Cabbie is cute too

[04:17] <RandomRanaun> I shipped them since the pilot :D

[04:17] <RandomRanaun> oh yeah, Cabbie is happening too

03[04:17] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:17] <RandomRanaun> in the promo for the new episode, Robbie kisses Cat

[04:17] <RandomRanaun> hey Trill

[04:18] <Trillian> Hey

[04:18] <Trillian> Are you stalking about Victorious

[04:18] <Trillian> *talking

[04:18] <RandomRanaun> yes

[04:19] <KingOfHearts> Finally Robbie kisses cat

06[04:19] * ATFF|LOTF is so lost

[04:19] <KingOfHearts> ...why did everyone leave the game?

[04:19] <RandomRanaun> the only downside is that it's starting to feel more and more like the end :(

[04:19] <ATFF|LOTF> other people left?

[04:19] <RandomRanaun> Bade got back together, Cabbie is gonna happen

[04:19] <ATFF|LOTF> then let's make a new one :)

[04:19] <Pichu> lol

[04:19] <Pichu> okay

[04:19] <Pichu> this time I will not die on the first turn

[04:20] <Pichu> because f u rr

[04:20] <Pichu> :P

[04:20] <ATFF|LOTF> oh and Trillian you can play too

[04:20] <Pichu> actually I won't play

[04:20] <RandomRanaun> KingOfHearts: I really hope Tandré happens soon

[04:20] <RandomRanaun> "You're special...You're fantastic...You belong at this school."

[04:20] <RandomRanaun> awww c:

[04:20] <Typhoonmaster> can we do less spaces

[04:20] <ATFF|LOTF>

[04:20] <KingOfHearts> Ferret areyou making a new one?

02[04:20] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) Quit (Client Quit)

[04:20] <KingOfHearts> expert mode

[04:20] <Typhoonmaster> that took awhile

[04:20] <KingOfHearts> please

[04:20] <RandomRanaun> can we do teams?

[04:20] <ATFF|LOTF> yes

[04:20] <Typhoonmaster> lets do teams

[04:20] <KingOfHearts> teams

[04:21] <KingOfHearts> yes

[04:21] <ATFF|LOTF> it is teams

[04:21] <RandomRanaun> make one with teams

03[04:21] * SifuHtoman (6245a742@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:21] <RandomRanaun> oh, nvm

[04:21] <RandomRanaun> hi Sifu

[04:21] <SifuHtoman> Teams?  I love teams!

[04:21] <ATFF|LOTF> SifuHtoman:

[04:21] <SifuHtoman> ATFF:  Sorry, might not be on long enough.

[04:22] <SifuHtoman> KFB:  Close one.

[04:22] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> Yep, one the Eagles ofc will inevitably lose

[04:22] <SifuHtoman> Hopefully Philly doesn't fuck it up like a certain team that is now dead to me.

[04:22] <ATFF|LOTF> anybody?

[04:22] <ATFF|LOTF> we only need one more

03[04:22] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:22] <SifuHtoman> Where's the nearest bandwagon to New York?

[04:22] <ATFF|LOTF> hi Belle

[04:23] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> Idk

[04:23] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> Don't care

[04:23] <KingOfHearts> Hotman you can't betray the eagles for the giants

[04:23] <KingOfHearts> blasphemy

[04:23] <ATFF|LOTF> one more

[04:23] <SifuHtoman> KingOfHearts:  I'm talking about the Chargers.

[04:23] <SifuHtoman> >:(

02[04:23] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

[04:23] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> Hotman is a Chargers fan

[04:23] <Typhoonmaster> patsnation<3

[04:24] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> Wherein Norv Turner is the AFC's Andy Reid

03[04:24] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:24] <Typhoonmaster> hi Belle !

[04:24] <SifuHtoman> Norv is more like.....Matt Leinart in the form of a "coach"

[04:25] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> I prefer to call him Andy Reid Lite

[04:25] <KingOfHearts> ferret repost the link

[04:25] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> Since he's not a fatass

[04:25] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> XD

[04:25] <KingOfHearts> We need one more

[04:25] <SifuHtoman> KFB:  I love you for that.

[04:25] <KingOfHearts> Andy Reid is sexy...

[04:25] <SifuHtoman> Yeah if you're Wilford Brimley or a walrus.

[04:26] <+PHI17DAL17|Q3> Foles!!

06[04:26] * KingOfHearts chuckles

03[04:26] * PHI17DAL17|Q3 is now known as PHI24DAL17|Q3

[04:26] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> All right Vick...out back.

[04:26] <KingOfHearts> Someone plaise play with us

06[04:26] * SifuHtoman is slaughtering coyote puppies.

[04:26] <SifuHtoman> :3

[04:27] <RandomRanaun> SifuHtoman:

[04:27] <KingOfHearts> Chiyo?

[04:27] <KingOfHearts> Want to play plaise?

[04:27] <SifuHtoman> Random, if you post that to me again I will rain down an ungodly firestorm upon you, the likes of which not even the Japanese have seen.

[04:27] <Chiyo> tomorow :)

[04:27] <RandomRanaun> Oh sorry :c

[04:28] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Nice Sifu ^^'

[04:28] <KingOfHearts> Hotman is so dramatic...

[04:28] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Hey wait a minute

[04:28] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Who is SifuHtoman

[04:28] <SifuHtoman> FUCK!

[04:28] <KingOfHearts> Lia are you on from your phone?

[04:28] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> IMPOSTOR

[04:28] <RandomRanaun> XD

03[04:28] * SifuHtoman is now known as SifuHotman

[04:28] <KingOfHearts> *Belle

[04:28] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Oh, Sifu!

[04:28] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Nice of you to show up!

[04:28] <SifuHotman> Go home Sifu you're drunk again.

02[04:29] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

[04:29] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Sifu, if you really want to get drunk

[04:29] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Play the Zuko Honor drinking game

[04:30] <SifuHotman> O___O

[04:30] <SifuHotman> Mother of god.

03[04:30] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:30] <Typhoonmaster> welcome back Belle :P

[04:30] <Belle> Koh: Yep I also have a crap ass signal

06[04:31] * SifuHotman had a bad day.

[04:32] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> To cheer you up, have a picture of Katara yelling at money lol

[04:32] <SifuHotman> It looks more like she's glaring at a pimple on her thumb.

06[04:33] * KingOfHearts ships Hotboy as a platonic football bro ship

[04:33] <SifuHotman> It has been a while since I've ever heard/seen anyone say/type platonic.

[04:34] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Well, that time is up now isn't it

[04:34] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> ha

[04:34] <SifuHotman> true true.

[04:34] <SifuHotman> Hopefully like a certain head coach in certain southern california city... I don't even want to talk about it.

[04:35] <Typhoonmaster> lane kiffin

[04:35] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Only if it's also like a certain head coach in a certain southeastern Pennsylvania city...

[04:35] <Typhoonmaster> ?

[04:35] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Next level

[04:37] <SifuHotman> Hell I will whore myself out to Bill Cowher if the Chargers just get him and whack Norv.

[04:37] <SifuHotman> Okay maybe not really but you get my point.

[04:37] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Ugh Idk who the Eagles will hire

02[04:37] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) Quit (Quit: ??? ?????????????)

[04:38] <SifuHotman> So the chiefs....

[04:38] <KingOfHearts> Bye again Soph

[04:38] <KingOfHearts> That was such a tragedy

[04:38] <KingOfHearts> Watching someone commit suicide?

[04:38] <KingOfHearts> Oh gosh my heart

[04:38] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> Definitely for the girl and daughter...

[04:38] <ATFF|LOTF> who are you talking about?

[04:38] <SifuHotman> ^

[04:38] <SifuHotman> Sports talk ATFF>

[04:38] <SifuHotman> *.

[04:38] <Typhoonmaster> chiefs player killed his girlfriend then killed himself

[04:39] <KingOfHearts> It's a tragedy for everyone

[04:39] <ATFF|LOTF> omg

[04:39] <ATFF|LOTF> D:

[04:39] <Typhoonmaster> i like what they did with the moment of silence

[04:39] <ATFF|LOTF> wtf

[04:39] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> I liked how KC had a moment of silence for domestic abuse victims

[04:39] <SifuHotman> My thoughts exactly.

[04:39] <SifuHotman> Yes lets honor the murder/abuse victim.

[04:39] <SifuHotman> And her murderer.

[04:39] <KingOfHearts> Now they're investigating whether football causes injuries to the brain that might increase homicidal or suicidal thoughts

[04:40] <+PHI24DAL17|Q3> I have no respect for Belcher...

[04:40] <KingOfHearts> He was obviously sick....

[04:40] <Typhoonmaster> the didnt honor him

[04:40] <KingOfHearts> But he was so well loved

[04:40] <SifuHotman> Well I'm not going around shooting shit for no apparant reason so I don't give him leeway in terms of head trauma.

[04:40] <Typhoonmaster> they paid respect to all people affected by violence

[04:40] <KingOfHearts> I wonder....if he really did have a brain injury

[04:40] <SifuHotman> Brain injuries are no excuse in my eyes.

[04:41] <KingOfHearts> Well I assume you've never played in the NFL too though right Hotman?

[04:41] <KingOfHearts> It's not an excuse

[04:41] <KingOfHearts> But it's something to look into

[04:41] <Typhoonmaster> it doesnt really matter. its just a sad sad story

[04:41] <SifuHotman> I played four years of high school and a year and a half in college and had over 10 concussions (serious ones in that span) and I'm not shooting random shit because my brain ticked a bit.

[04:42] <SifuHotman> This was before everyone went whacko over head injuries.

06[04:42] * KingOfHearts sighs. Everyone's different though.

[04:42] <KingOfHearts> Clearly there was /something/ wrong with him in the head right?

[04:43] <KingOfHearts> Why is it not worth investigating if football may have amplified it?

[04:43] <SifuHotman> Yes.  But that can stem from literally anything.

[04:43] <KingOfHearts> Heh

[04:44] <KingOfHearts> Yea, but if he were say born with a head problem...

[04:44] <KingOfHearts> And had years worth of concussions..

[04:44] <KingOfHearts> who knows...

[04:44] <KingOfHearts> And no it's not an excuse

[04:44] <SifuHotman> True, you never know.

[04:44] <KingOfHearts> What he did was horrible

[04:44] <SifuHotman> I know better, just fuming.

06[04:45] * KingOfHearts nods. It's crazy.

06[04:45] * SifuHotman sighs.

[04:45] <SifuHotman> I love ranting.

[04:45] <KingOfHearts> I think in a few years families are going to start suing the NFL for tragedies like this

[04:45] <SifuHotman> It's like a masculine period.

[04:45] <KingOfHearts> I can see it happening

[04:45] <SifuHotman> KingOfHearts:  It's already happening.

[04:46] <KingOfHearts> And then people will be playing football in plastic bubbles

[04:46] <SifuHotman> That's the only reason why all this head trauma investigation started.

[04:46] <KingOfHearts> Oh? Who's suing?

03[04:46] * PHI24DAL17|Q3 is now known as PHI24DAL17|Q4

[04:46] <SifuHotman> I can't remember, it just was brought up in this big funk that was settled about 2-3 years ago.

[04:46] <ATFF|LOTF> i'm so fucking lost right now

06[04:46] * KingOfHearts nods.

[04:46] <ATFF|LOTF> between this and victorious

[04:46] <ATFF|LOTF> you guys don't even know

[04:46] <KingOfHearts> Football certainly is crazy dangerous

[04:47] <SifuHotman> But unfortunately fun as all hell.

[04:47] <KingOfHearts> We're just talking about how football is dangerous Ferret.

[04:47] <KingOfHearts> Why can't men play Flag football? lol

06[04:47] * KingOfHearts was a powder puff beast

[04:47] <+PHI24DAL17|Q4> Problem is you have the game softening up too

[04:47] <+PHI24DAL17|Q4> Were even the slightest head impacts are getting flagged

[04:47] <SifuHotman> Horse collars among other things.

[04:48] <+PHI24DAL17|Q4> *where

[04:48] <SifuHotman> James Harrison.

[04:48] <SifuHotman> 'nuff said.

[04:48] <Typhoonmaster> hes a freak

[04:48] <Typhoonmaster> hes gonna kill someone

[04:48] <SifuHotman> I love the guy to death.

[04:48] <KingOfHearts> It's a pretty barbaric sport

[04:48] <SifuHotman> I love that style of play.

[04:48] <Typhoonmaster> hes scary

[04:48] <SifuHotman> good old fashioned fooseball.

[04:48] <KingOfHearts> Watching it you'd think you were watchiing cavemen fight til the death for a scrap of meat

[04:49] <KingOfHearts> Not that it isn't fun to play and watch.

[04:49] <KingOfHearts> I guess boxing is worse huh?

[04:49] <+PHI24DAL17|Q4> WWE even worse

[04:49] <SifuHotman> Talk to Mr. Parkinson's himself.

[04:49] <+PHI24DAL17|Q4> Nice job again defense!

[04:49] <SifuHotman> Mr.  King of the world.

[04:49] <+PHI24DAL17|Q4> Todd Blowles

03[04:50] * PHI24DAL17|Q4 is now known as PHI24DAL24|Q4

02[04:50] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

[04:50] <KingOfHearts> I remember when the NFC East was the best division in football...

06[04:50] * KingOfHearts sighs

[04:51] <Typhoonmaster> I remember when the AFC east was competitive

[04:51] <Typhoonmaster> oh wait

03[04:51] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:51] <Typhoonmaster> no i dont

[04:51] <Typhoonmaster> welcome back Belle

06[04:51] * KingOfHearts thinks

06[04:51] * KingOfHearts wonders if Hotman knows that she's a girl

[04:51] <SifuHotman> Who, you or ATFF?

03[04:51] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

06[04:51] * KingOfHearts now realizes Hotman thought she was a dude playing powder puff football

[04:51] <SifuHotman> No.

[04:52] <SifuHotman> I saw powder puff and took the hint.

[04:52] <SifuHotman> No offense.

06[04:52] * SifuHotman feels like an ass.

[04:52] <KingOfHearts> I totally could have been a dude playing powder puff lol

06[04:52] * KingOfHearts is Kohthefacestealer

[04:52] <SifuHotman> Oh that's right.

[04:52] <KingOfHearts> Yurp

[04:53] <SifuHotman> Who was it that told me they were gonna (jokingly) murder me in my sleep for gender confusion? Momo15?

[04:53] <KingOfHearts> Maybe Humble?

[04:53] <Typhoonmaster> probbaly Humble

[04:53] <KingOfHearts> It sounds like something Humble would say

[04:53] <+PHI24DAL24|Q4> Humble...she needs to come back

[04:53] <KingOfHearts> She hasn't gone anywhere

[04:53] <KingOfHearts> She's still here

[04:54] <SifuHotman> Though it could have been Momo, because she hasn't been here in a long time as far as I know.

[04:54] <KingOfHearts> Just not as often

06[04:54] * SifuHotman gets paranoid.

[04:54] <KingOfHearts> Yea Momo flew the coop about a week ago

[04:54] <SifuHotman> I'm guessing that means left the wiki.

[04:54] <KingOfHearts> But you're really not here often either Hotman

[04:54] <KingOfHearts> No, she didn't leave the wiki

[04:54] <KingOfHearts> She's just MIA

[04:54] <SifuHotman> I'm here just about every other or two days.

[04:55] <SifuHotman> If not every day on and off.

[04:55] <KingOfHearts> Heh, I rarely see you then..

[04:55] <KingOfHearts> Different schedules I guess

02[04:56] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)

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Session Close: Mon Dec 03 04:56:05 2012

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03[15:49] * nyuszika7h (nyuszika7h@pdpc/supporter/active/nyuszika7h) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[15:49] * Belle_ (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[15:51] * Belle_ is now known as Belle

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03[16:17] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:18] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has left #wikia-avatar

03[16:18] * BolinPabu (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:18] * BolinPabu is now known as Eragon

[16:19] <Eragon>

[16:19] <Eragon> zutara rules

03[16:21] * Eragon is now known as Zutara

03[16:21] * Zutara is now known as ZutaraRules

[16:24] <ZutaraRules> hawkins, how did you change your real name on the irc thingie?

[16:24] <hawkins> your real name?

[16:24] <ZutaraRules> nvmnd I fixed it

[16:24] <hawkins> what're you talking about, Gods?

[16:25] <hawkins> ZutaraRules: wat'cha talking about?

[16:25] <hawkins> you mean your nick?

[16:25] <ZutaraRules> the thingie that says "Some random guy who is always ready to kill you."

[16:25] <ZutaraRules> for you

02[16:26] * ZutaraRules (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: ZutaraRules)

[16:26] <hawkins> ZutaraRules: you have chatzilla?

03[16:31] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:31] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[16:31] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

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[16:34] <MasterAqua> Whoops, never logged off...

02[16:35] * MasterAqua (ae4a5bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[16:36] * Ultimate (324a8882@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

[16:50] <hawkins> hey Ultimate

[16:50] <+Ultimate> Hi hawkins.

03[16:56] * RandomRanaun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:58] * NowhereToRun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)

03[16:58] * RandomRanaun is now known as NowhereToRun

03[16:58] * Lalonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:00] <Lalonde> yellow

[17:05] <Lalonde> wow

[17:05] <Lalonde> its really dead

03[17:08] * Eragon (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:08] <Lalonde> ello

[17:08] <Eragon> ello

02[17:08] * +Ultimate (324a8882@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: If you are distressed by anything, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your attitude toward it; and this you have the power to change at any moment.)

[17:09] <Eragon> nice quote Ultimate

[17:09] <Lalonde> so

[17:11] <Lalonde> the internet is hideously slow

02[17:11] * Eragon (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Client Quit)

[17:11] <Lalonde> welp

02[17:26] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit

[17:29] <Lalonde> hhmm

03[17:49] * furball (rpch@gateway/shell/ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:50] * Prismo (rpch@gateway/shell/ Quit (*.net *.split)

02[17:54] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)

03[17:54] * Aconite (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[17:54] * Aconite (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[17:55] * Aconite (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has left #wikia-avatar

[17:57] <Lalonde> well than

02[18:08] * Lalonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[18:09] * LAlonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:09] <LAlonde> howdly

03[18:28] * furball is now known as Prismo

[18:28] <Pichu> I have the worst stomachache ever right now

[18:28] <Pichu> ugghhhhh

[18:28] <LAlonde> :/

[18:28] <LAlonde> i'm sorry

[18:29] <Pichu> okay it's not the worst ever, but still

[18:29] <Pichu> hurts like a B

[18:29] <Pichu> how are you LAlonde

[18:29] <Pichu> why is your name like that?

[18:30] <LAlonde> i was lazy

[18:30] <LAlonde> there

03[18:30] * LAlonde is now known as Lalonde

[18:30] <Lalonde> hm

[18:30] <Lalonde> oh

[18:30] <Pichu> oh okay :P

[18:30] <Pichu> well that was anticlimactic

02[18:37] * Lalonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[19:54] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[20:14] * AF|Angry (b2806e8e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[22:28] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:29] <flameo> Hi

03[22:38] * auror (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:39] <ballju> hello flameo and auror

[22:39] <auror> hey balls

02[22:42] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[22:42] * ballju (~Instantbi@2001:1948:212:fed8:d532:383d:f80b:d0fb) Quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.3 --

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03[23:36] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

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Session Time: Tue Dec 04 00:00:00 2012

03[00:09] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

06[00:09] * flameo waits

[00:10] <+Ultimate> =D

[00:10] <flameo> Lol HIII

[00:10] <+Ultimate> HOOLLAAA

03[00:18] * Trillian is now known as Trill|conlang

03[00:29] * Mysteria (ae4a5bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:29] <Pichu> hai mysti

02[00:31] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Keeping it together when everyone expects you to fall apart - now, that's true strength.)

[00:31] <flameo> Heh I've got that

02[00:32] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: dinner)

03[00:38] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:38] <Mysteria> Hey ATFF.

[00:38] <flameo> Hi

[00:38] <flameo> ATFF

[00:40] <ATFF> hi flameo and Mysteria

[00:40] <ATFF> Silly lia

[00:40] <ATFF> she sends me memos when her inbox is full XD

[00:41] <Chiyo> i wonder if she knows how to delete it :P

[00:43] <Pichu> allll my friends have full boxes

[00:43] <Pichu> ?_?

[00:43] <Chiyo> i dont :P

[00:43] <Mysteria> Inboxes on what?

[00:44] <Pichu> I said friends chiyo

[00:44] <Pichu> not family

[00:44] <Pichu> the memoserv boxes

[00:44] <Chiyo> :P

03[00:55] * Trill|conlang is now known as Bolout

03[01:06] * Annawantimes ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:06] * Annawantimes ( Quit (Changing host)

03[01:06] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:07] <Mysteria> Hey Annawan.

[01:07] <Annawantimes> Hello

[01:07] <ATFF> hi Annawantimes

[01:08] <Annawantimes> Hi

03[01:19] * Bolout is now known as Trill|conlang

03[01:26] * Mysteria is now known as Mysteria|away

02[01:31] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) Quit (Quit: ??? ?????????????)

[01:55] <ATFF> anybody else want to contribute to the forum about the main page slider?

[01:55] <ATFF> i'm curious to see what others think

03[01:56] * Mysteria|away is now known as Mysteria

02[01:57] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

[02:01] <flameo> Clip

[02:01] <flameo> Flop

[02:01] <flameo> Clip

[02:01] <flameo> Flop

[02:01] <Mysteria> ...?

[02:02] <flameo> clipedy clipedy flop

[02:02] <flameo> Hebeydnsdore

[02:02] <flameo> Clip

[02:02] <flameo> Flop

[02:02] <ATFF> hi flameo

[02:02] <flameo> Clip

[02:02] <ATFF> pst

[02:02] <flameo> Flop

[02:02] <flameo> Hey

[02:02] <ATFF> anybody up for a boardgame

[02:02] <ATFF> flameo: no spamming

[02:02] <flameo> YES

[02:02] <flameo> YES

[02:02] <flameo> YES

[02:02] <flameo> BOARD GAME

02[02:03] * Trill|conlang (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) Quit (Quit: There is no negative bread.)

03[02:03] * Delilah (62153d12@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:03] <ATFF> anybody else up for a board game?

[02:03] <ATFF> hi Delilah

[02:04] <flameo> SELIAH

[02:04] <flameo> PLEASE

[02:05] <flameo> STOP HIDING

[02:05] <flameo> BOARD GAME

[02:05] <flameo> BOARD GAME

[02:07] <Mysteria> Hey Delilah.  :P

[02:07] <Delilah> sup

[02:10] <flameo> Who's Delilah

[02:10] <Delilah> Beedee

[02:10] <Delilah> Delilah in this case is a character from my magnum opus

[02:10] <NowhereToRun> so anyway

[02:10] <NowhereToRun> I think the SJWs have a point

[02:10] <Delilah> yeah yeah you tried this bullshit with my the other day

[02:10] <NowhereToRun> I'm being serious :/

[02:11] <flameo> Oh hi Beedee

[02:11] <Delilah> NowhereToRun: yeah im sure

[02:11] <NowhereToRun> I mean, they're wrong about a lot of things

[02:12] <NowhereToRun> but they're right on the money with male privilege and misogyny

[02:12] <ATFF>

[02:12] <NowhereToRun> like, take the fact that women get custody of children for example

[02:13] <Delilah> dude rr you told me literally the exact same bullshit the other day

[02:13] <Delilah> literally

[02:13] <Delilah> the exact same

[02:13] <NowhereToRun> just listen

[02:13] <NowhereToRun> that's because society believes that men are meant to work, while women take care of children, barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen

[02:13] <Delilah> NowhereToRun: join our BGO game

[02:13] <Delilah> also

[02:13] <Delilah> you told me this same shit

[02:13] <Delilah> ltierally

[02:13] <Delilah> exact same

[02:14] <ATFF> psst

[02:14] <ATFF> flameo:

[02:14] <ATFF> join

[02:14] <ATFF> NowhereToRun: join

[02:14] <Delilah> Mysteria: NowhereToRun: joiin

[02:15] <ATFF> going once

[02:15] <ATFF> anybody want to join before we start?

Session Close: Tue Dec 04 02:15:57 2012

Session Start: Tue Dec 04 02:15:57 2012

Session Ident: #wikia-avatar

02[02:15] * Disconnected

Session Close: Tue Dec 04 02:15:58 2012

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Session Ident: #wikia-avatar

03[13:32] * Now talking in #wikia-avatar

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[13:32] <Eragon> hey orion]

03[13:34] * KataraLover (32341257@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[13:34] <KataraLover> Hello, all!

[13:35] <Eragon> hey kl!

[13:36] <KataraLover> Hello, Eragon! How are you? :)

[13:36] <Eragon> good

[13:37] <Eragon> except I am slappiing myself on the face (figureativly) becuase I looked a wikipedia

[13:37] <KataraLover> Oh, I see. Well, glad you're doing well. :)

[13:39] <KataraLover> good*

[13:39] <Eragon> yeah I was curious as to weather or not there would be more eragon books after book 4 and ended up seeing who murtagh's parents were and who eragon's parents were

[13:39] <Eragon> have you read the seiries?

[13:40] <KataraLover> Oh. No, never have. I'm not too interested in dragon books.

[13:41] <Eragon> ah well you should

[13:49] <KataraLover> Are you finished with your part of the chapter yet? I'm just wondering...Don't mean to sound rude or anything...

02[13:52] * NowhereToRun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[13:53] * RandomRanaun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) has joined #wikia-avatar

[13:54] <KataraLover> Hello, Random!

03[13:55] * flameo (ba2d2c0e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[13:55] <Eragon> hey random and flameo

[13:55] <flameo> hey

[13:55] <flameo> gods

[13:55] <KataraLover> Hi, flameo!

[13:56] <Eragon> oh you saw the new nick?

[13:56] <Eragon> well I loooooove eragon

[13:56] <flameo> lol

[13:56] <flameo> eragon is the dragon

[13:56] <flameo> right

[13:56] <flameo> the thing

[13:56] <flameo> y

[13:56] <Eragon> nope

[13:56] <flameo> its an old movie

[13:56] <flameo> i remember vaguely

[13:56] <Eragon> saphira is the dragone eragon is the human

[13:56] <flameo> OH YES

[13:56] <Eragon> and it's a book

[13:56] <flameo> i remember seeing it

[13:56] <flameo> somewhere

[13:57] <Eragon> that was adapted into a movie

[13:57] <flameo> AH HA

[13:57] <flameo> yes

[13:57] <flameo> yes

[13:57] <flameo> i read part of the book

[13:57] <Eragon> ah well i am in love with the book

[14:00] <flameo> loo

[14:00] <flameo> lol

[14:00] <flameo> so was my friend

03[14:35] * Annawantimes (3252c1f2@wikia/Annawantimes) has joined #wikia-avatar

[14:36] <Eragon> hey Annawantimes

[14:36] <Eragon> where have you been

[14:36] <Eragon> just yesterday two people asked where you were

[14:37] <KataraLover> Hi, Annawan!

[14:37] <Annawantimes> Hi Eragon and KL

[14:37] <Annawantimes> Eragon: I've just been a bit busy lately, life has been crazy

[14:38] <Eragon> ah. well KMP and some one else was looking for you

[14:40] <Annawantimes> Oh okay. I'll be looking out for them then

[14:43] <Eragon> KMP was wondering about BSST

[14:44] <Annawantimes> Ahh okay

[14:47] <Annawantimes> Bye all

[14:47] <KataraLover> Bye, Annwan!

[14:48] <KataraLover> Annawan*

02[14:51] * Annawantimes (3252c1f2@wikia/Annawantimes) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[14:52] <Belle> "someone else"?

02[14:54] * KataraLover (32341257@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Katara fan forever!)

02[15:31] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[15:31] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[15:31] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[15:31] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:34] <Eragon> wb belle

[15:34] <Belle> thanks :)

[15:35] <Eragon>,_Sieges_and_Volcanoes

[15:35] <Eragon> have you heard of it

[15:35] <Eragon> gud evening everyone

02[15:35] * Eragon (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Eragon)

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[17:53] <Lalonde> hello

[17:56] <away> hi

[17:56] <Lalonde> yellow

[18:00] <Lalonde> Consequences of a Spill

[18:04] <Lalonde> as long as you can show that your profit went down BP has to give you money

02[18:15] * Lalonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[18:38] * Hawshire (ba802a8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:41] <Hawshire> Once more

[18:41] <Hawshire> Hellos people

03[18:51] * Pikachu (d1e8946a@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:51] <Hawshire> :i

[18:51] <Hawshire> Not much going on

[18:51] <flameo> HAWSHIRE!

[18:51] <flameo> I

[18:51] <flameo> AM FLAMEO

[18:52] <Pikachu> flameo you're always so loud

[18:52] <Pikachu> figuratively

[18:53] <flameo> lol

02[19:14] * Pikachu (d1e8946a@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[19:29] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[19:29] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[19:29] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Client Quit)

[19:30] <flameo> BELLE

[19:30] <flameo> STOP THIS

[19:30] <Chiyo> that looked like a flappy client :P

02[19:32] * Hawshire (ba802a8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[19:54] * Ultimate (324a8882@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[19:54] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

[19:56] <flameo> my smile gril

[19:56] <flameo> girl

[19:56] <+Ultimate> =D

[19:57] <+Ultimate> There you go. xD

[19:59] <flameo> lol

[19:59] <flameo> i love that

[19:59] <flameo> hehe

[19:59] <flameo> XD

[19:59] <+Ultimate> =P

02[20:31] * +Ultimate (324a8882@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Insanity is genius.)

[20:31] <flameo> hehehehe you know it

03[20:56] * Mysti (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:57] <Mysti> Bleh.

[20:58] <Mysti> Hey Chiyo, how do you do the info on someone's nick again?  I want to check my nicks.

[20:59] <Chiyo> /msg nickserv info

[20:59] <Chiyo> that will show you your nicks info :)

06[20:59] * Mysti nods

[20:59] <Mysti> Thanks.

03[20:59] * Mysti is now known as Cithara

[21:04] <Cithara> So...  Looks like nothing much is happening.

[21:05] <Cithara> I think I'll just leave...

[21:05] <Cithara> Maybe...

[21:09] <Cithara> Nevermind.  I'll stay.

[21:19] <flameo> I GTG BBL

02[21:19] * flameo (ba2d2c0e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[21:24] * KataraLover (32341257@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:25] <KataraLover> Hello, all!

03[21:43] * flameo (ba2d2212@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:44] <flameo> heeey

[21:44] <flameo> KL!hI

02[21:45] * flameo (ba2d2212@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[21:45] <KataraLover> Hi! And...bye. :P

02[21:47] * Cithara (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[22:11] <KataraLover> ..

03[22:13] * Bass_ (40fd60e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[22:14] * flameo (ba2d2212@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:18] <KataraLover> Hi, Bass and flameo!

[22:20] <Bass_> Hi, KataraLover.

[22:24] <KataraLover> How are you? :)

[22:28] <Bass_> Exhausted from studying for finals, but content nonetheless.

[22:30] <KataraLover> :)

[22:32] <Bass_> I'm amazed I actually have time to get on here.

[22:32] <KataraLover> LOL.

[22:36] <KataraLover> Hey Bass, do you know how to get out of a zoomed computer screen? I was doing some coloring pages during class today, and in the process hit some buttons that made everything a little bit bigger...

[22:38] <Bass_> Depending on your computer, you may be able to zoom out on the track pad the same way you zoom out while browsing on a smart phone.

[22:38] <Bass_> What browser are you using right now?

03[22:38] * Seliah (5bb1e1a0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:39] <Seliah> Hey everyone :)

[22:39] <KataraLover> Hi, Seliah!

[22:39] <KataraLover> @Bass: Google Chrome

02[22:39] * Seliah (5bb1e1a0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[22:40] <flameo> FUDGE!

[22:40] <flameo> FUDGEDY DUDGE

[22:40] <flameo> why

[22:40] <flameo> did she leave

[22:40] <flameo> !!

[22:40] <flameo> WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06[22:40] * flameo pets away

06[22:41] * flameo gabs kl

06[22:41] * flameo spins her around singing LA DI UH DI LA DI UH DAH!

[22:41] <Bass_> KataraLover: What you need to do is click the the button in the top right corner of the screen, and you'll be able to decrease the zoom there.

[22:42] <KataraLover> @Bass:Thanks. But that doesn't help with everything else on my computer being big.

06[22:43] * KataraLover dances and sings with flameo

[22:43] <flameo> XD

[22:46] <Bass_> KataraLover: You'll have to ask someone else. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

[22:46] <KataraLover> That's okay. :)

[22:46] <KataraLover> Thanks anyway. :)

[22:47] <Bass_> No problem. : )

03[22:53] * Bass_ is now known as Bass|afk

02[22:59] * flameo (ba2d2212@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[23:01] <KataraLover> I better go work on some chores and hw now. Bye all!

03[23:01] * KataraLover is now known as Katara

02[23:01] * Katara (32341257@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Katara fan forever!)

03[23:13] * Annawantimes ( has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[23:46] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:46] <flameo> Hi

03[23:49] * PlasmaTime ( has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[00:39] * auro is now known as auror

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03[01:17] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:17] <+KataraFanboy> Oh Annawan, how nice of you to finally join us :p

[01:17] <+Ultimate> Hi Annawan.

03[01:19] * Taikai (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:19] <+Ultimate> Hey Taikai.

[01:19] <Taikai> Hey Ultimate :)

[01:20] <Annawantimes> Hey KFB and Ultimate

[01:27] <Annawantimes> Sorry that I haven't been around guys, I've just had a lot going on

[01:28] <Taikai> It's okay.

[01:28] <Taikai> I'm happy that you are here now. ^^"

[01:28] <+Ultimate> -nods- Understandable. Life sometimes...

[01:31] <Annawantimes> yeah...

[01:32] <flameo> You don't have to tell me twice

03[01:41] * DaveDude ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:41] <DaveDude> hello i'm dave

[01:41] <+Ultimate> Hola

[01:42] <DaveDude> what's up?

[01:42] <+Ultimate> Just chatting and such. You?

[01:42] <DaveDude> Dunno

[01:43] <flameo> Hey Dave

[01:44] <DaveDude> Goodbye

03[01:44] * DaveDude ( has left #wikia-avatar ("Leaving channel")

[01:44] <flameo> Dave are you on the wiki?

[01:44] <flameo> Lol

[01:44] <flameo> He's form Paris

[01:44] <flameo> I shall track him

[01:44] <flameo> Lol

[01:44] <flameo> JK

[01:46] <Taikai> I don't think that one guy "formed" Paris. *wink, wink* ;)


[01:48] <Taikai> I WAS JUST KIDDING

[01:48] <Taikai> OKAY

[01:48] <Taikai> THANKS

[01:48] <flameo> Lol

[01:48] <Taikai> OKAY WHY ARE WE IN ALL CAPS?"

[01:48] <flameo> I know

[01:48] <Taikai> *?

[01:48] <flameo> Hehehe

03[01:53] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:53] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[01:53] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:53] <Taikai> Hi Belle

[01:53] <Belle> Hello

[01:53] <+KataraFanboy> Hey beautiful

[01:55] <Belle> Hey gorgeous

[01:59] <flameo> CD

02[02:00] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Courage isn't having the strength to go on - it is going on when you don't have strength. Be strong. Live honorably and with dignity. When you don't think you can, hold on.)

[02:01] <Taikai> Aw.

[02:01] <Taikai> Another good quote.

[02:01] <flameo> Oh lord

[02:01] <Taikai> Wow.

[02:01] <flameo> Ultimate

[02:01] <flameo> Please

[02:01] <flameo> After our conversation

[02:01] <flameo> You're doing me this

[02:01] <flameo> Uh she is trying to kill me

06[02:02] * flameo just walks away to Humble's corner

02[02:02] * PlasmaTime (~Plasma@wikia/PlasmaTime) Quit (Quit: Closing)

[02:02] <flameo> It's been a while since she's been on

[02:02] <flameo> I wonder

[02:03] <flameo> Did humble go inactive yet?

[02:03] <flameo> She said she would

[02:03] <flameo> Haven't seen her around

[02:04] <+KataraFanboy> Yeah, she did

[02:04] <flameo> Okay

[02:04] <flameo> I missed her

[02:04] <flameo> Oh crap

[02:04] <flameo> How did she not say Gaye

[02:05] <flameo> Gbye

[02:05] <flameo> I wonder

[02:06] <+KataraFanboy>!

[02:09] <flameo> MY HUMBLE


[02:10] <flameo> I just hope one day she returns

[02:10] <flameo> I have no idea when that is but

[02:10] <flameo> Someday

[02:11] <flameo> Ive had a very eventful night

[02:11] <flameo> Haven't I

[02:13] <flameo> Where ever ou are humble I wish you the best of happiness

[02:14] <Taikai> Where art thou Humble?

[02:14] <Taikai> Gone.

03[02:14] * LeenaKlammer (d06bbba8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:14] <Taikai> Gone I say.

[02:15] <Taikai> Hi

[02:15] <LeenaKlammer> helloo

[02:15] <LeenaKlammer> trill are you lurking

[02:15] <flameo> Lol

[02:15] <Taikai> You just walked in on my Shakespeare. XD

[02:15] <LeenaKlammer> what piece?

[02:16] <Taikai> Nothing really, just Shakespeare dialect and manner of speaking.

[02:16] <LeenaKlammer> ahhh

[02:16] <Taikai> You know, with art thou and stuff.

[02:17] <LeenaKlammer> i gotcha

[02:18] <flameo> How wouldst thee be if thou hadnst felt thy needst to speak in Shakespearean

[02:18] <LeenaKlammer> i'm watching the big bang theory and i'm getting really pissed off

[02:18] <LeenaKlammer> it's such a dumb show

02[02:19] * LeenaKlammer (d06bbba8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

02[02:22] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

02[02:22] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

[02:26] <flameo> I gtg brb

[02:26] <flameo> Bb

[02:26] <flameo> L

02[02:27] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: "it's not always b)

03[02:33] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:36] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[02:40] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:40] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

02[02:42] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit

03[02:46] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:46] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has left #wikia-avatar

03[02:57] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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02[03:00] * madfoot (~madfoot@unaffiliated/madfoot) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[03:02] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:02] <flameo> Hi

[03:03] <asorailahd> hey flameo hot men!

[03:03] <asorailahd> :)

[03:03] <flameo> Hehe hi

02[03:07] * Taikai (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Somewhere....over the rainbow.....Taikai, leaves....bye-e. Bye-e-eeee-e. Bye-e-e! ^_^)

03[03:10] * Trill|conlang ( has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:10] * Caleb_ (6215307e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:10] * Trill|conlang is now known as Trillian

02[03:11] * Trillian ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:11] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:11] <Trillian> ugh

02[03:19] * Trillian (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) Quit (Quit: There is no negative bread.)

03[03:20] * DaveStrider ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[03:21] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: its not always black and white but in your heart you know what's right, goodnight)

[03:22] <Caleb_> RandomRanaun: give me a title for a series

03[03:38] * KingOfHearts ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:38] <KingOfHearts> Oh wow

03[03:38] * SukiFanboy (18e054c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:38] <KingOfHearts> I'll just see if anyone wants to come on later

[03:38] <KingOfHearts> Hey SFB

[03:38] <RandomRanaun> hey Koh

[03:39] <SukiFanboy> Heyo.

[03:39] <RandomRanaun> hey SFB

[03:39] <SukiFanboy> Heyo, everybody.

[03:39] <KingOfHearts> Hey RR

[03:39] <KingOfHearts> Caleb, do I know you?

[03:39] <KingOfHearts> SifuHotman?

[03:40] <asorailahd> flameo

[03:40] <asorailahd> want to play?

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[17:02] <EragonShadeslayr> hey orion]

[17:10] <EragonShadeslayr> orion] what is your wiki nick?

02[17:21] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

02[17:23] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit

[17:23] <EragonShadeslayr> gud bye belle and kfb

[17:28] <hawkins> ChiyoMihama: be ready with a damn lotta money

[17:28] <hawkins> where'll you get it anyway?

[17:28] <hawkins> i'll be damn rich if i get that much money... :D

[17:29] <ChiyoMihama> hawkins, the draw is on the 20th of December at 11:59pm :P

[17:30] <EragonShadeslayr> *21th

[17:30] <hawkins> ChiyoMihama: well, did i forget to say that it will end in my dreams? so you'll have to give us that even if it does end in my dreams

[17:32] <ChiyoMihama> nope, the terms are:

[17:32] <hawkins> nope

[17:32] <hawkins> you never said "in the real world"

[17:33] <ChiyoMihama> 1) the world has to end between 00:00:01 21/12/12 and 23:59:59

[17:33] <ChiyoMihama> 2) a big disaster what will cause the end of the world in less than a month of the dates above

[17:33] <ChiyoMihama> and no one will be able to tell if you really did dream it or not ;)

[17:35] <hawkins> i will

[17:35] <hawkins> i will be able to tell it

[17:35] <hawkins> trust me

[17:35] <EragonShadeslayr> ah but you are no ChiyoMihama

[17:35] <hawkins> i'll never break my word

[17:35] <hawkins> id

[17:35] <hawkins> *idc

[17:35] <ChiyoMihama> not valid ;) hehe :P

[17:36] <ChiyoMihama> I am chiyo EragonShadeslayr / Gods ;)

[17:36] <EragonShadeslayr> i was talking to hawkins

[17:38] <ChiyoMihama> ahh :P

[17:38] <EragonShadeslayr>

[17:38] <EragonShadeslayr> how do those look?

02[17:49] * EragonShadeslayr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

03[17:50] * Eragon (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:54] * Eragon (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

02[18:05] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)

03[18:14] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[20:51] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[21:12] * Wings (6c4654dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[21:13] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[21:13] <Wings> Been a while since I was on here

02[21:13] * Wings (6c4654dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[21:26] * minnichi (8173c337@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[21:34] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:35] <flameo> Hola

03[21:36] * Energybender (~Energyben@wikia/Energybender) has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:36] <flameo> HI

02[21:36] * Energybender (~Energyben@wikia/Energybender) Quit (Client Quit)

[21:37] <flameo> NOO

03[21:40] * NowhereToRun is now known as RandomWannaRun

03[21:54] * minnichi (8173c335@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:55] <flameo> Mini chi

[21:55] <flameo> Min niche

[21:55] <flameo> Minnichi sorry

[21:55] <flameo> hi

03[21:58] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[21:58] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[21:58] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[21:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[22:02] <minnichi> hey flameo and KFB!

[22:03] <+KataraFanboy> Hi minnichi

[22:15] <RandomWannaRun> do you know if there's any criteria on allies?

[22:16] <RandomWannaRun> for the Team Avatar pages, I mean

[22:18] <+KataraFanboy> Hmm...

[22:18] <RandomWannaRun> like, do they have to help them in some way rather than just being friendly?

[22:18] <RandomWannaRun> or do they have to help the entire team instead of just one member?

[22:19] <flameo> Oh h

[22:19] <flameo> That's tough

[22:20] <+KataraFanboy> Well, I mean, even people like Gyatso are mentioned as TA allies...

[22:25] <RandomWannaRun> idk, I'm asking because of the Legend of Korra Team Avatar article

[22:25] <RandomWannaRun> would people like the White lotus leader or Toza be considered allies?

[22:33] <flameo> Huh

[22:33] <flameo> Wow

[22:34] <flameo> Maybe

[22:34] <flameo> Yes

[22:34] <RandomWannaRun> it's odd, since, for example, Oyaji isn't listed as one of Team Avatar's allies

[22:35] <+KataraFanboy> Forum? There doesn't seem to be much conistency...

[22:37] <RandomWannaRun> idk, this might be a much smaller issue then I'm making it out to be :P

02[22:39] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[22:45] * AvatarFreak (bc04f579@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

06[22:45] * AvatarFreak waves

06[22:45] * AvatarFreak pets away :D

[22:47] <away> :DD

06[22:47] * away huggles and snuggles AvatarFreak

06[22:47] * AvatarFreak nuzzles away

[22:47] <AvatarFreak> how are you kitten away :D

[22:47] <away> I am good

[22:47] <away> four day weekend :D

[22:48] <AvatarFreak> weve got no school tomorrow :D and on friday we go on a school trip to acropolis :D

[22:48] <AvatarFreak> and the school's party is this friday night

06[22:48] * AvatarFreak has so many reasons to be happy :D

[22:49] <away> :D

[22:49] <away> it is independence day tomorrow

[22:49] <away> and then I took friday off like a boss

[22:49] <AvatarFreak> lol that's the spirit!!!!

[22:49] <AvatarFreak> away would be the coolest classmate ever

[22:50] <away> yeah :D

[22:50] <AvatarFreak> you have an independence day? ^.-

[22:50] <away> of course

[22:51] <AvatarFreak> lol we have 2 national holidays

[22:51] <AvatarFreak> actually make em three

[22:51] <AvatarFreak> but no independence day

[22:52] <away> I will go on this cruise to Sweden tomorrow

[22:52] <AvatarFreak> woah

[22:52] <AvatarFreak> cruise?

[22:52] <AvatarFreak> like how?

[22:53] <away> like

[22:53] <away> with a boat

[22:53] <AvatarFreak> oooh

[22:53] <AvatarFreak> cool

[22:53] <AvatarFreak> with your family?

[22:53] <away> with my mom and brother

[22:53] <away> they pay so I'm fine with this

[22:54] <AvatarFreak> hahah

[22:54] <AvatarFreak> have fun:)

[22:54] <AvatarFreak> come over to greece in the summer :P

[22:55] <away> there's this epic buffet

[22:55] <away> the number of ice cream portions I will eat nears infinity

[22:56] <away> I will become FAT

[22:56] <AvatarFreak> hahaha

06[22:56] * AvatarFreak doesnt like ice cream too much cause she is weird

[22:56] <away> yes I agree

[22:56] <AvatarFreak> but how do you like eat ice cream? isnt it cold over there?

[22:56] <AvatarFreak> here it is fucking freexing

[22:56] <AvatarFreak> *freezing

[22:56] <away> well we have this thing called indoors

[22:56] <AvatarFreak> well eleven celsius but im used to 30 celsius

[22:56] <away> it's not cold there

[22:57] <away> it was -17C when I woke up today

[22:57] <AvatarFreak> yeah indoors here stopped being warm when the crisis started and suddenly we have to spend no oil

[22:57] <AvatarFreak> . . ..

[22:57] <AvatarFreak> its eight celsius right now im wrapped in my blanket and im shaking

[22:57] <away> now it's merely -6C

06[22:57] * AvatarFreak starts countdown to holidays

[22:57] <AvatarFreak> but the sun is out

[22:57] <AvatarFreak> usually

[22:57] <AvatarFreak> so at least there's light

[22:57] <away> I haven't seen the sun in a few weeks

[22:57] <away> it gets dark at 16

[22:58] <AvatarFreak> here it gets dark at 18

[22:58] <AvatarFreak> or something

[22:58] <AvatarFreak> i wouldnt survive an hour in finland

[22:58] <away> oh yes you would

[22:58] <away> because I'm here

[22:58] <away> :D

[22:58] <AvatarFreak> yeah :D

[22:58] <AvatarFreak> true that

[22:58] <AvatarFreak> oh btw im getting in big time trouble tomorrow but idgaf

[22:58] <away> lol tell me more

[22:59] <AvatarFreak> so three years ago a greek cop shot a 16 year old boy called Alexis Grigoropoulos and killed him

[22:59] <AvatarFreak> for no fucking reason

[22:59] <AvatarFreak> like the boy was just standing there and i dont know they did something minor and pisseed the cop off

[22:59] <AvatarFreak> and he just took out the gun and shot

[22:59] <AvatarFreak> ka-boom

[23:00] <AvatarFreak> cause you know we're a great country over here

[23:00] <AvatarFreak> anyways so that happened 6th december

[23:00] <AvatarFreak> that's tomorrow

[23:00] <AvatarFreak> and every year on 6th december kids go to school and dont walk in for the class they just stay in the yard as protest

[23:01] <AvatarFreak> and this year the headmaster said that whoever does that gets expelled

[23:01] <AvatarFreak> so yeah im getting expelled tomorrow

02[23:01] * minnichi (8173c335@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[23:03] <ChiyoMihama> AvatarFreak :D

[23:03] <AvatarFreak> ChiyoMihama: :D

[23:04] <ChiyoMihama> +1 for protesting

[23:04] <ChiyoMihama> -1 for being expelled

[23:04] <away> :D

[23:04] <away> then you can come to finland

[23:04] <ChiyoMihama> but isnt it cold there? :P

[23:04] <AvatarFreak> ChiyoMihama: so 0 for the whole thing?

[23:04] <away> it's only -6C atm

[23:04] <AvatarFreak> away: no im just gonna get expelled cause im cool

[23:04] <AvatarFreak> my mom knows

[23:04] <AvatarFreak> she says i ought to protest

[23:05] <AvatarFreak> so hell yeah

[23:05] <ChiyoMihama> lol

[23:05] <ChiyoMihama> yay :D

02[23:14] * AvatarFreak (bc04f579@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Goodnight peoplez:))

03[23:28] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[23:30] * Oxi (5bb1b2d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[23:30] * Oxi (5bb1b2d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[23:36] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[23:38] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[23:39] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:40] <RandomWannaRun> I wonder if Skoochy was one of the vagabonds living in the sewers

[23:41] <flameo> Hi ATFF

02[23:44] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[23:49] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:51] <flameo> Hi ATFF

[23:52] <flameo> Hey can anyone help me find some sheet music for habanera from the operamatic movie Carmen?

02[23:53] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[23:53] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[23:53] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

Session Time: Thu Dec 06 00:00:00 2012

[00:10] <RandomWannaRun> lol, remember a few years back there were a bunch of rumors in the fandom about Azula being a hermaphrodite?

[00:11] <RandomWannaRun> and last year Colin Heck said that Azula is Lin's father xD

[00:11] <+KataraFanboy> No RWR, I don't

[00:12] <+KataraFanboy> Where did that even come from o_O

[00:13] <RandomWannaRun> lol, it was mainly on IIRC

03[00:13] * RandomWannaRun is now known as RandomRanaun

[00:14] <+KataraFanboy> Thank God I wasn't in the fandom then

[00:14] <RandomRanaun> lol, I wasn't either

[00:15] <RandomRanaun> idk how it could have even started anyway

[00:15] <RandomRanaun> it probably had something to do with the fact that Azula was originally supposed to be Prince Azul or something

[00:15] <RandomRanaun> *shrug*

[00:15] <+KataraFanboy> Gah, so many damn fireworks launches in the distance <_<

[00:16] <RandomRanaun> aww

[00:16] <+KataraFanboy> Some crew trying to scare crows off campus

[00:17] <RandomRanaun> Michael, Bryan, Janet Varney, and David Faustino are the only cast/crew members in the DVD commentary for LoK Book 1 :(

[00:17] <+KataraFanboy> Figures...

03[00:33] * Wings (6c4654dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:34] <+Ultimate> Hola

[00:34] <Wings> Hola Ultimate!

03[00:34] * DaveStrider ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:34] * DaveStrider ( Quit (Client Quit)

02[00:35] * Wings (6c4654dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[00:38] * minnichi (631b890f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:50] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Everything happens for a reason. We may not know why, but reasons do exist.)

[00:51] <flameo> Oh okay ultimate

[00:51] <flameo> Then there is a reason you leave with these quotes

[00:51] <flameo> Hmmmm

[00:51] <flameo> XD

06[00:51] * flameo runs away towards his corner

06[00:51] * flameo pets away

[00:52] <flameo> Little kitten called away you're always away and you real name X1d something!

06[00:52] * flameo sings

[00:53] <flameo> away is a small little kitty then likes AF and he eats a lot and drinks a lot but never plays with yarn away is a Sam

[00:53] <flameo>  Small kittyyyy

06[00:53] * flameo bows

03[00:54] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:54] <flameo> HEEEY

[00:54] <ATFF> Yay my internet decided to stop sucking so i'm here now :)

[00:54] <ATFF> 'eloo

[00:54] <ATFF> hi flameo

[00:55] <flameo> go o tell everybody, go tell tell everybody, go tell tell everybody, go tell tell everybody ATFF has arrived

[00:55] <flameo> I brb

02[00:55] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[00:59] * plasma117 (4c64a990@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:02] <ATFF> hi plasma117

[01:02] <plasma117> hi

03[01:03] * BlueDagger (6215307e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:03] <RandomRanaun> hi BlueDagger

[01:03] <BlueDagger> sup

03[01:03] * BlueDagger is now known as Guest52924

[01:03] <Guest52924> RandomRanaun: ATFF: KataraFanboy: three of you up for some board game online, or should i cry myself to sleep

[01:03] <Guest52924> fuck

03[01:03] * Guest52924 is now known as BlueDagger_

[01:03] <ATFF> YES

[01:03] <ATFF> YES

[01:03] <ATFF> YES

[01:03] <ATFF> YES

[01:03] <RandomRanaun> nah

[01:03] <ATFF> sorry for spam

[01:03] <BlueDagger_> alright ATFF is down

[01:03] <BlueDagger_> and RR just crushed our dreams

[01:03] <+KataraFanboy> I have to leave for dinner at 7:30

[01:03] <BlueDagger_> way to go man

[01:03] <BlueDagger_> way to go

[01:03] <RandomRanaun> we don't have Koh or anyone else :(

[01:04] <+KataraFanboy> so I'm a crusher too sry

[01:04] <BlueDagger_> KataraFanboy: fuqu ;_;

[01:04] <BlueDagger_> ATFF, we'll see if we can scrounge up some players later

[01:04] <BlueDagger_> lemme message trill

[01:04] <ATFF> i'll try and get pichu

[01:04] <RandomRanaun> I could ask some of my friends from TSW

[01:04] <BlueDagger_> nah

[01:05] <BlueDagger_> its not fun unless its with people you knwo

[01:05] <RandomRanaun> too late, I already asked them :(

[01:05] <ATFF> k got pichu

[01:05] <RandomRanaun> but you've played with them before

[01:05] <BlueDagger_> who are they RR

[01:05] <ATFF> I know auror

[01:05] <ATFF> I think helices and auror, right?

[01:05] <BlueDagger_> oh god heli

[01:05] <RandomRanaun> auror and MrBenC

[01:05] <BlueDagger_> never heard of MrBen C

[01:05] <BlueDagger_> *BenC

[01:05] <ATFF> oh

[01:05] <ATFF> he's the guy

[01:05] <ATFF> with the bot

[01:05] <ATFF> :D

[01:05] <BlueDagger_> anyways im not playing till trill messages me back

[01:05] <RandomRanaun> he uses different names in boardgame I think

[01:06] <BlueDagger_> because i want my 'rail in it with me

[01:06] <RandomRanaun> BlueDagger_: did you see the new LoK Book 2 leak?

[01:06] <BlueDagger_> nope

[01:06] <ATFF> So far we have me, bd, pichu, aurora, mrbenc, and possibly trill

[01:06] <BlueDagger_> and

[01:06] <RandomRanaun> after the timeskip, Tenzin is cheating on Pema with Lin :O

[01:06] <BlueDagger_> until saturday

[01:06] <ATFF> anybody interested in joining?

[01:06] <BlueDagger_> i dont care

[01:06] <ATFF> RandomRanaun: oh that

[01:06] <BlueDagger_> because saturday is when im rejoining the wiki

[01:06] <BlueDagger_> i have made up my mind

[01:06] <ATFF> BlueDagger_: YAY

[01:06] <RandomRanaun> :P


[01:07] <RandomRanaun> \o/

[01:07] <BlueDagger_> lol youre welcome

06[01:07] * ATFF gives BlueDagger_ a welcome back crown

[01:07] <ATFF> happy welcome back on saturday-day

[01:07] <RandomRanaun> teams or no?

[01:07] <ATFF> nah

[01:07] <ATFF> i hate teams

[01:07] <RandomRanaun> oh well I'm making it teams >_>

[01:07] <BlueDagger_> mmk

[01:07] <ATFF> well fine

[01:07] <RandomRanaun> :P

[01:08] <RandomRanaun> so we have me, ATFF, Pichu, Ben, and BD

[01:08] <RandomRanaun> we need one more person for 3 on 3

[01:08] <RandomRanaun> KataraFanboy :3

[01:08] <ATFF> Is koh online?

[01:08] <ATFF> or hm

[01:08] <ATFF> who plays?

[01:08] <+KataraFanboy> I'm only on for 20 minutes more...

[01:09] <BlueDagger_> oh my god

[01:09] <BlueDagger_>

[01:09] <ATFF> i see vagina

[01:09] <ATFF> and question if it's porn or not

[01:09] <RandomRanaun> ahahahaha

[01:09] <RandomRanaun> that was from iSaved Your Life :P

[01:10] <BlueDagger_> ATFF: its not

[01:10] <ATFF> ok

[01:10] <RandomRanaun> Dan Schneider probably made the dialogue like that on purpose.

[01:11] <BlueDagger_> well

[01:11] <BlueDagger_> its kind of

[01:11] <BlueDagger_> sort of

[01:11] <BlueDagger_> just

[01:11] <BlueDagger_> watch it

[01:11] <RandomRanaun> It's actually just Carly getting Freddie out of the shower.

[01:11] <ATFF> o.o

[01:11] <ATFF> lol

[01:11] <RandomRanaun> Because he broke his arm or something (I can't remember) after he saved her from that truck.

[01:11] <RandomRanaun> And he fell in the shower.

03[01:12] * r_girl (d06bbba8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> but this is so much funnier

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> r_girl:

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> board game online?

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> :3

[01:12] <RandomRanaun> BlueDagger_ ATFF

[01:12] <r_girl> i don't know

[01:12] <RandomRanaun> we have 6 players now, I got auror :D

[01:12] <r_girl> who all's plaing

[01:12] <r_girl> playing*

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> me

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> atff

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> auror

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> pichue (?)

[01:12] <BlueDagger_> *pichu

[01:13] <r_girl> nah, i thihnk i'll just sit here

[01:13] <r_girl> and wait for my parents to get homr

[01:13] <r_girl> so i can eat

06[01:13] * BlueDagger_ cries

[01:13] <r_girl> is trill lurking

[01:13] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: HARRY UP

[01:13] <r_girl> y u cry

[01:14] <RandomRanaun> I swear if ATFF disconnects...

[01:14] <BlueDagger_> no, trill isnt on

[01:14] <ATFF> sorry sorry

[01:14] <r_girl> damn

[01:14] <r_girl> i've been trying to findhher

[01:14] <RandomRanaun> hurryyy

[01:14] <r_girl> for two days now

[01:14] <r_girl> i'm gonna go on omegle

02[01:14] * r_girl (d06bbba8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[01:16] * auror (asorailahd@trivialand/regular/auror) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:16] <BlueDagger_> ATFF: frakking

[01:16] <BlueDagger_> play

[01:16] <ATFF> hi auror

[01:16] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: lolol

[01:16] <auror> hi ATFF

[01:16] <RandomRanaun> it's always you who gets to choose the jukebox xD

03[01:16] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:17] <flameo> Hi

[01:18] <BlueDagger_> RandomRanaun: fuqu

[01:19] <RandomRanaun> lol

02[01:25] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[01:29] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: bbl)

03[01:38] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:38] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:38] * SukiFanboy (18e054c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:39] <flameo> SUKKI

[01:39] <SukiFanboy> FLAMEO

[01:39] <Annawantimes> Hey SFB

[01:40] <SukiFanboy> Heyo, Annawan.

[01:40] <SukiFanboy> How are you?

[01:41] <Annawantimes> I'm doing okay

[01:41] <Annawantimes> You?

[01:42] <ATFF> hi Annawantimes and SukiFanboy and flameo

[01:42] <Annawantimes> Hi ATFF

[01:43] <SukiFanboy> That's good. I'm doing pretty good.

[01:43] <SukiFanboy> Heyo, ATFF.

[01:43] <flameo> Hi

03[01:43] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:44] <Annawantimes> Hi Lia

[01:44] <Belle> Hey Annawan :)

[01:44] <SukiFanboy> Heyo, Lia.

[01:44] <Belle> Hello

02[01:47] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[01:48] * SukiFanboy (18e054c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[01:51] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:51] <BlueDagger_> sup

[01:51] <Lalonde> yo

[01:51] <Lalonde> i think i have a problem

[01:51] <Lalonde> i'm starting to like...

[01:51] <Lalonde> k-pop boybands

[01:51] <BlueDagger_> yeah you have a problem

[01:51] <Lalonde> u_u

[01:52] <Lalonde> i dont even know any korean

[01:52] <ATFF> hi Lalonde

[01:52] <ATFF> hi Belle

[01:52] <Lalonde> hello

[01:52] <Belle> Hey

[01:53] <BlueDagger_> Lalonde: stop with the kpop before you lose your soul

[01:53] <Lalonde> but..

[01:53] <Lalonde> wow

[01:53] <BlueDagger_> here maybe this will help snap you out of it

[01:53] <BlueDagger_>

[01:53] <Lalonde> fantastic baby

[01:54] <Lalonde> speaking of regina

[01:54] <Lalonde>

[01:56] <BlueDagger_> well shit

[01:56] <BlueDagger_> that was pretty fucking awesome

[01:57] <Lalonde> it is supposed to follow a boy born in the hight of the great depression through his loss of faith in humanity throughout fightin in ww2 and feeling worthless because after everything he did, everything he fought for, we remain unchanged in our destructive ways

[01:58] <Lalonde> it was my end of semester project i presented tuesday for my intro to motion pictures class

[01:59] <BlueDagger_> yeah its really good

[02:00] <Lalonde> brb

03[02:02] * Bass_ (40fd60e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:03] <BlueDagger_> sup Belle

03[02:03] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:03] <BlueDagger_> shit

[02:03] <BlueDagger_> sorry

[02:03] <BlueDagger_> sup Bass_

03[02:03] * DaveStrider ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:03] <DaveStrider> BlueDagger_: yes?

[02:03] <DaveStrider> Someone wanted to play a game?

[02:03] <BlueDagger_> dude we started playing BGO without you like an hour ago way to go

[02:03] <BlueDagger_> anyways hi

[02:03] <DaveStrider> ...

[02:03] <ATFF> hi Bass_, flameo, and DaveStrider

[02:04] <DaveStrider> i just fuckin got your fucking message

[02:04] <Bass_> Hey, BD. Hey, ATFF.

[02:04] <DaveStrider> I presume we're not going to play again then.

[02:06] <Lalonde> okay i'm back

[02:06] <Lalonde> OOH I'LL BLAY

[02:06] <Lalonde> play

[02:06] <flameo> ATFF board game?

[02:06] <BlueDagger_> Lalonde: DaveStrider: maybe we can do another game after this one

[02:06] <BlueDagger_> probably actually

[02:06] <BlueDagger_> the night is yet young

[02:06] <Lalonde> okay!

[02:07] <DaveStrider> Please do.

[02:07] <DaveStrider> PLEASE DO.

[02:07] <DaveStrider> I can haz link to observe?

[02:07] <ATFF> flameo: already in one

[02:07] <ATFF>

[02:07] <ATFF> ^that's the one we're currently playing

[02:07] <flameo> O

[02:08] <flameo> And no one told me

[02:08] <flameo> Bleh

[02:08] <flameo> Bleh

[02:08] <flameo> Bleh

[02:08] <ATFF> well you weren't online then

[02:09] <flameo> Oh

03[02:11] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:11] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[02:14] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:18] * Pikachu (rose@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:18] <Pikachu> ATFF,

[02:18] <Pikachu> ATFF,

[02:18] <Pikachu> ATFF,

03[02:18] * Pikachu (rose@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has left #wikia-avatar ("ATFF ATFF ATFF")

[02:29] <BlueDagger_> RandomRanaun: shit i crashed

02[02:29] * BlueDagger_ (6215307e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[02:29] * BD|pissed (6215307e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:29] <BD|pissed> FUCKING /A/

02[02:30] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))

[02:33] <Lalonde> whoah

[02:40] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: new game?

[02:40] <ATFF> yes

[02:42] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: link it to me soon

[02:42] <DaveStrider> link me gurl

[02:42] <RandomRanaun> BD|pissed and flameo too

[02:42] <RandomRanaun> who else is playing?

[02:43] <BD|pissed> yeah im in

[02:43] <BD|pissed> Lalonde: you in

[02:43] <Lalonde> oh

[02:43] <Lalonde> i'm not in

[02:43] <Lalonde> oh

[02:43] <Lalonde> i'm in!

[02:43] <Lalonde> im not in the game right now

[02:43] <Lalonde> but i wanna be

03[02:43] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:43] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[02:43] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:43] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

02[02:44] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[02:44] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: make it no teams

[02:44] <ATFF> RandomRanaun: you make it

[02:45] <RandomRanaun> gah fine then

[02:45] <RandomRanaun> what should the deadline me?

[02:45] <RandomRanaun> *be

[02:45] <ATFF> 150

[02:45] <ATFF> last game was too long

[02:45] <RandomRanaun> lol kk

[02:45] <RandomRanaun> survival mode?

[02:45] <ATFF> yeep

[02:45] <RandomRanaun> kk

[02:45] <DaveStrider> no

[02:46] <DaveStrider> survival mode sucks

[02:46] <DaveStrider> okay w/e

03[02:46] * nineonefour (rose@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:46] <RandomRanaun> ATFF BD|pissed DaveStrider nineonefour

[02:46] <RandomRanaun>

[02:46] <BD|pissed> Lalonde:

[02:46] <RandomRanaun> wait where's flameo?

[02:47] <auror> he died of timeout

[02:47] <+KataraFanboy> [20:44:11] * flameo (ba2d2cbd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[02:47] <auror> it's very common among irc folks :P

[02:48] <RandomRanaun> auror: join?

[02:49] <auror> sure

[02:49] <ATFF> oh well

[02:50] <ATFF> if he's gone lets' start anyways

[02:50] <RandomRanaun> should we wait for flameo?

[02:51] <nineonefour> ATFF

[02:51] <nineonefour> seriously

[02:51] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: COME ON

[02:52] <auror> lol

[02:52] <auror> * LOL

[02:53] <ATFF> soryyyy

[02:56] <+KataraFanboy> Oh shit...rollbacks, please go to the BSST blog

[02:56] <+KataraFanboy> We have a spam attack

[02:56] <BD|pissed> link me KFB

[02:56] <+KataraFanboy>,_Issue_50:_1_December

06[02:57] * +KataraFanboy pokes Annawantimes ATFF RandomRanaun

[02:57] <BD|pissed> KataraFanboy: im helping yay

[02:58] <RandomRanaun> yiiiikes

[02:59] <Annawantimes> KFB: wow

[02:59] <Annawantimes> On it

[03:00] <RandomRanaun> KataraFanboy: did you block the IP?

[03:00] <BD|pissed> KataraFanboy: im deleting most

[03:00] <BD|pissed> wait

[03:00] <BD|pissed> what

[03:00] <+KataraFanboy> I can't post on his wall so I can't leave an official warning

[03:01] <BD|pissed> i just deleted like a page of them

[03:01] <BD|pissed> what HAPPENED GODDAMMIT

[03:01] <+KataraFanboy> nvm

[03:01] <+KataraFanboy> Got the warning, if it doesn't stop a block's next

[03:01] <+KataraFanboy> Oh, it looks like VSTF got the rest

[03:02] <BD|pissed> KataraFanboy: i helped :D

[03:02] <+KataraFanboy> Thank you all

[03:02] <RandomRanaun> BD|pissed: I helped too, but you don't see me trying to get recognition >_> ;P

[03:02] <+KataraFanboy> Looks like TyA of VSTF shut them down

[03:02] <BD|pissed> RandomRanaun: well i need it because ive been inactive for months

[03:03] <RandomRanaun> lol :P

[03:03] <BD|pissed> RandomRanaun: on saturday you're coming on and helping me get back on the wiki

[03:03] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: yeah i saw

[03:03] <ATFF> i warned the user

[03:03] <RandomRanaun> I am?

[03:04] <+KataraFanboy> ATFF: They were blocked by VSTF

06[03:04] * ATFF is late

[03:04] <ATFF> ah ok

[03:04] <BD|pissed> RandomRanaun: yes yes you are

[03:04] <BD|pissed> either you or KataraFanboy or ATFF

[03:05] <+KataraFanboy> This weekend will be my last couple days of full acitivty before finals

[03:05] <ATFF> I'll help ^^

[03:06] <RandomRanaun> lolol

[03:06] <+KataraFanboy> From Monday 12/10 until 12/18 I'll be here just a little less...but I'm not disappearing again :p

02[03:06] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[03:06] <RandomRanaun> Lostris fixed one of my edits

[03:07] <RandomRanaun> apparently "memebers" is the incorrect spelling :P

03[03:07] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:07] <+KataraFanboy> Oh shit, there's another one

[03:07] <RandomRanaun> Crap.

03[03:07] * tyime (ty@wikia/vstf/TyA) has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:07] <+KataraFanboy> Hello TyA

[03:07] <RandomRanaun> hey TyA

[03:07] <TyDy> Ty!

[03:07] <+KataraFanboy> We need your assistance again kind VSTF'er

[03:08] <ATFF> hi TyDy and TyDy

[03:08] <tyime> Hii

[03:08] <TyDy> my allter ego is back

[03:08] <tyime> lol

[03:08] <TyDy> Ty 2.0 in the building

[03:09] <ATFF> who the hell is the gnaa anony

[03:10] <ATFF> and how do they have so many spare ips

[03:10] <tyime> An annoying troll group

[03:10] <RandomRanaun> :S

[03:10] <+KataraFanboy> GNAA has hit here before

[03:10] <ATFF> oh really

[03:10] <+KataraFanboy> They did it twice back in May

[03:10] <ATFF> what does the acronym stand for?

[03:10] <tyime> They've hit basically everywhere

[03:10] <+KataraFanboy> Gay N---er Association of America

[03:11] <RandomRanaun> oh shizz

[03:11] <ATFF> I see

[03:11] <RandomRanaun> I think they attacked TSW too :/

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03[13:22] * Now talking in #wikia-avatar

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[13:23] <KataraLover> Hello, Orion].

03[13:30] * plasma117 (041ee462@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[13:31] * plasma117 (041ee462@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[13:32] * Energybender (~Energyben@wikia/Energybender) has joined #wikia-avatar

[13:32] <KataraLover> Hello, energybender!

[13:32] <Energybender> Why, hi.

[13:33] <KataraLover> How are you?

[13:33] <Energybender> Hmm, can't complain.

[13:36] <KataraLover> :)

03[13:43] * Kaarle ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[13:44] <KataraLover> Hello, Kaarle!

[13:53] <ChiyoMihama> Can someone relay a message for me?

03[13:53] * Thailog (~Thailog@unaffiliated/thailog) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[13:53] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Thailog

[13:53] <+Thailog> hi

[13:53] <ChiyoMihama> hello :)

[13:54] <ChiyoMihama> if anyone sees Gods, tell him "I can search my logs for things, and give them out depending on what they are used for :)"

[13:55] <KataraLover> Hi, Thailog!

02[13:57] * +Thailog (~Thailog@unaffiliated/thailog) Quit (Client Quit)

02[14:10] * Energybender (~Energyben@wikia/Energybender) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

03[14:20] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) has joined #wikia-avatar

[14:20] <hawkins> hey

[14:21] <ChiyoMihama> hey :)

[14:21] <KataraLover> Hi, hawkins!

[14:21] <KataraLover> How are you?

[14:21] <hawkins> i'm good

[14:23] <hawkins> OOOh

[14:23] <hawkins> 6 more weeks

[14:23] <hawkins> tch

02[14:25] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

[14:29] <hawkins> one thing about hody bugs me

[14:29] <hawkins> okay i agree that he's strong enough

[14:30] <hawkins> but is he really strong enough to go kill all the kings in the meeting and come back without losing one or two hands or even his life?

[14:45] <KataraLover> Wow. I just edited a couple images from SC 2, and they look really good. I did one image with Zuko, but removed his scar, and another image with Katara, but removed her necklace...

[14:51] <KataraLover> GTG. Bye all!

02[14:51] * KataraLover (32341257@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Katara fan forever!)

03[15:01] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

03[15:01] * flameo (ba2d20f8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[15:01] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[15:01] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:01] <flameo> hi

02[15:11] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[15:11] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[15:11] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[15:11] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[15:56] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:00] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)

02[16:01] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

[16:06] <flameo> GO GO GO!

03[16:08] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:08] <flameo> HEY

[16:09] <flameo> gods

[16:09] <flameo> nice chaoter

[16:09] <EragonShadeslyr> thanks

[16:09] <EragonShadeslyr> I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Eragon

03[16:11] * KataraFanboy (KataraFanb@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:11] * KataraFanboy (KataraFanb@ Quit (Changing host)

03[16:11] * KataraFanboy (KataraFanb@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[16:12] <EragonShadeslyr> hey KFB

[16:13] <+KataraFanboy> Hi God

[16:13] <+KataraFanboy> s

03[16:18] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:19] <EragonShadeslyr> hey natsu

[16:20] <hawkins> hey gods

[16:22] <hawkins> Eragon: how would you rate the series in a scale of one to ten?

[16:23] <hawkins> the inheritance series

[16:23] <EragonShadeslyr> me, I would rate it 9

[16:23] <EragonShadeslyr> *cycle

[16:23] <EragonShadeslyr> why, becuase book 1 = ep. 4 of star wars

02[16:29] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

03[16:29] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:30] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:31] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Client Quit)

03[16:31] * PabuFanboy (6c4654dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:34] <PabuFanboy> Kinda quiet in here...

[16:34] <flameo> yes

03[16:41] * Ultimate (324a8882@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

[16:45] <flameo> *cough*coughmysmile*cough*cough

[16:45] <+Ultimate> xD

[16:45] <+Ultimate> FLAME =D

[16:45] <flameo> YAY

03[16:52] * Lalonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:00] <Lalonde> hello

02[17:01] * PabuFanboy (6c4654dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[17:09] * +Ultimate (324a8882@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Family is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers and adoption documents. Families are made in the heart. If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. If you make those ties, they are.)

02[17:09] * +KataraFanboy (KataraFanb@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. - Matthew 24:35-36)

03[17:09] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:10] <Lalonde> hello


[17:13] <Lalonde> me too flame

[17:13] <Lalonde> metoo

[17:15] <EragonShadeslyr> I just finished my dinner

[17:16] <Lalonde> i'm an hour away from lunch

03[17:16] * Pichu (Pichu@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:16] <EragonShadeslyr> hello Pichu

[17:17] <Pichu> hi

[17:18] <flameo> I SHALL BBL FOOOD IS READY

02[17:18] * flameo (ba2d20f8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[17:18] <EragonShadeslyr> o-tay

[17:21] <Lalonde> sldkf

02[17:23] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

[17:29] <Lalonde> so for my birthday

[17:29] <Lalonde> i think i'd like to go to the kennedy space center

[17:31] <EragonShadeslyr> o-tay

[17:33] <Lalonde> that's this weekend

[17:34] <EragonShadeslyr> what day?

[17:34] <Lalonde> sunday

[17:34] <Lalonde> the ninth

[17:34] <EragonShadeslyr> ah

[17:34] <EragonShadeslyr> how old?

[17:35] <Lalonde> 17

[17:36] <Pichu> have fun

[17:36] <Lalonde> i'll probablyjust be going alone

[17:36] <Lalonde> i dont have any friends so

[17:36] <EragonShadeslyr> ah o-tay

[17:37] <Pichu> I'm pretty lacking in irl friends too

[17:37] <Lalonde> yeah

[17:37] <Lalonde> i cant take mysti and tara y'know?

[17:38] <Pichu> lol

[17:38] <Lalonde> that'd be more expensive than i think i can afford

06[17:38] * Pichu shrugs

[17:39] <Pichu> Tara'd rather go sex austin anyways

[17:39] <Lalonde> yeah

[17:39] <Lalonde> :/

[17:39] <Pichu> lol that sounded mean

[17:39] <Pichu> but it's true

03[17:39] * flameo (ba2d17b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:39] <Lalonde> so i'll go alone

[17:39] <Pichu> family?

[17:39] <Lalonde> eh

[17:40] <Pichu> well, take a bunch of pictures so you can show us

[17:40] <Pichu> :)

[17:40] <Lalonde> that means my sister would have to go

[17:40] <Lalonde> and she's 4

[17:40] <Lalonde> so

[17:40] <Lalonde> day ruined

[17:40] <EragonShadeslyr> I wish I could meet some of you guys

[17:40] <EragonShadeslyr> you guys are awesome

[17:40] <Pichu> I don't

[17:40] <Lalonde> why not?

[17:40] <EragonShadeslyr> though my rl friends are awesome too

02[17:41] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: gud night. (Happy B'day Lalonde)

[17:41] <Pichu> well maybe you would, since you're generally friends with most of avatar wiki

[17:41] <Pichu> I'm not though

[17:41] <Lalonde> me either

[17:41] <Lalonde> i'm never even on thw wiki

[17:41] <Pichu> by wiki I meant irc channel

[17:42] <Lalonde> ah

06[17:43] * flameo jumps in front of pichu with his magical piano and plays it

[17:43] <Pichu> I barely know you, even lal

[17:43] <Pichu> lol

[17:43] <Pichu> hi flameo

[17:43] <flameo> hi

[17:43] <Lalonde> :)

[17:44] <flameo> dramatic exit\

06[17:44] * flameo uses piano to fly off

[17:44] <Pichu> you even, *

[17:44] <Pichu> bye flameo

[17:45] <flameo> XD

[17:45] <Lalonde> here and gone

[17:45] <Lalonde> like a faintly scented summer breeze

[17:46] <Pichu> and tbh I don't think you'd be interested either lal

[17:46] <Lalonde> if i could i'd hold a big real life irc gathering

[17:46] <Pichu> bad idea

[17:47] <Lalonde> why?

[17:47] <Lalonde> we could wear our screennames

[17:47] <Pichu> better idea is a small real life irc gathering with your most trusted friends

[17:47] <Lalonde> oh true..

[17:47] <Pichu> what's the point of meeting, say, me or nyu

[17:47] <Lalonde> because we're friends!

[17:48] <nyuszika7h> what

[17:48] <Pichu> nyu go back to lurking

[17:48] <nyuszika7h> ok :P

[17:49] <Pichu> Lal there's a point where you should trust someone enough to meet them

[17:49] <Pichu> I don't think we've reached that point

03[17:49] * Lego (407e59f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[17:50] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[17:50] * Pichu (Pichu@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has left #wikia-avatar ("bye")

03[17:51] * nineonefour (rose@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:51] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Client Quit)

[17:52] <Lalonde> :(

[17:53] <nineonefour> wut

[17:53] <nineonefour> it's just the truth D:

02[17:53] * Lego (407e59f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[18:00] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[18:03] * away (ecks@wookieepedia/administrator/trekweb.Xd1358) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)

[18:03] <EragonShadeslyr> wow away left

02[18:05] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

02[18:13] * Lalonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[18:17] * nineonefour is now known as Raichu

03[18:24] * Lalonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:25] <Lalonde> i'm baaaack

03[18:26] * Raichu is now known as Pikachu

[18:27] <Pikachu> wb

[18:27] <Lalonde> i choose you!

[18:27] <Lalonde> devolve

[18:27] <Pikachu> pichu is already being used

[18:28] <Pikachu> lol

03[18:28] * Pichu (Pichu@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[18:29] * Pichu (Pichu@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has left #wikia-avatar ("Goodbye.")

03[18:30] * Pikachu is now known as nineonefour

[18:30] <nineonefour> lol

[18:31] <hawkins> nineonefour: one thing about hody bugs me. okay, he's strong, but is he really that strong to come back successfully after killing the kings in their meeting without being killed?

[18:31] <hawkins> or will he really even be able to kill them without being injured badly?

[18:31] <hawkins> you're bound to have strong bodyguards for stuff like that

[18:31] <nineonefour> hody was on steroids

[18:31] <nineonefour> steroids > all

[18:32] <hawkins> lol

[18:32] <nineonefour> basically gear 2 steroids

[18:32] <hawkins> well, if he kept taking steroids, he'd just grow old when fighting

[18:32] <hawkins> like

[18:32] <hawkins> he punches once

[18:32] <hawkins> and then before he punches twice, he grows old

[18:32] <hawkins> he punches again, but his spine cracks

[18:32] <nineonefour> yep

[18:33] <hawkins> he dies a pathetic death

[18:33] <hawkins> stupid

[18:33] <hawkins> really stupid

[18:33] <nineonefour> hody?

[18:33] <nineonefour> he was a nub

[18:33] <nineonefour> dgaf

[18:34] <hawkins> he was just an overly-arrogant, overconfident and idiotic antagonist

[18:34] <hawkins> he'd be at the bottom if you rank antagonists

[18:34] <nineonefour> well yeah

[18:35] <hawkins> while blackbeard is also arrogant and overconfident, at least he's powerful

[18:35] <nineonefour> it was just to show how weak non-new world pirates are

[18:35] <hawkins> what the fluorine uranium calcium potassium will hody be able to do against blackbeard?

[18:35] <hawkins> hmm

[18:35] <hawkins> nineonefour

[18:36] <nineonefour> wut

[18:36] <hawkins> after how many months was strong world subbed?

[18:36] <nineonefour> no clue

[18:36] <hawkins> ... after how months will z be subbed?

[18:36] <hawkins> 6-8 months?

[18:36] <hawkins> 1 year?

[18:36] <hawkins> 2 years?

[18:36] <nineonefour> idk

[18:36] <hawkins> if it's 2 years, i'd rather suicide

[18:36] <nineonefour> I can watch it unsubbed for all I care

[18:36] <hawkins> you

[18:37] <nineonefour> you

[18:37] <nineonefour> poor natsu

[18:37] <hawkins> "I'm jealous of him, Zoro! I'm jealous!"

[18:37] <nineonefour> lolo

[18:38] <hawkins> you know, the nosebleed thing

[18:38] <nineonefour> I know

[18:38] <hawkins> ah, dammit

[18:38] <hawkins> i'll just watch the raw thing

[18:39] <hawkins> and wait for the subbed thing

[18:39] <nineonefour> haha

[18:39] <hawkins> has road to ninja been subbed?

[18:39] <nineonefour> idk

[18:39] <nineonefour> probably not

[18:39] <hawkins>

[18:39] <hawkins> and that was released around july

[18:39] <hawkins> so i'd basically have to wait for like 6-7 or even 8 months

[18:40] <hawkins> oooooh shit

[18:40] <hawkins> nooo

[18:40] <hawkins> it has to come on disc

[18:40] <nineonefour> yeah

[18:40] <nineonefour> april

06[18:40] * hawkins headdesks

[18:40] <hawkins> so i'll not even be able to watch the raw

[18:40] <nineonefour> my friend is going to japan in 2 weeks and watching it ther e

[18:41] <hawkins> japanese friend?

[18:41] <nineonefour> yeah

[18:42] <hawkins> "I'm jealous of him, Zoro! I'm jealous!"


[18:47] <flameo> WFIPGE'FPIGEF

[18:58] <hawkins> anywa

[18:58] <hawkins> i gtg

[18:58] <hawkins> bye

02[18:58] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Quit: I may look like I'm leaving, but I am not. I am always here, looking at you.)

[18:59] <nineonefour> creepy

03[19:17] * away (ecks@wookieepedia/administrator/trekweb.Xd1358) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[19:20] * Lalonde (42c26805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[19:24] <flameo> I AM BORED

[19:24] <flameo> BOOOOOOORED

02[20:07] * flameo (ba2d17b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[20:07] * MysteriaFemina (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:07] <MysteriaFemina> ...What the.  Someone tried to log in on my nick.

[20:07] <MysteriaFemina> ._.

[20:11] <MysteriaFemina> Weird.

02[20:20] * MysteriaFemina (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[20:41] * Hawshire (ba802a8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:43] <Hawshire> Ah

[20:43] <Hawshire> Hellos People

03[20:57] * plasma117 (4c64a990@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[20:57] * plasma117 is now known as plasma|away

03[21:00] * AF|FML (822b42be@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

06[21:00] * AF|FML waves

06[21:00] * AF|FML kicks a chair

06[21:00] * AF|FML pets away :D

[21:01] <plasma|away> hi AF

02[21:02] * Kaarle ( Quit

[21:03] <nineonefour> away is away

[21:03] <plasma|away> hmm you seem angry, Did you just realize Shyamalan is directing and writing a second  "The Last Airbender"

[21:03] <AF|FML> D:

06[21:03] * AF|FML brigns away back]

[21:03] <Hawshire> Holy moly

[21:03] <Hawshire> Wait

[21:03] <Hawshire> is it the same guy who made the last one'

[21:03] <Hawshire> ?

[21:04] <nineonefour> yes

[21:07] <plasma|away> I heard a rumor Toph may be played by a boy. If true I will burn shyamalan to the ground.

[21:08] <nineonefour> a bigg buff guy

[21:10] <Hawshire> I liked the play in the animated series more than the actual movi

[21:10] <Hawshire> *movie

[21:14] <plasma|away> I used to hat Ember Island Players and thought There could never be a worse rendition of such a great series....I was wrong.

[21:14] <plasma|away> *hate

[21:22] <Hawshire> Why so'

02[21:28] * Hawshire (ba802a8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[21:35] * AF|FML (822b42be@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Goodnight)

03[22:16] * auror (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[22:18] * Skywalker (6c272b14@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:18] * Skywalker (6c272b14@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[22:19] * Nightcloud (18a05c48@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[22:19] * Nightcloud (18a05c48@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #wikia-avatar

03[22:39] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:39] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[22:39] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[22:39] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

03[22:52] * flameo (ba2d17b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:58] * flameo (ba2d17b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[23:10] * flameo (ba2d17b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:12] <flameo> la di uh di la di uh dahhh la di uh di dum dum dum dum

06[23:12] * flameo dances

03[23:16] * MysteriaFemina (6217a30b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:17] <MysteriaFemina> Hello people!

02[23:41] * MysteriaFemina (6217a30b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: "Darling I'll be your werewolf")

06[23:45] * flameo pets away

Session Time: Fri Dec 07 00:00:00 2012

06[00:10] * flameo is bored

03[00:11] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:20] * flameo (ba2d17b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[00:31] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[00:31] * Sitri (Dcasawang1@wikia/Dcasawang1) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:31] <ATFF> Hi

[00:31] <ATFF> Hi Sitri

[00:31] <Sitri> Hi ATFF

03[00:31] * flameo (ba2d2ca3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[00:31] * Sitri (Dcasawang1@wikia/Dcasawang1) has left #wikia-avatar

[00:31] <ATFF> hi flameo

[00:32] <flameo> hi atff

[00:33] <flameo> Belladonna

[00:33] <flameo> HI

[00:34] <Belladonna> Hey..? I said hi to you xD

[00:34] <flameo> nope

[00:34] <flameo> you didnt

03[00:35] * minnichi (631b890f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:35] <auror> lol

[00:35] <ATFF> hi minnichi

[00:35] <flameo> is anyone getting my query i feel like my query isnt working

[00:36] <flameo> yay its working!

[00:36] <auror> I haven't gotten anything

[00:36] <auror> <_<

03[00:37] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:37] <ATFF> omg you guys

[00:37] <ATFF> have you heard if gizoogle?

[00:38] <flameo> what?

[00:38] <ATFF> i just used it on transcript:endgame

[00:38] <ATFF> flameo: it's like google with a filter

[00:38] <ATFF> that changes all of the text to ghetto talk

[00:38] <ATFF>

[00:38] <flameo> uhhh

[00:38] <flameo> okay?

[00:38] <flameo> lol

[00:38] <flameo> i dentizzle??

[00:38] <flameo> xd

02[00:40] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[00:41] * Belladonna (~androirc@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:41] * Belladonna (~androirc@ Quit (Changing host)

03[00:41] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:41] <flameo> ATFF

[00:41] <flameo> THAT LANGUAGE

[00:41] <flameo> IS INNAPROPRIATE

03[00:41] * MasterFred (~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:41] <flameo> hi

[00:41] <auror> lol

[00:41] <ATFF> flameo: yes

[00:42] <MasterFred> hello

[00:42] <ATFF> what did you expect when i said ghetto talk…?

[00:42] <MasterFred> If that was for me. :P

[00:42] <ATFF> anyways

[00:42] <flameo> LOL

[00:42] <ATFF> seriously you guys have to try it omg

[00:42] <flameo> yes it was masterfred

03[00:42] * Toprawa (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/Toprawa) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:42] <+KataraFanboy> Guys

[00:42] <MasterFred> ohai Tope.

[00:42] <+KataraFanboy> I has news

[00:42] <+KataraFanboy> guys

03[00:42] * MysteriaFemina (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:42] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: wat

[00:42] <flameo> MYSTI

[00:42] <Toprawa> hey Fred

[00:42] <ATFF> wat

[00:42] <+KataraFanboy> Guys

[00:42] <flameo> yes kfb

[00:42] <+KataraFanboy> Big news

[00:42] <MysteriaFemina> Hello.

[00:42] <ATFF> hi Toprawa and MysteriaFemina

[00:42] <+KataraFanboy>

[00:42] <auror> oh snap waht?

[00:42] <Toprawa> hey ATFF

[00:43] <auror> I was hoping for bigger news, but this is k

[00:43] <ATFF> omg

[00:43] <MasterFred> haha

[00:43] <ATFF> does this mean that maiko isn't canon

[00:43] <ATFF> if it isn't

[00:43] <ATFF> i will fucking stab somebody

[00:43] <MasterFred> Imma start collecting Avatar comics soon.

[00:43] <ATFF> no i'm serious

[00:43] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: oh i'm going to gizoogle that now

[00:44] <+KataraFanboy> Who knows what their fate will be

[00:44] <+KataraFanboy> But Mai looks pissed to the degree of umpteen million

[00:44] <MasterFred> I canz ask question?

[00:44] <flameo> ye

[00:44] <flameo> s

[00:44] <MysteriaFemina> Who are you, MasterFred ?

[00:44] <MasterFred> Brand new user. lol

[00:44] <MasterFred> First edit today.

[00:45] <MasterFred> I'm an established user on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki.

[00:45] <MasterFred> Been editing there over four years.

[00:45] <MysteriaFemina> Well, welcome to Avatar Wiki, then.

[00:45] <MasterFred> Why thanks you. :P

02[00:45] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Client Quit)

[00:46] <MasterFred> I was just wondering why y'all split articles up.

[00:46] <auror> Hi Fred - I don't regularly edit Avatar Wiki, but I'm an admin over at The Sims Wiki and I've edited there for three years now.

[00:46] <MysteriaFemina> And I'm guessing Toprawa is also new.

[00:46] <MasterFred> Mainly character articles

[00:46] <Toprawa> I'm just a curious observer. :P

[00:46] <MasterFred> Toprawa is a friend from Wookieepedia. :P

[00:46] <flameo> I am FLAMEO master fred

[00:46] <flameo> flameo

[00:46] <flameo> famous

[00:46] <flameo> for many things

[00:46] <MasterFred> lawl

[00:46] <MysteriaFemina> MasterFred: Are you talking about the Character pages vs the Character History pages?

[00:47] <MasterFred> Yes

[00:47] <flameo> turning into dragons, singing, playing piano, being the silliest user ever

[00:47] <flameo> yes

[00:47] <auror> Hey Fred, do you know Xd1358?

[00:47] <MasterFred> Why yes I do. :P

[00:47] <MysteriaFemina> Well, the histories are so darn long, that they made the articles hard to read.

03[00:47] * Kuir (8997afd8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:47] <auror> lol

[00:47] <MysteriaFemina> So in order to preserve readability, we split the pages.

[00:47] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: omg

[00:47] <MasterFred> MysteriaFemina: How does length affect readability?

06[00:48] * ATFF shall gizoogle everything now

[00:48] <ATFF> give me the most serious page

[00:48] <MasterFred> haha

[00:48] <MasterFred> nice

[00:48] <ATFF> and i will mess it up >:D

[00:48] <MysteriaFemina> MasterFred: Who do you know that has an attention span long enough to read that long of an article all the way through to find what they want?

[00:48] <MysteriaFemina> Answer: Not many people.

[00:48] <+KataraFanboy> atff: omg

[00:48] <MasterFred> That's what sections are for.

[00:48] <MasterFred> And the TOC.

[00:48] <flameo> ah yes master fred

[00:48] <MasterFred> I'm just curious.

[00:49] <flameo> what is your user name?

[00:49] <MasterFred> Never seen it done this way. lol

[00:49] <MysteriaFemina> Yes, but information can still get lost in vast articles.

[00:49] <flameo> i would like to formally welcome you to avatar wikia

[00:49] <ATFF> somebody give me a really serious article

[00:49] <MasterFred> I think a properly sectioned article would be easier to read than a split one.

[00:49] <MasterFred> flameo: Master Fredcerique

[00:50] <flameo> okay

[00:50] <MysteriaFemina> MasterFred: Are you seriously struggling to find information the way we have it?

[00:50] <MysteriaFemina> Or is this all hypothetical?

[00:50] <+KataraFanboy> ATFF:

[00:50] <MasterFred> No. lol I think it's 1) just more organized, and 2) more aesthetically pleasing.

[00:51] <MasterFred> It's not hypothetical. lol

[00:51] <MasterFred> I don't wanna barge in and demand change.

[00:51] <MysteriaFemina> If you honestly think it should be the other way, why not propose a change in the forum?

[00:51] <MasterFred> It's only day one for me. :P

[00:51] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: omg

[00:51] <ATFF> we are going to ruin avatar wiki with this >:D

[00:51] <MasterFred> Because I'm new.

[00:51] <MysteriaFemina> You're free to say what you like.

[00:51] <MasterFred> I wanted to ask for reasons and such.

[00:51] <MysteriaFemina> EVERYONE has a voice.

06[00:51] * MysteriaFemina nods

[00:52] <+KataraFanboy> ATFF: User "Prince James" is "Pimp Jizzy" XD

[00:52] <Kuir> hey minnichi I'm on

[00:52] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: omg

[00:52] <MysteriaFemina> Well, I think if you actually were to propose such a change back to how it was before we split the articles, you'd probably find that everyone is happy with it as is.

[00:52] <ATFF> did you see the pole?

[00:52] <flameo> MASTERFRED

[00:52] <auror> lol

[00:52] <ATFF> *poll

[00:52] <flameo> JULY 28

[00:52] <flameo> 2010

[00:52] <flameo> WHAT?

[00:52] <MasterFred> huh?

[00:53] <auror> ehh, I can never read the wookiepedia articles without skimming.

03[00:53] * KMP (ae07133d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:53] <auror> It's for the best that the Avatar articles were split.

[00:53] <auror> :)

03[00:53] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:53] * KMP (ae07133d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Changing host)

03[00:53] * KMP (ae07133d@unaffiliated/kettlemeetpot) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[00:53] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KMP

02[00:53] * +KMP (ae07133d@unaffiliated/kettlemeetpot) Quit (Changing host)

03[00:53] * KMP (ae07133d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[00:53] * sets mode: +v KMP

03[00:53] * Toprawa (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/Toprawa) has left #wikia-avatar

[00:53] <Lalonde> whoah

[00:53] <MysteriaFemina> Hey Lalonde.

[00:53] <Lalonde> its a madhous in here

[00:53] <MysteriaFemina> Hey KMP.

[00:53] <MasterFred> auror: What is your problem with reading them?

[00:53] <MasterFred> heh

[00:54] <ATFF> KataraFanboy:

[00:54] <MasterFred> ^that wording sounds a little too serious.

[00:54] <+KMP> Hi Mysteria.

[00:54] <Lalonde> nineonefour

[00:54] <ATFF> KMP: omg

[00:54] <ATFF> hi KMP and Lalonde

[00:54] <+KMP> What the...?

[00:54] <ATFF> XDDDD

[00:54] <+KMP> How in the...? Wha...?

[00:54] <MysteriaFemina> It's gizoogle.

03[00:54] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:54] <ATFF> It's this thing called gizoogle

[00:55] <+KMP> xD

[00:55] <+KataraFanboy> ATFF:

[00:55] <+KataraFanboy> Oh shit! Sorry y'all...

[00:55] <+KataraFanboy> That address couldn't be linked to, cause Gizoogle

[00:55] <+KataraFanboy> swiss-cheesed it during the translation process.

[00:55] <+KataraFanboy> Look up the correct address and then enter it below

[00:55] <+KataraFanboy> to get it translated.

[00:55] <ATFF> it filters pages into ghetto talk

[00:55] <MysteriaFemina> ATFF is addicted to Gizoogle now.

[00:55] <Lalonde> ah yes

[00:55] <Lalonde> gizoogle

[00:55] <MysteriaFemina> Hey TyDy.

[00:55] <MysteriaFemina> Long time no see.

[00:55] <auror> MasterFred: meh, I don't like to read long passages that never end :P

[00:55] <TyDy> Hi Mysti!

[00:55] <+KMP> Wow... Just wow

[00:55] <ATFF> MysteriaFemina: not addicted

[00:55] <ATFF> just having fun messing aroudn with it >:D

[00:55] <ATFF> *around

[00:55] <MasterFred> auror: You don't have to? lol

[00:55] <MasterFred> Use the TOC.

[00:55] <MysteriaFemina> I was being silly.

[00:56] <auror> MasterFred: The TOC? Explain please. c:

[00:56] <MasterFred> Table of Contents.

03[00:57] * auror is now known as auror_bot

[00:57] <TyDy> so how is everyone lately?

[00:57] <auror_bot> MasterFred: funny

[00:58] <ATFF> TyDy: using gizoogle to ruin avatar wiki

[00:58] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: hm that page can't be gizoogled for some reason

06[00:58] * ATFF shrugs and goes to find more to mess around with

[00:58] <minnichi> LOL what in the world?! (just read gizoogle)

[00:58] <MasterFred> auror: ??? lol

[00:58] <TyDy> Im confused as well

[00:58] <TyDy> but

[00:58] <TyDy> i usually am when i go on here

[00:58] <+KataraFanboy>

[00:58] <ATFF> minnichi: XD

[00:59] <+KataraFanboy> "Dude served as commentator when Korra listened ta her first pro-bendin match between tha Fire Ferrets n' tha Tigerdillos on tha radio from Air Temple Island. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass."

[00:59] <MysteriaFemina> XD

[00:59] <ATFF> XD

[01:00] <TyDy> what in the name 0_o

[01:00] <auror_bot> MasterFred: The comment was kind of sarcastic, though I'm not sure you meant it to be. XD

[01:00] <MasterFred> oh haha I didn't.

[01:00] <MasterFred> I thought you didn't know what TOC stood for.

[01:00] <+KataraFanboy> Shiro be a gangbangin' fairly common Japanese name, frequently meanin "fourth child", though it can be written wit a fuckin shitload of kanji n' can also be translated ta English as tha color white. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Shinobi (??) be a noun fo' "spy" and "thief", though it can can also used ta describe tha act of jackin away tha fuck into onez home at night; it can

[01:00] <+KataraFanboy> also be a thugged-out direct Japanese translation fo' ninja.

[01:01] <MasterFred> What did you want me to explain, then?

[01:01] <ATFF>

[01:02] <ATFF> i'm having too much fun

[01:02] <+KataraFanboy> Da Battle at Wulong Forest was tha final battle of tha Hundred Year War; it coincided wit tha Liberation of Ba Sin Se n' tha Comet-Enhizzled Agni Kai fo' realz. An airshizzle armada of tha Fire Nation, led by self-profronted Phoenix Mack Ozai, attempted ta bust tha firebending-enhancin juice of Sozinz Comet ta destroy tha Ghetto Ghetto. Da operation was opposed by select thugz of Crew

[01:02] <+KataraFanboy> Avatar.[1]

02[01:03] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[01:03] <ATFF>

[01:03] <+KataraFanboy>  Prince Zuko advised dat it was unlikely dat tha rebellions would halt while tha Ghetto Ghetto gangstas had hope up in defeatin tha Fire Nation. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Supa-Hoe Azula suggested dat they burn tha Ghetto Ghetto ta tha ground ta destroy they hope. Ozai consented, devisin a plan ta bust his newly-commissioned fleet of airshizzles ta incinerate tha Ghetto

[01:03] <+KataraFanboy> Ghetto up in hopez of silencin his wild lil' fuckin enemies once n' fo' all.[3]

[01:03] <ATFF> XD

[01:04] <MysteriaFemina> OH GOSH MY USERPAGE

[01:04] <MysteriaFemina> My fuckin goal here on tha Avatar Wikia is ta add intelligent, helpful, n' thugged-out commentz

[01:04] <MysteriaFemina> XD

[01:04] <MysteriaFemina>

03[01:04] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

[01:04] <MysteriaFemina> Hey Ultimate.

[01:05] <+Ultimate> Hi Mysti.

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy> omg the wiki feed

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy>

[01:05] <MysteriaFemina> Heads up:  We're posting Gizoogle links.

[01:05] <MasterFred> auror: Haro?

06[01:05] * +KataraFanboy pokes ATFF

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy> omg

[01:05] <ATFF> OMG

[01:05] <ATFF> Kmp's thread wtih lostris

[01:05] <ATFF> "Yo mothafucka"

03[01:06] * Sitri (Dcasawang1@wikia/Dcasawang1) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:06] <+KataraFanboy> "Gin N Juice Tribe"

[01:06] <+KMP> Hey DC

[01:06] <+KMP> Utlimate

[01:06] <+KMP> Oh man...

[01:06] <ATFF> hi Sitri

[01:06] <+KMP> Ultimate*

[01:06] <MysteriaFemina> Daaaaang, my userpage is horrible through Gizoogle.

[01:06] <+Ultimate> Hi KMP.

[01:06] <ATFF> Sitri: you just came in time for me and KFB's transforming every page on the wiki to gizoogle

[01:06] <ATFF> hi Ultimate

[01:07] <MysteriaFemina> ATFF:

[01:07] <+Ultimate> Hi ATFF.

[01:07] <MysteriaFemina> I'm dying of laughter.

[01:07] <ATFF> MysteriaFemina: lol i saw

02[01:07] * Kuir (8997afd8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[01:09] <Sitri>

[01:09] <ATFF> omgg

06[01:09] * minnichi is dying of laughter 

[01:09] <ATFF> "Yo ass don't even know fo' sure, though it aint nuthin but horny-ass ta note dat you be thinkin dat itz dat ^^" ?Lady Lostris, oppressively playin another mind game against hapless sucka KettleMeetPot.

[01:09] <ATFF> OMGGGGG

[01:09] <+KMP> "hapless sucka" xD

[01:09] <ATFF> i'm dying

[01:10] <Sitri> "Haha... I be bout ta keep dat up in mind next time I git too crazy-ass wit mah ambizzle n' kick 888 off of his crazy-ass mad-scientist high-horse. But I digress! "

[01:10] <Sitri> :O

[01:10] <+KataraFanboy> Ah hell yes

[01:10] <+KataraFanboy>

[01:10] <+KataraFanboy> "I attend Penn State University. Yes, tha same stupid-ass school wit Jeremy Sandusky. Guess what, biatch? Our academic hype still stands. Nittany Lion pride still standz yo. Haters, exit muthafuckin right."

[01:11] <minnichi> LOL KMP 's user quotes !!!! "I straight-up gotz nuff props fo'that box of user quotes you gotz on yo' profile." ?Minnichi, pimpinly representin tha opinion of tha masses (from tha fanon portal).

[01:11] <+KataraFanboy> This user supportz Kataang cuz it aint nuthin but what tha fuck a relationshizzle should be -- built up on deep trust, understanding, n' care fo' another. Katara n' Aang grew together on all dis all up in all they travels, n' it translated tha fuck into a thugged-out deep ludd that, as our crazy-ass asses can see, lasted fo' nuff years, bustin it ta marriage. Right back up in yo muthafuckin

[01:11] <+KataraFanboy> ass. Simply put, up in tha lyricz of Bolin, I be rappin' bout real ludd. Wait, wherez Pabu then, biatch? I've gotz ta tell dis ta some muthafucka...

[01:12] <+KMP> "Add it then... Can her ass die too, biatch? Eaten by a cold-ass lil carnivorous Pabu."

06[01:12] * +KMP shakes head

[01:12] <Sitri> xD

[01:12] <minnichi> the main sounds so terrible right now

03[01:13] * nineonefour is now known as Pikachu

[01:13] <ATFF> XD

[01:13] <Sitri> KMP: gizoogle Lostris' bane

[01:13] <+KMP> OMG, really?

[01:13] <Sitri> i'll link you in query xD

[01:14] <+KMP> Yep lol. Can't find it

03[01:14] * Kuir (8997afd8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:14] <ATFF> hi Kuir

[01:15] <+KataraFanboy> You're still here, biatch? Edit

[01:15] <+KataraFanboy> Well, leave. You're done. There is not a god damn thang more, muthafucka! Begone, you! :P (-Somethang peeks out-) Eh, not a god damn thang ta peep there, move don't concern you...

[01:15] <MysteriaFemina> I notice that someone tagged me as inactive.  :P

[01:15] <MysteriaFemina> Im curious, which Admin was it?

[01:15] <MysteriaFemina> *I'm

[01:16] <+KataraFanboy> That's automatic by wikia

[01:16] <Kuir> hello

[01:16] <ATFF> hi

[01:16] <ATFF> sorry you just dropped by into madness :P

[01:16] <ATFF> we all just discovered the power of gizoogle on avatar wiki pages

[01:17] <+KMP> What madness...

[01:19] <minnichi> indeed

[01:19] <Kuir> yeah its a madhouse here

[01:20] <minnichi> more. (I died) "KettleMeetPot:  Yo ass gotz exactly 1 hour, 23 minutes." "Minnichi:  Done In 1 hour n' 21 minutes yo. Howz dat fo' you, KMP, biatch? >:D" "KettleMeetPot: I must admit, I thought fo' shizzle I had you there :p That was one of da most thugged-out clutch moves I gotz ever seen. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch fo' realz. A second too late, n' you would gotz been a goner."

[01:21] <MysteriaFemina> XD

[01:21] <+KMP> Yep. Crazy.

02[01:21] * auror_bot (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) Quit

[01:22] <Kuir> rofl

[01:27] <+KMP> Who came up with this anyway?

[01:27] <minnichi> came up with what?

06[01:27] * Sitri points to ATFF

06[01:27] * ATFF points to herself

[01:27] <minnichi> lol

[01:27] <ATFF> Sitri: ninja

[01:27] <+KMP> I'm not surprised!

[01:27] <Sitri> xD

[01:28] <Sitri> Neither am I.

[01:29] <ATFF> -_O

[01:30] <ATFF> Well then

[01:30] <Kuir> ?

[01:32] <MasterFred> Am I allowed to make major edits and such on A-class articles?

[01:32] <MysteriaFemina> Yup.

[01:32] <+Ultimate> Of course

[01:33] <ATFF> well only if they're good edits ofc :P

[01:33] <MysteriaFemina> *Everyone's* contribution is valuable, though.

[01:33] <MasterFred> Ight.

[01:33] <MysteriaFemina> So long as you aren't vandalizing or badge editing, it's fine.

[01:33] <MasterFred> Well, I just wanted to make sure.

[01:33] <MysteriaFemina> If there is a problem, we'll discuss it afterwards.

[01:33] <MasterFred> badge editing?

[01:33] <MysteriaFemina> Yeah.

[01:33] <MasterFred> idk what that is.

[01:34] <MysteriaFemina> Editing for the sole purpose of earning a badge.

[01:34] <ATFF> usually with bad or unconstructive edits

[01:34] <MysteriaFemina> Badge edits are often useless, pointless, redundant...

[01:34] <ATFF> like making a mistake intentionally and going back and fixing it

[01:34] <ATFF> or editing a page a lot before it is deleted

[01:34] <MasterFred> Ah

[01:34] <MasterFred> We don't do badges on Wookieepedia.

[01:35] <MasterFred> But we have the same issue

[01:35] <MasterFred> People editing uselessly just to raise their edit count.

03[01:35] * plasma|away is now known as plasma117

[01:35] <MasterFred> Yeah, I want to go through and make the wording much more encyclopedic.

[01:40] <flameo> where is kohy

06[01:40] * flameo looks for koh

03[01:40] * Sitri (Dcasawang1@wikia/Dcasawang1) has left #wikia-avatar

[01:40] <MasterFred> btw, it seems I've been knocking this wiki a bit on my first day. I just wanna say, the skin is shweet. :P

[01:41] <MysteriaFemina> XD

[01:41] <MysteriaFemina> What?

[01:41] <MysteriaFemina> Knocking?

[01:41] <MysteriaFemina> Skin?

[01:41] <flameo> no idea

[01:41] <flameo> DC LEFT AGAIN

[01:41] <flameo> HA

[01:41] <flameo> I KNEW IT


[01:41] <flameo> BECAUSE HE IS EVIL

[01:42] <flameo> and i am good

[01:42] <flameo> and he is afraid

[01:42] <flameo> !

[01:42] <flameo> AH HA!

[01:42] <MysteriaFemina> ...

[01:42] <Pikachu> no

[01:42] <Pikachu> DC dislikes us

[01:42] <Pikachu> lol

[01:42] <MysteriaFemina> ...

[01:42] <MasterFred> Mysteria: as is making negative comments. And the skin, or the design and background and such.

[01:42] <Pikachu> and if he's not the only mod then he'll leave

[01:43] <MysteriaFemina> Oh.

[01:43] <MysteriaFemina> Gotcha.

[01:43] <MasterFred> lol

[01:43] <MasterFred> The color scheme is great.

[01:43] <MasterFred> Sorry, I notice these little things about wikis.

[01:43] <MysteriaFemina> It's okay.

[01:43] <MysteriaFemina> :P

[01:43] <MasterFred> It's the small things that make a site look professional.

[01:44] <flameo> i am professional

[01:44] <flameo> if you hadnt noticed

[01:44] <flameo> i own the franchise

[01:44] <flameo> flameoflair

[01:44] <flameo> yes

[01:44] <MasterFred> :P

[01:45] <flameo> im sure you invest your money there

[01:45] <MasterFred> flameo: 80% of the time I have no idea what you're talking about.

[01:45] <MysteriaFemina> Bye guys.

[01:45] <flameo> well

[01:45] <+Ultimate> xD

[01:45] <flameo> thats

[01:45] <flameo> umm

[01:46] <flameo> all right and good

[01:46] <flameo> ill be on my way now

02[01:46] * MysteriaFemina (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: "Darling I'll be your werewolf")

03[01:46] * plasma117 is now known as hatesKarma

[01:46] <flameo> NOOOO MYSTI

06[01:46] * flameo walks towards MasterFred

06[01:46] * flameo pulls out wand and uses petrificus totalus

[01:47] <MasterFred> lawl

[01:47] <flameo> now you czant move so

[01:47] <flameo> ha

06[01:47] * flameo uses

[01:47] <flameo> finite incuntartum

[01:47] <flameo> youre free

[01:47] <flameo> to do as you pleas

[01:47] <flameo> e

[01:47] <flameo> now

06[01:48] * flameo uses  rectasempra on his door

[01:49] <MasterFred> I might be interested in writing fanon on the wiki...

[01:50] <flameo> OH

[01:50] <flameo> MY

[01:50] <flameo> GOODNESS

[01:50] <flameo> THEN IM YOUR MAN

[01:50] <MasterFred> haha

[01:50] <flameo> did you know flameoflair has a franchize for that

[01:50] <flameo> ?

[01:50] <flameo> no no you didnt okay.....

[01:50] <MasterFred> :P

[01:50] <flameo> uh okay

[01:51] <flameo> you should first of all read a true masters fanon

[01:51] <flameo> mine of course

[01:51] <flameo> my username is Blueflame 1

[01:51] <flameo>

[01:54] <MasterFred> meh

06[01:54] * Lalonde quietly sobs in the corner

[01:55] <flameo> what!

[01:55] <MasterFred> haha

[01:55] <MasterFred> I haven't even read it.

[01:56] <MasterFred> Too lazy atm.

[01:56] <flameo> LOL

03[02:03] * Humble|away ( has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:03] * Humble|away is now known as Humble

02[02:04] * Humble ( Quit (Changing host)

03[02:04] * Humble (~Pride@unaffiliated/humble) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:04] <+KataraFanboy> Humbly bumbly your leaving was not in our plans ;_;

[02:04] <Humble> i know but

[02:05] <Humble> it was my desting

[02:05] <Humble> *destiny

[02:05] <+KataraFanboy> NO

[02:05] <+KataraFanboy> Your destiny was to be a fangirl alongside my fanboy

[02:05] <+KataraFanboy> With Kataang

[02:05] <Omashu_Rocks> has anyone seen the new youtube? it's all different

06[02:06] * +Ultimate nods

[02:06] <MasterFred> woah

[02:06] <MasterFred> when did /that/ happen?

[02:06] <+Ultimate> The format's kind of weird...

[02:06] <+KataraFanboy> They never should have had to change it in the first place from 2007 or so

[02:07] <Humble> Looks the same to me

[02:08] <ATFF> hi Humble

[02:08] <Humble> Hiya

[02:09] <flameo> HUMBL!!!!!!!!

[02:09] <flameo> hiiiiiiiiii

[02:10] <Kuir> ^OR yeah it is

[02:10] <Kuir>  to OR yeah it is

03[02:10] * flameo_ (ba2d10e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:12] <ATFF> hai

[02:12] <flameo_> hi boardgame?

02[02:13] * flameo (ba2d2ca3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[02:14] * Humble is now known as Humble|SAO|away

03[02:16] * DirkStrider ( has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:16] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:16] * Kuir (8997afd8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[02:16] <+KataraFanboy> Hi beautiful

[02:16] <Belle> Hey gorgeous

[02:17] <flameo_> LOL

02[02:18] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[02:18] <ATFF> hi Belle

06[02:24] * ATFF is bored

06[02:24] * ATFF doesn't understand her math homework

[02:24] <flameo_> lol what is it?

[02:24] <ATFF> algebra II with parabolas

[02:24] <flameo_> okay no thank you

[02:26] <MasterFred> ATFF: Pff, high school math. :P

03[02:26] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:27] <+KMP> x^2. I understand your apathy.

02[02:27] * Belladonna (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Client Quit)

[02:28] <ATFF> stupid freaking word problem

[02:28] <ATFF> god i hate word problems

[02:28] <flameo_> lol

[02:28] <ATFF> i have no idea how to translate this into a quadratic

[02:28] <flameo_> google translate XD

[02:29] <ATFF> flameo_: -_-

[02:29] <ATFF> not funnu

[02:29] <ATFF> *funny

[02:29] <flameo_> yes it was

[02:29] <flameo_> google is your friend

[02:29] <flameo_> okay

[02:29] <flameo_> im really super excited today

[02:29] <flameo_> XD

[02:29] <flameo_> if only you knew

[02:30] <Humble|SAO|away> what's a quadratic

[02:30] <MasterFred> ...

02[02:30] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)

[02:30] <MasterFred> What is the average age of users in this channel? lol

[02:31] <+Ultimate> There are people of varying ages...

[02:31] <MasterFred> -_-

[02:31] <flameo_> Im a million

[02:31] <+Ultimate> =P

[02:31] <MasterFred> I said average.

[02:31] <MasterFred> flameo: lol

[02:31] <flameo_> yes

[02:31] <flameo_> the average

[02:31] <flameo_> is

[02:31] <ATFF> Humble|SAO|away: AX^2 + bx = c

06[02:31] * +Ultimate shrugs

[02:31] <ATFF> *+c

[02:31] <MasterFred> And it was rhetorical.

[02:31] <ATFF> you'll figure it out when you get to Algebra I

[02:32] <flameo_> ATFF HOW OLD ARE YOU?

02[02:32] * hatesKarma (4c64a990@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[02:32] <ATFF> flameo_: 14

[02:32] <flameo_> o know how to do that!

[02:32] <flameo_> mee too

[02:32] <flameo_> i knnow how to do it!

[02:32] <ATFF> I'm in advanced math though :P

[02:32] <ATFF> k, do you know how to graph those equations?

[02:32] <flameo_> no

[02:32] <flameo_> sorry

[02:32] <ATFF> Or how to solve a word problem on parabolas?

[02:32] <flameo_> XD

[02:32] <ATFF> -_-

[02:32] <MasterFred> lol

[02:32] <flameo_> parabolas what?

[02:33] <ATFF> MasterFred: i'd say the average age is probably around 15 or 16

[02:33] <flameo_> look i do 16 subjects you forget things!

[02:33] <ATFF> there really is a wide range

[02:33] <ATFF> people like KataraFanboy, KMP and SifuHotman are in college

[02:33] <ATFF> Humble is in eighth grade

[02:33] <ATFF> (I think)

[02:33] <MasterFred> I be in correge! :P

[02:33] <ATFF> and I'm a freshman

[02:33] <ATFF> A former admin was even in his thrites

[02:33] <flameo_> great

[02:34] <flameo_> i dontknow what ocrrege is

[02:34] <flameo_> I GTG BYE!

[02:34] <MasterFred> I'm a music composition major at the University of North Texas.

[02:34] <MasterFred> -_-

[02:34] <MasterFred> college is asian accent

02[02:34] * flameo_ (ba2d10e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: bye!)

03[02:34] * Guest30009 (4be85644@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:34] <ATFF> :/

[02:34] <ATFF> hi Guest30009

[02:35] <Guest30009> Hi ATFF

[02:35] <MasterFred> I asked about the age becasue you guys hadn't gotten past algebra II. lol

[02:35] <ATFF> XD

[02:35] <ATFF> yeah well i'm a smarticle particlo ok

[02:35] <ATFF> *particle

[02:36] <MasterFred> haha

[02:36] <MasterFred> I'll just take your word for it.

[02:36] <ATFF> :P

[02:36] <ATFF> Besides

[02:36] <ATFF> in fire ferret years fourteen is very old

[02:36] <MasterFred> haha

[02:36] <MasterFred> ugh

[02:36] <MasterFred> I want to go get food somewhere.

06[02:37] * ATFF gives MasterFred an internet sandwich

[02:37] <MasterFred> But there is a formal potluck downstairs, and if I leave to go get food, everyone will think I'm just avoiding them

[02:37] <MasterFred> I DON'T WANT A SANDWICH!

[02:37] <ATFF> D:

[02:37] <ATFF> but i doooooo

06[02:37] * ATFF wants a nice fish sandwich with tasty veggies

[02:37] <MasterFred> What they don't realize is?I /am/ just avoiding them

06[02:37] * ATFF gets hungry thinking about it


[02:37] <Guest30009> Lol with miracle whip

[02:38] <MasterFred> no

[02:38] <MasterFred> MW is ew

02[02:38] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[02:38] <MasterFred> Mayo ftw!

[02:38] <Pikachu> poor lal..

[02:38] <Humble|SAO|away> im so tired

[02:39] <MasterFred> ugh

[02:39] <MasterFred> I hate article comments...

[02:40] <ATFF> mm

[02:40] <ATFF> yeah we have them

[02:40] <ATFF> there was actually a forum a while ago to get rid of them

[02:40] <ATFF> though they only wound up being gone for about a month or so

[02:40] <ATFF> and then they came right on back

06[02:40] * ATFF doesn't mind though

[02:40] <ATFF> when i was a nony

[02:40] <ATFF> all i did was comment ^^

[02:41] <Pikachu> ew

[02:41] <MasterFred> All comments are good for is clogging up the recent changes page.

[02:41] <ATFF> nah

[02:41] <ATFF> they are a way for nonies to post news

[02:41] <ATFF> create interesting debates

[02:41] <Pikachu> anons just need to stop being bitches and make accounts

[02:41] <ATFF> and further educate others on things that they didn't know

[02:41] <Pikachu> ?_?

[02:41] <ATFF> also

[02:42] <MasterFred> Um, there are much better ways of doing those thing.

[02:42] <MasterFred> *things

[02:42] <ATFF> it's a good way for shouting at people that they're freaking stupid for thinking Asami's an equalist >:D

02[02:42] * Guest30009 (4be85644@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[02:42] <ATFF> well nonies can't make blogs

[02:42] <Pikachu> Mako gunna die

[02:42] <ATFF> only edit and comment

[02:42] <MasterFred> Blogs are pretty dumb too.

[02:42] <MasterFred> I honestly hate all the social networking crap Wikia has added to their sites.

[02:42] <ATFF> :/

[02:42] <ATFF> I like message walls

[02:43] <MasterFred> Hate those too. :P

[02:43] <ATFF> I wasn't here when talk pages were a thing

[02:43] <MasterFred> oh

[02:43] <ATFF> but from what I understand

[02:43] <MasterFred> you a nooby

[02:43] <ATFF> they seem much simpler :P

[02:43] <ATFF> am not

[02:43] <Pikachu> MasterFred, I'll tell you that avatar wiki is mostly about the social part

[02:43] <ATFF> been here for six months

[02:43] <Pikachu> so just give it up

[02:43] <Pikachu> srs

[02:43] <ATFF> not true either

[02:43] <ATFF> a lot of people edit

[02:43] <RandomRanaun> lol

[02:43] <MasterFred> I meant new to Wikia.

[02:43] <ATFF> well not a majority

[02:43] <Pikachu> atff

[02:43] <Pikachu> you guys have fanons merged

[02:43] <ATFF> but some people doooo

[02:43] <ATFF> …

[02:43] <ATFF> well yes

[02:43] <ATFF> but

06[02:44] * ATFF calls for KMP and KataraFanboy for back up

[02:44] <MasterFred> haha

[02:44] <MasterFred> I'm with ATFF.

[02:44] <RandomRanaun> Pikachu: TSW has fanons merged too >_>

[02:44] <Pikachu> eww

[02:44] <ATFF> who writes fanon about sims O.o

[02:44] <MasterFred> Pretty sure the point of the Avatar Wiki is more encyclopedic than social.

[02:44] <ATFF> yeah

[02:44] <RandomRanaun> err, well one of the main purposes of playing The Sims is creating your own characters :P

[02:44] <ATFF> a majority of it has become social, but most of the friendly, active users edit

[02:45] <ATFF> RandomRanaun: exactly

[02:45] <ATFF> so why create a fanon, when you can already do that in the game?

[02:45] <RandomRanaun> that's just it

[02:45] <MasterFred> If I actually become active, I shall refrain from most of the social blarglarg.

[02:45] <MasterFred> And mostly edit.

[02:45] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: you document the story you created in the game in your fanon

[02:45] <ATFF> good choice :)

[02:45] <ATFF> ah

03[02:45] * Humble|SAO|away is now known as Humble

[02:45] <ATFF> well

[02:45] <ATFF> um

[02:45] <ATFF> that's kind of weird :P

[02:46] <RandomRanaun> at least that's what I do

[02:46] <MasterFred> I agree. lol

[02:46] <RandomRanaun> thanks for trashing my story. . .

[02:46] <MasterFred> Sure thing.

02[02:46] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: off to dinner...later peoples)

[02:46] <ATFF> …sorry :(

[02:46] <RandomRanaun> :P

06[02:46] * ATFF hugs RandomRanaun 

[02:46] <MasterFred> Don't apologize!

[02:46] <RandomRanaun> I was just kidding, I don't fanon-edit

03[02:47] * KingOfHearts ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:47] <MasterFred> I tried contributing to the Star Wars Fanon Wiki.

[02:47] <RandomRanaun> hey Koh

[02:47] <KingOfHearts> Hiya

[02:47] <MasterFred> But Wookieepedia wouldn't let me go.

[02:47] <MasterFred> Accused me of cheating on her.

[02:47] <KingOfHearts> Hey Humble y

[02:47] <MasterFred> So I had to quit SW fanon.

[02:48] <Humble> hihi

[02:48] <ATFF> hi KingOfHearts

[02:48] <Pikachu> oh

[02:48] <ATFF> So, anybody up for a boardgame?

[02:48] <KingOfHearts> Hey Ferret

[02:48] <Pikachu> MasterFred wookieepedia master race

[02:48] <Pikachu> lol

[02:48] <MasterFred> lol

[02:48] <MasterFred> We duh SW fandom Nazis.

[02:49] <MasterFred> err?Fire Nation, I guess.

[02:49] <Humble> atff: me

[02:49] <ATFF> Humble: i didn't know you boardgamed

[02:49] <Humble> sometimes

[02:49] <ATFF> teams or no teams

[02:50] <ATFF> ??

[02:50] <RandomRanaun> oh so anyway

[02:50] <ATFF> ok i'll take that as no

[02:50] <Humble> sorry

[02:50] <Humble> up to you

[02:50] <RandomRanaun> I don't think it's fair to crassly say that anons need to go and make accounts

[02:51] <MasterFred> haha

[02:51] <MasterFred> delayed much?

[02:51] <ATFF>

[02:51] <RandomRanaun> most of them are probably below the age of 13

[02:51] <MasterFred> I agree

[02:51] <ATFF> or have parents who wouldn't let them

[02:51] <MasterFred> People only need make accounts if they really want to embrace the community.

[02:51] <ATFF> *cough* my case *cough*

[02:51] <ATFF> click da link

[02:51] <RandomRanaun> lol

[02:51] <MasterFred> Really?

[02:51] <ATFF> Pikachu:

[02:51] <ATFF> yeeep

[02:51] <Pikachu> no

06[02:51] * ATFF has fierce internet-phobic parents

[02:52] <MasterFred> wow...

[02:52] <MasterFred> I created my account first semester of my freshman year on Wookieepedia.

02[02:52] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Whoever said, "You don’t know what you have until it's gone," is wrong, because you know exactly what you have when you have it. You just don't know how much you need it until you can't have it anymore.)

[02:52] <MasterFred> Been editing ever since.

[02:52] <MasterFred> November 2, 2008

[02:52] <ATFF> MasterFred: same ^^

[02:53] <MasterFred>

[02:53] <MasterFred> Muh Wookieepedia userpage. :P

[02:53] <RandomRanaun> Wikia is full of noobs now

[02:53] <ATFF> or actually end of eighth grade

[02:53] <ATFF> RandomRanaun: Do i count? ;_;

[02:53] <Pikachu> yes

[02:53] <RandomRanaun> over half of them probably haven't even joined a wiki before 2010 smh

[02:54] <ATFF> KingOfHearts:

[02:54] <MasterFred> Random: yeah, it's annoying.

[02:54] <MasterFred> heh

[02:54] <Pikachu> o

[02:54] <MasterFred> My userimage on Wook is a pic of Sokka.

[02:54] <MasterFred> lolirony

[02:54] <RandomRanaun> I try not to discriminate but

[02:54] <RandomRanaun> some of them have no goddamn idea of how a wiki is supposed to be

[02:54] <RandomRanaun> or how Wikia once was

06[02:54] * ATFF feels sad and floats away

[02:55] <ATFF> Pikachu: you gonna play?

[02:55] <MasterFred> Random: Totally agree.

[02:55] <ATFF> KingOfHearts: you gonna play?

[02:55] <MasterFred> ATFF: The fact that you feel wikis are more encyclopedia than social bodes well for you. :P

[02:55] <MasterFred>

[02:55] <ATFF> DirkStrider: Trill?

[02:55] <RandomRanaun> ATFF: dw, you're fine :P

[02:55] <ATFF>

[02:55] <MasterFred> Dees eez muh crown acheevment on duh Wook.

[02:56] <DirkStrider> !!

[02:56] <RandomRanaun> yeah, it's just the ones who focus on getting all the user achievements or making a bunch of blogs that get on my nerves

[02:56] <MasterFred> yeah

[02:56] <ATFF> Pikachu: psst

[02:56] <ATFF> the link

[02:56] <ATFF> you gonna?

[02:56] <MasterFred> I'm an avid writer and leader of two WookieeProjects.

[02:56] <Pikachu> no.

[02:57] <MasterFred> Not bragging.

[02:57] <ATFF> :/

[02:57] <ATFF> KingOfHearts: how about you?

[02:57] <ATFF> KingOfHearts: interested?

[02:57] <MasterFred> Just saying that bettering the site's coverage is my goal.

[02:57] <KingOfHearts> Heh?

[02:57] <KingOfHearts> In boardgame?

[02:57] <ATFF> yeah

[02:57] <KingOfHearts> Who's all in?

[02:57] <ATFF> are you gonna plai

[02:57] <KingOfHearts> Enough for teams?

[02:58] <ATFF> humble, me, trill, and random

[02:58] <ATFF> yes, i suppose…

[02:58] <ATFF> but wil you only play if there's teams?

[03:01] <ATFF> RandomRanaun: are you going to lurk? ;_;

[03:01] <MasterFred> Are there any regulations on who can vote and such in policy-deciding threads?

[03:01] <ATFF> i don't think so

[03:01] <ATFF> just you can't be a nony

[03:01] <ATFF> but for other things

[03:01] <ATFF> like admin elections

[03:01] <ATFF> there is

[03:02] <MasterFred> Hmmm

[03:02] <MasterFred> That seems impractical and kinda dangerous.

[03:02] <ATFF> What does?

[03:02] <RandomRanaun> there probably is

[03:02] <ATFF> oh

[03:03] <ATFF> not having the thing on policy decisions

[03:03] <MasterFred> And that might explain why that decision about the article comments was overhauled within a month.

[03:03] <ATFF> yeah

[03:03] <ATFF> but the only people who really discover the war room

[03:03] <ATFF> are people who would probably be qualified to vote

[03:04] <ATFF> and, the decision about the comments wasn't quite overhauled

[03:04] <ATFF> it was more of we agreed to a temporary block

[03:04] <ATFF> because many users didn't like the idea of comments going away

03[03:04] * Annawantimes ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[03:04] * Annawantimes ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:04] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:04] <MasterFred> ah

[03:05] <+KMP> Hey Annawantimes

[03:05] <ATFF> hi Annawantimes

[03:07] <Annawantimes> Hello KMP and ATFF

03[03:09] * Humble is now known as MissPiggy

[03:10] <KingOfHearts> lol

[03:10] <KingOfHearts> For some reason I'm having some connection issues on the game

03[03:10] * KingOfHearts is now known as Bitchy

[03:11] <RandomRanaun> haha

[03:11] <RandomRanaun> how odd

03[03:11] * RandomRanaun is now known as Dexter

[03:11] <Dexter> aww

03[03:11] * Dexter is now known as Assassin_Dexter

03[03:12] * ATFF is now known as Brooker

03[03:12] * Brooker is now known as Brookers

[03:12] <Bitchy> don't kick me

[03:12] <Bitchy> I had to recconect

[03:12] <Bitchy> reconnect

[03:13] <Bitchy> *rekohnect

[03:13] <MissPiggy> i have a question

[03:13] <Brookers> ok

[03:13] <Brookers> yeah what?

[03:13] <MissPiggy>  please tell me this never happened

03[03:13] * Assassin_Dexter is now known as AssassinDexter

03[03:13] * KMP is now known as KMP|away

03[03:13] * ChanServ sets mode: -v KMP|away

[03:14] <Brookers> MissPiggy: no lol it's gizoogle

[03:14] <Brookers> we had fun with it a while ago ^^

[03:14] <MissPiggy> oooh ok good

[03:14] <Brookers> basically it's google with a filter that transfers any page to ghetto talk

03[03:16] * Bitchy_ ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:16] <Brookers> Bitchy: you gonna be ok?

[03:16] <Brookers> i mean ur connection

[03:17] <Brookers> Bitchy: have you got your connection fixed?

[03:17] <Brookers> or should we kick you

02[03:18] * Bitchy ( Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)

03[03:18] * Bitchy_ is now known as Bitchy

[03:18] <Brookers> Bitchy: should we

[03:19] <MissPiggy> gtg

02[03:19] * MissPiggy (~Pride@unaffiliated/humble) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

[03:22] <MasterFred>

[03:22] <MasterFred> Just another American anime some of y'all might like.

[03:26] <Brookers> ohh

[03:26] <Brookers> yeah i remember that show

[03:27] <MasterFred> It was great.

[03:27] <Bitchy> We've all heard of teen titans right?

[03:27] <MasterFred> I hope so.

[03:27] <Bitchy> It's pretty popular lol

[03:28] <MasterFred> yep

[03:28] <MasterFred> Figured it was related since it's American anime too. :P

03[03:29] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[03:29] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:29] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:29] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

02[03:30] * KMP|away (ae07133d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[03:34] * AssassinDexter is now known as RandomRanaun

[03:34] <RandomRanaun> Brookers: again?

[03:34] <DirkStrider> make new game

[03:35] <DirkStrider> make new gae now

[03:36] <RandomRanaun> lololol

[03:36] <RandomRanaun> "Katara be a gangbangin' female waterbending master, born n' raised up in tha Downtown Gin N Juice Tribe by her grandmutha, Kanna, alongside her olda brutha Sokka, n' is tha daughta of Chief Hakoda n' Kya."

[03:37] <RandomRanaun> "Durin her childhood, Katara was one of tha last two capable of struttin tha art from her tribe fo' realz."

[03:37] <DirkStrider> omfg

[03:37] <DirkStrider> fo' realz

[03:38] <RandomRanaun> "A lil' Katara throwin a snowbizzle shortly before Yon Rha capped her mutha."

03[03:38] * SukiFanboy (18e054c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:38] <RandomRanaun> "When Katara was a lil' girl, her mutha was capped up in a Fire Nation raid.[6] This event had a tremendous impact on Kataraz thuglife n' personalitizzle n' arguably shaped her tha fuck into tha thug her ass became." xDD

[03:38] <RandomRanaun> hey SFB

02[03:39] * Bitchy ( Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)

03[03:40] * Bitchy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:40] <DirkStrider> Bitchy: Start a new game por favor

[03:40] <Bitchy> ...normally Ferret does that

03[03:41] * Bitchy is now known as KingOfHearts

[03:41] <RandomRanaun> "Avatar Korra started doin thangs n' raised up in tha Downtown Gin N Juice Tribe, n' is tha immediate successor of Avatar Aang. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Biatch currently resides up in Rehood City, where her ass is peepin' airbending under tha tutelage of Tenzin fo' realz." lolol

[03:41] <SukiFanboy> Heyo, everybody.

[03:41] <KingOfHearts> Hey Slash

[03:41] <RandomRanaun> "Four-year-old Korra provin her muthafuckin ass as tha Avatar." xDDDDDD

[03:42] <KingOfHearts> Oh gosh

[03:42] <KingOfHearts> lol

[03:42] <KingOfHearts> Brookers new game

[03:44] <DirkStrider> BROOKERS GAME NEW NOW

[03:44] <DirkStrider> [I'm so coherent right now.]

[03:44] <RandomRanaun> "Wish mah crazy ass luck, muthafucka! Not... dat I be bout ta need dat shit." lol

[03:44] <KingOfHearts> DirkStrider was the thing at your sister high school about students being able to pay for grades real?

[03:45] <DirkStrider> KingOfHearts: Yes it was

[03:45] <DirkStrider> but the county is going to shut it down

02[03:45] * MasterFred (~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique) Quit (Quit: Leaving)

03[03:45] * MuyMacho (6215307e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:45] <DirkStrider> Brookers: make a new fucking game or i will

[03:46] <DirkStrider> ok

[03:47] <KingOfHearts> Hey Hotman

[03:47] <KingOfHearts> DirkStrider: I'm looking for info about it in the local paper

02[03:47] * SukiFanboy (18e054c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Mako and Bolin had they parents capped in tha streets of Republic City. Had to get cash money by workin' fo' tha Triple Threat Triad and sh**.)

[03:47] <DirkStrider>

[03:48] <RandomRanaun>

[03:48] <RandomRanaun> aww

[03:48] <DirkStrider> lol

[03:48] <DirkStrider> no mine

[03:48] <DirkStrider> MuyMacho:

[03:48] <KingOfHearts> Trill did it first

[03:48] <DirkStrider> KingOfHearts:

[03:48] <DirkStrider> Brookers:

[03:48] <KingOfHearts> She wins

[03:48] <DirkStrider> I always win

[03:48] <RandomRanaun> KingOfHearts: I made mine first >_>

[03:49] <RandomRanaun> no survival mode?

[03:49] <DirkStrider> No, I hate survival mode.

[03:50] <DirkStrider> Fine, we'll do RR's version

[03:50] <DirkStrider> can we just play something?

[03:50] <DirkStrider> ...

[03:50] <DirkStrider> ok then

[03:50] <RandomRanaun> no ones joining :/

[03:50] <DirkStrider> >:[

[03:51] <DirkStrider> You guys suc.

[03:51] <DirkStrider> *suck

[03:51] <RandomRanaun> they don't want to play

[03:51] <RandomRanaun> :(

[03:53] <KingOfHearts> I joined

[03:53] <KingOfHearts> I was getting a snachk

[03:53] <DirkStrider> asjsdjsdt

[03:53] <DirkStrider> i just left

[03:53] <DirkStrider> wai which one did you join

[03:53] <KingOfHearts> which one?

[03:53] <DirkStrider> *wait

[03:53] <RandomRanaun>

[03:53] <RandomRanaun> she's in yours

06[03:54] * DirkStrider waggles eyebrows

06[03:54] * KingOfHearts waggles her waggle

[03:54] <DirkStrider> ...

[03:54] <DirkStrider> Brookers: n<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> </span>


[03:55] <KingOfHearts> BROOKERS BROOKERS

[03:55] <KingOfHearts> BROOKERS

[03:55] <KingOfHearts> BROOKERS

[03:55] <RandomRanaun> BROOKERS

03[03:55] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:55] <RandomRanaun> hey flameo

06[03:55] * KingOfHearts hugs Flameo

[03:55] <RandomRanaun> wanna play boardgame? :D

[03:55] <KingOfHearts> Do you want to play boardgame?

[03:55] <KingOfHearts> Haha RR beat me to it

[03:55] <flameo> hi

[03:56] <RandomRanaun>

[03:56] <Brookers> sorry im here now

[03:56] <RandomRanaun> BROOKER

[03:56] <RandomRanaun> *BROOKERS

[03:56] <flameo> lol cant on phone but kohy i have huge thing to say on querry

[03:56] <Brookers> WELL SORRY I HAD TO EAT OK

[03:56] <DirkStrider> BROOKERS GO n<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> </span>

[03:56] <RandomRanaun> BROOKERS

03[03:56] * Brookers is now known as ATFF

[03:56] <ATFF> jesus

[03:59] <RandomRanaun> KingOfHearts: start

[04:07] <ATFF> yo is it frozen for you guys too

[04:07] <RandomRanaun> DirkStrider ATFF KingOfHearts: something weird happened

[04:07] <RandomRanaun> ooh

[04:07] <ATFF> yeah

[04:07] <KingOfHearts> yea it's frozen

[04:07] <ATFF> i can't click da button

[04:07] <ATFF> ok good it's for all of us

[04:07] <KingOfHearts> me neither

[04:07] <ATFF> so maybe we can wait it out

[04:07] <ATFF> yaay

[04:07] <KingOfHearts> DirkStrider frozen/

[04:07] <RandomRanaun> yaaay

[04:08] <DirkStrider> idk

02[04:10] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[04:11] * ATFF is now known as ErzaTheTitania

[04:16] <KingOfHearts> DirkStrider: Where'd you go?

[04:16] <KingOfHearts> It's almost over, new game

[04:16] <DirkStrider> KingOfHearts: thing froze up on me

[04:16] <DirkStrider> >:|

[04:17] <KingOfHearts> Sowwy

[04:17] <KingOfHearts> It's almost over

03[04:24] * Taikai (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:24] <minnichi> hey guys. think you could help me out with something?

03[04:24] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:24] <+KataraFanboy> Yes?

[04:24] <Taikai> Sure?

[04:24] <Taikai> What?

[04:24] <minnichi> the user, Justiceforall17

[04:25] <minnichi> check his collective fanon works

[04:25] <minnichi> 40 character articles. more location articles...relationship articles

[04:25] <minnichi> all plagiarized

[04:25] <Taikai> :O

[04:25] <minnichi> so I've begun the moving process...

[04:25] <minnichi> seriously, i've been after this guy for a while now

[04:25] <Taikai> You're kidding?!

[04:25] <Omashu_Rocks> aha! I was /right/ in my article about plagiarism!

[04:25] <minnichi> so if you guys could help me start renaming them.... ^^"

[04:26] <minnichi> and yes OR, couldn't agree more

[04:26] <Omashu_Rocks> wait he just takes your articles and calls them his own?

[04:26] <minnichi> yep

[04:26] <minnichi> well

[04:26] <minnichi> some he changes to present tense

[04:26] <+KataraFanboy> Oh yeah, he likes to copy years-old revisions of articles

[04:26] <minnichi> others he deletes several paragraphs

[04:26] <Taikai> Wait...he's plagiarising you?

[04:27] <minnichi> no, he plagiarizes canon articles >_>

[04:27] <Omashu_Rocks> oh the irony of his name

[04:27] <minnichi> like all the character articles and such

[04:27] <minnichi> and lol yeah...irony indeed

[04:27] <KingOfHearts>

[04:28] <RandomRanaun> KingOfHearts: we're still playing

03[04:28] * ErzaTheTitania (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has left #wikia-avatar

[04:28] <KingOfHearts> Not really

[04:28] <+KataraFanboy> Everything of his "A different Dimension" story is now moved

[04:29] <KingOfHearts> Plus it's just there for when we finish

[04:29] <Taikai> XD Very ironic

[04:29] <KingOfHearts> DirkStrider: New game

[04:29] <DirkStrider> no

[04:29] <RandomRanaun> DirkStrider: :D

[04:29] <DirkStrider> too tired

[04:29] <DirkStrider> fine

[04:35] <minnichi> Katarafanboy: did you get a chance to look at the user's fanon "What could have been different in certain Avatar episodes"?

[04:35] <minnichi> I think the majority of copied articles are in that category -.-

02[04:35] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[04:35] <+KataraFanboy> Isn't that that fanon he changes the title to like every week?

[04:35] <minnichi> lol yeah i think so

[04:36] <+KataraFanboy> Aye, yeah...Appa article is basically a duplicate

[04:37] <DirkStrider> What's going on?

[04:37] <+KataraFanboy> Some guy basically copied canon articles for fanon

03[04:37] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:38] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[04:38] * Belle (~androirc@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:38] * Belle (~androirc@ Quit (Changing host)

03[04:38] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[04:38] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has left #wikia-avatar

[04:39] <DirkStrider> >:|

[04:39] <+KataraFanboy> Minnichi you still there?

[04:44] <minnichi> yeah

[04:45] <+KataraFanboy> There's still like 30 articles of that JUstice fanon you just mentioned

02[04:45] * MuyMacho (6215307e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[04:46] * DirkStrider ( Quit (Quit: There is no negative bread.)

[04:46] <minnichi> yeah, there's a lot of articles ^^" you mean copied ones?

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[15:18] <EragonShadeslyr> hey orion]

03[15:19] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[15:19] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[15:19] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:19] <EragonShadeslyr> eb belle

[15:19] <EragonShadeslyr> *wv

[15:19] <EragonShadeslyr> **wb

06[15:20] * EragonShadeslyr facepalms

[15:20] <Belle> thanks

[15:20] <EragonShadeslyr> yw

[15:36] <EragonShadeslyr> randomranaun since you are so awesome with images mind optimaizing this one?

02[15:40] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

03[16:00] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:01] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:01] <EragonShadeslyr> ello natsu

[16:01] <EragonShadeslyr>

[16:01] <hawkins> konichiwa

[16:01] <EragonShadeslyr> what do you think of the new slider?

[16:02] <hawkins> 5 weeks and 6 days

[16:02] <hawkins> tch

[16:02] <hawkins> Gods: hmm, i don't give a damn about it

[16:02] <EragonShadeslyr> o-tay

[16:02] <hawkins> lol

02[16:14] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[16:14] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:14] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[16:14] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:21] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/gods) Quit (Changing host)

03[16:21] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:23] <EragonShadeslyr> hey belle

[16:24] <Belle> hello

[16:24] <EragonShadeslyr> *facepalm* I'm 10 mins late

02[16:30] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) Quit (Quit: i'm done here.)

03[16:30] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:34] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:34] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[16:34] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:34] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[16:35] <EragonShadeslyr> hey kfb

[16:35] <EragonShadeslyr> how was psu today?

[16:35] <+KataraFanboy> Hi Eragon

[16:35] <+KataraFanboy> Well, still a lot of the day left, so I can't really answer yet

03[16:36] * Ultimate (324a8882@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

03[16:39] * Hawshire (ba802a8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[16:40] <EragonShadeslyr> hwy ultimate

[16:40] <EragonShadeslyr> and hawshire

[16:41] <+Ultimate> Hola.

[16:42] <Hawshire> Oh lordy lord

[16:42] <Hawshire> My Allergies today

[16:42] <Hawshire> God *Sniff*

[16:42] <Hawshire> Kill me please...

[16:42] <Hawshire> How's everyone else?

[16:44] <EragonShadeslyr> fine

[16:44] <EragonShadeslyr> but don't talk to me about alllergies

[16:45] <EragonShadeslyr> i was born eating about 5 things

03[16:45] * EragonShadeslyr is now known as WANWtE_Wanter

[16:45] <WANWtE_Wanter> *being able to

06[16:46] * WANWtE_Wanter elbows Ultimate

[16:46] <WANWtE_Wanter> when's it coming?

[16:47] <+Ultimate> -_-

[16:47] <+Ultimate> I'm a terrible person for keeping you waiting. =/

[16:47] <WANWtE_Wanter> yea you are

[16:48] <WANWtE_Wanter> how about you give us a sneak peek in WLS or BSST

[16:49] <+Ultimate> xD

[16:50] <+Ultimate> Maybe I will.

[16:50] <WANWtE_Wanter> well WLS could use it

06[16:51] * +Ultimate nods

[16:53] <WANWtE_Wanter> so are you?

[16:54] <+Ultimate> Probably.

[16:54] <WANWtE_Wanter> katarafanboy , did I ever tell you how awesome engaments is

[16:54] <WANWtE_Wanter> you are the next Ultimate

[16:54] <+KataraFanboy> O_o

[16:55] <+KataraFanboy> Wayyyyyyy too far

[16:55] <WANWtE_Wanter> no

[16:55] <WANWtE_Wanter> you are

[16:55] <+KataraFanboy> Read The Weatherbenders and that nonsense will be expunged from your mind

[16:56] <WANWtE_Wanter> nah

[16:56] <WANWtE_Wanter> because i don't want it to be

[16:56] <+KataraFanboy> The idea that /anything/ I write can reach Ultimate's brilliance is just absurdf

[16:56] <WANWtE_Wanter> you should make a sequel to it

[16:56] <+Ultimate> You should, though. ;)

[16:56] <+KataraFanboy> *absurd

[16:56] <WANWtE_Wanter> sukka time!

[16:56] <+Ultimate> Don't listen to any of that nonsense. ;)

[16:56] <WANWtE_Wanter> agreed

[16:57] <+KataraFanboy> It's more absurd than any NCAA sanction against PSU

[16:57] <+Ultimate> ...

[16:57] <WANWtE_Wanter> no it is not

[16:57] <+Ultimate> Exactly my point. =P

[16:57] <WANWtE_Wanter> ultimate, be warned as long as you are around I will use my current nick and not EragonShadeslyr

[16:58] <+Ultimate> xD

[16:58] <+KataraFanboy> Heed Ultimate's advice and read TWB

[16:58] <+Ultimate> Okay

[16:58] <+KataraFanboy> And you will no longer think I reach her level or could even stretch to it

[16:58] <WANWtE_Wanter> i'll try

[16:58] <+Ultimate> Yes, because you will like it.

[16:58] <+KataraFanboy> ^ Lies

[16:59] <WANWtE_Wanter> well i did start it

[16:59] <+KataraFanboy> Keep following WANWTE, it will satisfy the true thirst one has for quality fanon

[16:59] <WANWtE_Wanter> and i did like it

[16:59] <+Ultimate> xD

[16:59] <WANWtE_Wanter> and ES

[16:59] <WANWtE_Wanter> energy saga = pure sweet awesomeness

[16:59] <+KataraFanboy> Now /that/ I agree with

[17:00] <+KataraFanboy> Not any of this nonsense about my writing

03[17:00] * Zulie (75c22558@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:01] <WANWtE_Wanter> what nonsense KFB

[17:01] <+Ultimate> Yeah really? What nonsense?

[17:01] <Zulie> hi

[17:02] <WANWtE_Wanter> hi zulie

[17:02] <+Ultimate> The only nonsense is what you've been claiming about your writing. =P

[17:02] <+KataraFanboy> That I reach the quality of the fanon you so desire, Gods?

[17:02] <+Ultimate> Hi Zulie.

[17:02] <WANWtE_Wanter> we are discussion KFB's writing

[17:02] <WANWtE_Wanter> you have

[17:02] <WANWtE_Wanter> IMO the fanon master are as such

[17:02] <Zulie> hi WAWte_Wanter

[17:02] <Zulie> hi Ultimate

[17:02] <+KataraFanboy> Engagements barely scraped up enough for 2x lol

[17:02] <WANWtE_Wanter> 1. ARG 2. Ultimate 3. Vulmen 4. KFB

[17:02] <+Ultimate> O_o

[17:02] <Zulie> KFB has nice fanons

[17:04] <WANWtE_Wanter> agreed

[17:04] <WANWtE_Wanter> kfb however thinks he has terrible fanos

[17:04] <WANWtE_Wanter> *fanons

[17:05] <+KataraFanboy> Eh, Engagements imo was a not bad story

[17:05] <WANWtE_Wanter> i agree

[17:05] <Zulie> oh really

[17:05] <Hawshire> I'd have to read it

[17:05] <Hawshire> To the internet!

[17:05] <+KataraFanboy> But just a "not bad" e.g. like 6.5/10 or so

[17:05] <+Ultimate> ...

[17:05] <WANWtE_Wanter> while at a tae kwon do tournament it was my only way to get rid of boredom

[17:06] <WANWtE_Wanter> *10/10

[17:08] <WANWtE_Wanter> brb

02[17:08] * +Ultimate (324a8882@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: People are to be loved and things are to be used... Immorality occurs, when things are loved and people are used.)

[17:08] <WANWtE_Wanter> as alway nice quote ultimate

[17:09] <WANWtE_Wanter> (i should save these quotes….)

[17:10] <Zulie> lol

[17:11] <Zulie> is Lostris here?

[17:12] <Hawshire> Oh i get it

[17:12] <Hawshire> I thought it said Inmortality

[17:12] <Hawshire> Not Immorality XD

03[17:13] * Kaarle ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:13] <Hawshire> Oh well, apparently i need to learn how to read

[17:13] <Zulie> hey Kaarle

[17:13] <Hawshire> Hey there

[17:13] <Kaarle> hello

[17:13] <Kaarle> sup?

[17:14] <Hawshire> The roof

[17:14] <Hawshire> I'm destroyed...

[17:15] <Zulie> lol

02[17:16] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. -Romans 5:8)

[17:16] <Zulie> Yo Gods you reading eragon

02[17:17] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

03[17:33] * flameo (ba2d33ec@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:34] <flameo> TEST IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[17:34] <flameo>  VACATION TIME

[17:34] <Zulie> hi flameo

[17:34] <flameo> HI ZULIE

[17:36] <Zulie> My vacation starts on 21st

02[17:37] * Kaarle ( Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)

03[17:37] * Kaarle ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:37] <flameo> oh

[17:37] <Zulie> wb kaarle

[17:38] <Zulie> its sad I know

02[17:38] * hawkins (~natsu11@unaffiliated/natsu11) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)

[17:44] <Zulie> Flameo no fist bump

[17:44] <flameo> why...

[17:44] <flameo> ?

[17:45] <Zulie> you dont wanna have a fist bump?!?!!

[17:46] <flameo> yes

[17:46] <flameo> YES

06[17:46] * flameo fistbumps

[17:46] <flameo> i thought you meant you werent giving me one eheh

06[17:46] * Zulie fist bumps

[17:56] <Hawshire> Oh lord

[17:58] <Hawshire> I wasn't being disappointed or unamused, just something weird happened here in RL

[17:58] <Hawshire> As usual...

[18:00] <Hawshire> Gonna read some fanons!

[18:01] <flameo> read mine!

03[18:01] * Hawshire is now known as Hawshire|reading

[18:01] <flameo> A family reborn

[18:01] <flameo> Blueflame 1

[18:01] <flameo> READ

[18:01] <flameo> AND

[18:01] <flameo> REVIEW

[18:01] <Zulie> link?

[18:01] <flameo> PLEASE

[18:01] <Hawshire|reading> I've also had a couple of problems with my internet

[18:01] <Hawshire|reading> I seem to be unable to edit my fanon!

[18:01] <Hawshire|reading> I was hoping I could find Momo and ask her to help out

[18:01] <WANWtE_Wanter> i can help

[18:02] <Hawshire|reading> maybe later, but for now, Flameo? Link plz?

[18:02] <flameo>

[18:02] <Hawshire|reading> Oh sure thing

[18:02] <flameo> Zulie

[18:02] <flameo>

[18:02] <Hawshire|reading> Flameo, you don't have to post the link twice we can all see it XD

[18:02] <flameo> i know

[18:02] <flameo> XD

[18:05] <Hawshire|reading> Holy holee!

[18:05] <Hawshire|reading> That went by fast

[18:06] <Hawshire|reading> I like the thing, but I'm more of a drama and terror reader

[18:06] <Hawshire|reading> I like slow stories

[18:06] <WANWtE_Wanter> try energy saga

[18:07] <WANWtE_Wanter>

[18:07] <flameo> So hawshire how was it?

02[18:11] * Kaarle ( Quit

02[18:14] * Zulie (75c22558@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Changing host)

03[18:14] * Zulie (75c22558@unaffiliated/zulie) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[18:14] * Zulie (75c22558@unaffiliated/zulie) Quit (Changing host)

03[18:14] * Zulie (75c22558@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[18:16] * Zulie (75c22558@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit

[18:18] <Hawshire|reading> Flameo

[18:18] <Hawshire|reading> It...was nice

[18:19] <Hawshire|reading> A bit rushed for my taste

03[18:19] * Zulie (75c22558@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[18:21] * flameo (ba2d33ec@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[18:21] <WANWtE_Wanter> gud bye flameo

[18:21] <Hawshire|reading> D.

[18:21] <Hawshire|reading> D: Did i hurt his feelings?

02[18:22] * WANWtE_Wanter (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) Quit (Quit: Gud Night)

[18:24] <Zulie> bye guys

02[18:28] * Zulie (75c22558@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[18:44] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[18:47] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) Quit (Client Quit)

02[18:49] * Hawshire|reading (ba802a8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[18:54] * SifuHotman (4af2cb33@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[19:06] * Pichu (rose@svipul/wookieepedia.pichu) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[20:39] * Pichu is now known as Pikachu

03[20:45] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[20:47] * Lalonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[21:07] * anony (6c0f3635@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[21:07] * anony (6c0f3635@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[21:55] * Seliah (5bb12495@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:56] <Seliah> Hi everyone :)

03[22:04] * Mysti (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[22:15] * MasterFred (~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique) has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:18] <Seliah> Hiya MasterFred

[22:18] <Seliah> have we met before?

[22:21] <Mysti> He's new to Avatar Wiki.

[22:22] <Seliah> ahh, welcome to the wiki then :)

[22:22] <Seliah> and see you next time!

[22:22] <Seliah> Toodles, my dearest noodles-poodles!

[22:22] <Seliah> (Urgh, I obviously need more sleep)

[22:22] <Seliah> (Noodles-poodles? What am I thinking?)

[22:23] <Mysti> Haha.

02[22:23] * Seliah (5bb12495@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[22:38] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:38] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[22:38] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[22:38] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[22:39] <Mysti> Hey KFB.

[22:39] <+KataraFanboy> Hi Mysti

Session Close: Fri Dec 07 23:00:28 2012

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02[23:01] * Attempting to rejoin channel #wikia-avatar

03[23:01] * Rejoined channel #wikia-avatar

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[23:02] <Mysti> Welcome back Orion], and hello AvatarFreak.

[23:03] <AvatarFreak> hi Mysti

[23:07] <ChiyoMihama> AvatarFreak :D

[23:08] <ChiyoMihama> you just missed seliah

[23:09] <AvatarFreak> ChiyoMihama: :D

[23:09] <AvatarFreak> i just came back from the worst party ever

[23:09] <AvatarFreak> im so mad

[23:09] <ChiyoMihama> D:

[23:09] <ChiyoMihama> what happend?

[23:13] <AvatarFreak> stuff

[23:13] <AvatarFreak> long story

[23:13] <ChiyoMihama> pm?

03[23:15] * Brody_ (4c1ffd42@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[23:18] * kyle____ (52180382@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:18] <kyle____> hello

[23:18] <Brody_> Hey everyone.

[23:18] <Brody_> How have things been going?

[23:19] <kyle____> tye lee is fir

[23:19] <kyle____> fit*

[23:19] <kyle____> ...

[23:19] <kyle____> ...

[23:19] <kyle____> ...

[23:19] <kyle____> ...

[23:19] <kyle____> ...

[23:19] <kyle____> ...

[23:19] <+KataraFanboy> kyle please stop

[23:20] <kyle____> ok sorry

[23:20] <Brody_> How are you doing, KFB?

[23:20] <+KataraFanboy> I'm all right, Brody

[23:21] <kyle____> who is 15

02[23:22] * Mysti (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: "Darling I'll be your werewolf")

02[23:23] * AvatarFreak (c15cea8f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[23:23] * kyle____ (52180382@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[23:24] * kyle____ (52180382@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:24] <kyle____> hello

03[23:24] * flameo (ba2d0b85@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:25] <kyle____> who wants to do cyber sex?

[23:25] <flameo> LOL

[23:25] <kyle____> :D

[23:25] <ChiyoMihama> that isnt appropriate :)

[23:25] <flameo> LOL

[23:25] <+KataraFanboy> ^

[23:26] <kyle____> gangbang style

[23:26] <flameo> WOW

[23:26] <kyle____> ???

[23:27] <ChiyoMihama> are you doing to say anything what isnt related to anything sexual?

[23:27] <+KataraFanboy> kyle, this talk is not acceptable for IRC

[23:27] <+KataraFanboy> Please stop

[23:27] <ChiyoMihama> KataraFanboy, more, not acceptable for this channel ;)

[23:27] <kyle____> i am very sorry :(

[23:28] <+KataraFanboy> Okay, well please don't do that again

[23:28] <kyle____> what r we ment to talk aboutvthen

06[23:28] * Brody_ rolls his eyes.

[23:28] <kyle____> lol

[23:28] <ChiyoMihama> avatar stuff?

[23:28] <ChiyoMihama> :P

[23:29] <kyle____> how come appa has a arrow

[23:29] <kyle____> Is there a limit to how far away substances can be bended

[23:30] <ChiyoMihama> i think that might just be a colouration in the fur (like cats/dogs/etc) but its in the shape of an arrow

[23:30] <ChiyoMihama> i wouldnt say there would be a limit, but it would end at some point

[23:30] <flameo>  ChiyoMihama BUT

[23:30] <flameo> sorry

[23:30] <Brody_> Has Trill been around lately?

[23:30] <kyle____> like can someone bend watervfar away

[23:31] <kyle____> ??

[23:31] <kyle____> or earth

[23:32] <ChiyoMihama> Brody_, not really

06[23:32] * Brody_ sighs.

[23:32] <ChiyoMihama> kyle____, what is watervfar?

[23:32] <Brody_> She hasn't been answering my messages either.

[23:32] <kyle____> can they bend water thats far away

[23:32] <Brody_> It could just be that those projects she was talking about have engulfed her time at the moment.

[23:32] <Brody_> Hopefully. .

[23:33] <kyle____> :)

[23:34] <kyle____> well ...

[23:35] <kyle____> is brody a girl or boy??

[23:36] <ChiyoMihama> imma say a guy

[23:36] <kyle____> can they bend water thats far away

[23:36] <flameo> lol

[23:36] <kyle____> can they bend water thats far away

[23:36] <flameo> i think brody is a guy

[23:36] <Brody_> I'm your everyday none of your fucking business, kid.

[23:36] <kyle____> omg

[23:37] <ChiyoMihama> kyle____, i think it would depend on how strong they are

02[23:37] * Brody_ (4c1ffd42@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[23:37] <kyle____> period

[23:37] <kyle____> ok

02[23:38] * kyle____ (52180382@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[23:40] * hornyBoy (52180382@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:40] <+KataraFanboy> I'm sorry, that nick is inappropriate

[23:40] <+KataraFanboy> Please change it

[23:40] <hornyBoy> im one hornyBoy

[23:40] <+KataraFanboy> Please change the nickname or you will be removed from the channel

[23:40] <hornyBoy> ok

[23:40] <hornyBoy> how

[23:41] <+KataraFanboy> To do so, use /nick yournickhere

03[23:41] * hornyBoy is now known as yournickhere

[23:41] <yournickhere> yay

[23:41] <+KataraFanboy> You can ofc, choose any nickname you want

[23:41] <yournickhere> na

[23:41] <+KataraFanboy> That was just an example

[23:42] <+KataraFanboy> But nothing inappropriate

[23:42] <yournickhere> it makes look special

[23:43] <yournickhere> i like big

[23:43] <yournickhere> onea

[23:43] <yournickhere> oness

[23:44] <yournickhere> i love KataraFanBoy

[23:44] <+KataraFanboy> ...

[23:44] <yournickhere> will you go out with me

[23:44] <yournickhere> pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

[23:44] <+KataraFanboy> I don't know who you are

[23:44] <yournickhere> <3

[23:45] <yournickhere> i am a very good looking boy aged forteen

03[23:45] * yournickhere is now known as very

[23:46] <very> lol

[23:46] <very> pleasee

[23:46] <+KataraFanboy> No, thank you

[23:46] <very> why

[23:47] <+KataraFanboy> Because I don't know who you are

[23:47] <very> r u english

[23:47] <+KataraFanboy> and I am not interested in other boys

[23:47] <very> oh well

[23:47] <+KataraFanboy> Plus I am almost 21

[23:47] <very> do you like girls then??

[23:47] <+KataraFanboy> Yes

[23:48] <very> cool

[23:48] <very> mee too

03[23:48] * KingOfHearts ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:49] <flameo> KOHY!

[23:49] <flameo> NOW YOU DECIDE TO SHOW UP!

[23:49] <flameo> WHEN I GTG

[23:49] <flameo> !!!

[23:49] <KingOfHearts> ..

[23:49] <KingOfHearts> Omg I'm sorry

[23:49] <very> i cant wait till they bring out series 2

03[23:49] * very is now known as cock

[23:50] <KingOfHearts> very who you?

[23:50] <cock> f

02[23:50] * flameo (ba2d0b85@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: BYE!)

[23:50] <+KataraFanboy> please change that nickname or you will be kicked

[23:50] <cock> oh

[23:50] <cock> i like cockrals

[23:50] <cock> and cockroaches

03[23:50] * KingOfHearts is now known as Cockatoo

03[23:50] * ChanServ sets mode: +o KataraFanboy

[23:50] <Cockatoo> Try that one

03[23:50] * Cockatoo is now known as KingOfHearts

[23:50] <@KataraFanboy> cock: It is not an appropriate nick

03[23:50] * cock is now known as willy

[23:51] <@KataraFanboy> That still is not appropriate

03[23:51] * willy is now known as huiff

03[23:51] * ChanServ sets mode: -o KataraFanboy

[23:51] <+KataraFanboy> Thank you

[23:51] <huiff> that was exsiting

03[23:51] * huiff is now known as vag

03[23:52] * ChanServ sets mode: +o KataraFanboy

03[23:52] * KingOfHearts is now known as Cockatail

[23:52] <@KataraFanboy> Last chance

06[23:52] * Cockatail loves birds

[23:52] <vag> lol

[23:52] <vag> lighten up katara

03[23:52] * vag is now known as billybob

[23:52] <@KataraFanboy> The nicks are not appropriate for our channel

[23:52] <@KataraFanboy> One more inappropriate nick and you will be kicked

03[23:53] * KataraFanboy sets mode: -o KataraFanboy

[23:53] <billybob> who cares

[23:53] <billybob> how big are your tits?

[23:53] <+KataraFanboy> That's it

[23:54] <billybob> noo

[23:54] <billybob> imVsorry

[23:54] <billybob> i love mo

[23:54] <billybob> mo

[23:54] <+KataraFanboy> I warned you about saying inappropriate things

03[23:54] * ChanServ sets mode: +o KataraFanboy

[23:54] <billybob> what about apa

[23:55] <billybob> one more chance

[23:55] <@KataraFanboy> Last one

03[23:55] * ChanServ sets mode: -o KataraFanboy

03[23:55] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) has joined #wikia-avatar

[23:55] <billybob> hey cockatail

[23:56] <billybob> double d?

Session Time: Sat Dec 08 00:00:00 2012

03[00:00] * Cockatail is now known as KingOfHearts

[00:01] <KingOfHearts> BillyBob how are you?

02[00:04] * billybob (52180382@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[00:07] * MasterFred (~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique) Quit (Quit: Leaving)

03[00:08] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:08] <+KataraFanboy> Wow

[00:08] <+KataraFanboy>

[00:09] <ATFF> That's good, right?

[00:09] <+KataraFanboy> Yeah

[00:10] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: why was this

[00:10] <ATFF> proposal closed?

[00:10] <ATFF> it's only been two days

[00:10] <ATFF> plus; the results don't quite seem to be what was wanted

[00:10] <ATFF> i mean the links are

[00:10] <ATFF> but I, and possibly some others, had hoped for something on book 2 of korra

[00:11] <+KataraFanboy> Hmmm, Godsrule I guess was a bit overanxious

[00:11] <ATFF> should it be reopened, stay closed or…?

[00:11] <ATFF> and should the background for korra be changed to something from book 2?

[00:11] <+KataraFanboy> Does consensus look clear? I don't think it does...

[00:12] <ATFF> i though it would be informative for newer users about some of the things going on in book 2…

[00:12] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: it' doesn't, really

[00:12] <+KataraFanboy> I'll ask Lostris as well

02[00:13] * KingOfHearts ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])

03[00:22] * KataraFanboy is now known as KFB|brb

03[00:25] * Heterodyne (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[00:27] * KFB|brb is now known as KataraFanboy

[00:28] <Heterodyne> Welcome back KFB.

[00:28] <+KataraFanboy> Thanks

[00:30] <ATFF> KataraFanboy: any answer?

[00:30] <ATFF> hi Heterodyne

[00:30] <Heterodyne> Hi ATFF.

06[00:30] * Heterodyne is Mysti

[00:30] <+KataraFanboy> Yeah, it's a no

[00:31] <ATFF> What is?

[00:32] <+KataraFanboy> No to reopening

[00:32] <ATFF> ah ok

[00:32] <ATFF> thanks tho ^^

[00:32] <+KataraFanboy> np

03[00:35] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:35] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

03[00:35] * Belle (~androirc@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:35] * Belle (~androirc@ Quit (Changing host)

03[00:35] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:36] <Heterodyne> Hey Lia.

[00:36] <ATFF> hi Belle

[00:37] <Belle> Hello :)

[00:38] <Chiyo> Belleee

[00:38] <Belle> Chiiii

03[00:40] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:41] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

03[00:41] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[00:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

[00:41] <ATFF> hi Ultimate

[00:41] <+Ultimate> Hi ATFF.

[00:41] <Heterodyne> Hi Ultimate.

[00:42] <+Ultimate> Hi Mysti.

02[00:48] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))

06[00:50] * ATFF sighs

[00:51] <ATFF> I still think that the Korra banner would look really nice if it displayed something on book two…

[00:51] <ATFF> like the nice concept art from the spirit world

[00:51] <ATFF> with the greens and purples…

[00:52] <ATFF>

[00:53] <ATFF> see

[00:53] <ATFF> isn't that pretty

[00:55] <ATFF> …anybody

[00:55] <ATFF> c'mon

[00:55] <ATFF> look at it

[00:56] <+KataraFanboy> oh wow...

[00:56] <+KataraFanboy> freaky colors...

[00:56] <+KataraFanboy> dayummmmmm

06[00:56] * +KataraFanboy falls into cactus-juice like trance

[00:57] <ATFF> seeee

[00:57] <ATFF> would

[00:57] <ATFF> n't that be a bit nicer

[00:57] <+KataraFanboy> wheres the friendly mushroom...

[00:57] <ATFF> than the sunset with the legend of korra?

[00:57] <+KataraFanboy> mushy giant friend

[00:57] <ATFF> KataraFanboy:!Death_of_Noatak_and_Tarrlok.png

[00:57] <ATFF> there's your mushroom

[00:58] <+KataraFanboy> friendly mushroom!

06[00:58] * +KataraFanboy glomps the friendly mushroom

[00:58] <ATFF> but

[00:58] <+KataraFanboy> Whoa...

[00:58] <ATFF> wouldn't that be nice looking on the slider

[00:58] <ATFF> i'm just saying

[00:58] <+KataraFanboy> there are two dead guys in here

[00:58] <+KataraFanboy> whoa

[00:58] <+KataraFanboy> friendly mushroom what have you been eating

[00:58] <ATFF> actually you never know if they were really dead

[00:59] <ATFF> it was unclear

[00:59] <ATFF> i mean being waterbenders must give them incredible explosion resistance, right?

06[00:59] * +KataraFanboy breaks cactus juice trench

[00:59] <+KataraFanboy> Well, Tarrlok doesn't have his bending ofc

[00:59] <ATFF> nooo

[00:59] <ATFF> amon restored it

[00:59] <ATFF> duhhh

[00:59] <+KataraFanboy> Amonatak just kind of let it happen

[01:00] <+KataraFanboy> If they survive that explosion then I'm jumping to the Avatar world and asking for their survival skills (While taking a side-stop to bunch Mako in the nuts)

[01:00] <+KataraFanboy> *punch

03[01:03] * Taikai (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:03] <Taikai> Dear Advertisements,

[01:05] <Taikai> I hate you stinking guts with the rage of a thousand sun in the stage of supernova.

[01:05] <Taikai> Sorry if that was harsh.

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy> Dear Taikai,

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy> Get Firefox or Chrome

[01:05] <Taikai> Sincerely, Taikai

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy> and install AdBlock Plus

[01:05] <+KataraFanboy> -KFB

[01:05] <Taikai> Dear KFB,

[01:06] <Taikai> Thank you for your advice. I will consider it. Thank you again.

[01:06] <Taikai> -Taikai

[01:06] <+Ultimate> Hola Taikai.

[01:07] <Taikai> Hola Ultimate. :)

02[01:10] * Heterodyne (6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[01:21] <ATFF> so wasaaaaap

[01:25] <Taikai> Heeeeeey ATFF!!!!!!!

[01:26] <Taikai> I'm good, how are you?

03[01:31] * DirkStrider ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:32] <ATFF> I'm good ^^

[01:32] <ATFF> hi trill

[01:32] <DirkStrider> hi

[01:32] <DirkStrider> Tell me there's a BGO hapening.

[01:32] <DirkStrider> *happening

[01:33] <ATFF> ok sure

[01:33] <ATFF> btw

[01:33] <ATFF> i can't believe mlp is winning

[01:34] <ATFF>

[01:37] <Taikai> ATFF: Is that a joke?!

[01:37] <ATFF> nope

[01:37] <ATFF> it's bronies

[01:44] <ATFF> anybody

[01:44] <ATFF> Pikachu:

[01:44] <ATFF> RandomRanaun:

[01:44] <ATFF> Anybody else board game?

[01:44] <RandomRanaun> meh, MLP went to shit after Lauren Faust left the show

03[01:55] * Hawshire (ba802a8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:57] <ATFF> hi Hawshire :D

[01:57] <ATFF> Long time no see ^^

[01:57] <Hawshire> Indeed

[01:57] <Hawshire> I had to come here

[01:57] <Taikai> Hey Hawshire

[01:57] <Hawshire> Dad's walking around waiving his new Shotgun

[01:57] <Hawshire> And I'm just hiding

03[01:57] * MissPiggy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:57] * MissPiggy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[01:57] * MissPiggy (~Pride@unaffiliated/humble) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:57] * MissPiggy is now known as Asuna

[01:58] <Hawshire> It's good to see people are actually here

[01:58] <Hawshire> I've been with nasty allergies all day long, sadly

03[01:58] * Asuna is now known as Humble

[01:58] <ATFF> hi Humble

[01:58] <Humble> Hey

[01:58] <Hawshire> Humble! :D

[01:58] <Hawshire> gooday

06[01:58] * ATFF hands Hawshire internet-allergy medicine

[01:58] <Humble> Hi

02[01:59] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Everyone thinks that bad things happen to "someone else". Never forget, we're all "someone else" to another person.)

[01:59] <Humble>

02[02:00] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit

[02:03] <Humble> why is it so silent ;~;

[02:03] <Humble> it's usually loud on fridays

[02:03] <Hawshire> I'm dying

[02:03] <Hawshire> I feel like it

[02:03] <Hawshire> god please kill me...

[02:03] <Hawshire> Why am i such a downer!

[02:03] <Hawshire> Nah screw that

[02:03] <Hawshire> lets do something

[02:03] <Hawshire> what is that link? I'm clicking it anyways

[02:04] <Hawshire> Fantastic link

[02:04] <Hawshire> I regret nothing

[02:04] <ATFF> any of you boardgame

[02:04] <ATFF>

[02:04] <ATFF> what rooong link

[02:04] <ATFF> haha whoops

06[02:04] * Hawshire believes he has contributed into killing the silence

[02:04] <Humble> omfg

[02:05] <Hawshire> ._.

[02:05] <Hawshire> I liked what i saw

[02:05] <Hawshire> Anyhoot

[02:05] <Hawshire> Boardgame?

[02:05] <ATFF>

[02:05] <ATFF> yess

03[02:05] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:05] <ATFF> DirkStrider: sorry i left that game but i made a new one

[02:05] <ATFF> flameo:

[02:05] <Hawshire> Yeah alright

[02:05] <Hawshire> lets go, lets do this

[02:05] <Hawshire> I'm PUMPED

[02:05] <flameo> hi is koh around?

03[02:05] * Humble is now known as Kirito

[02:06] <ATFF> idk


03[02:06] * Kirito is now known as Humble

03[02:06] * Humble is now known as Silica

[02:06] <ATFF> maybe there's a #wikia-sao?

[02:06] <ATFF> idk

[02:06] <ATFF> Silica: Yo, wanna boardgame?

[02:06] <ATFF> flameo: Boardgame?

[02:06] <ATFF>

[02:07] <Silica> not at the moment. srry

[02:07] <Hawshire> What is this heresy!

[02:07] <Hawshire> It looks terribly awesome

[02:07] <ATFF> yes

[02:07] <ATFF> yes it is

[02:07] <ATFF> Silica: pleaaaase

[02:07] <ATFF> RandomRanaun: Pikachu

[02:07] <Silica>  well there is a sao wiki

[02:08] <ATFF> plai pls

[02:08] <Silica> probably

[02:08] <ATFF> flameo:

[02:08] <Hawshire> Get in there

[02:09] <ATFF> plai

[02:09] <ATFF> Taikai:

[02:09] <ATFF> You've played, right?

[02:10] <Taikai> Hm?

[02:10] <ATFF> boardgame

[02:10] <Taikai> Nope.

[02:10] <RandomRanaun> nah

[02:10] <ATFF> -_-

[02:10] <ATFF> why nooot

[02:10] <Taikai> I was saying nope to never played.

[02:11] <Taikai> And besides, soon I think I may be going to dinner...

[02:11] <Taikai> Sorry.

02[02:11] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[02:11] <ATFF> okk

[02:12] <Taikai> k-bye

02[02:13] * Taikai (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit

03[02:21] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:21] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[02:21] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:23] <ATFF> hi Belle

[02:24] <Belle> hello beautiful :P

03[02:24] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:25] <ATFF> hi flameo

[02:25] <flameo> sorry ATFF i was disconnected and i cant play cause im on from phone

[02:27] <ATFF> its ok

03[02:31] * ATFF is now known as Jenna_Marbles

03[02:31] * Silica is now known as MerchantLunchLad

03[02:32] * MerchantLunchLad is now known as LunchLady

03[02:32] * Hawshire is now known as Maniacal

03[02:32] * Maniacal is now known as Maniacal_Matthew

02[02:35] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[02:37] <Maniacal_Matthew> OH

[02:37] <Maniacal_Matthew> Lol

[02:37] <Maniacal_Matthew> beautiful

[02:37] <Maniacal_Matthew> just beautiful

03[02:38] * Jenna_Marbles is now known as ErzaTheTitania

03[02:39] * Maniacal_Matthew is now known as Hawshire

03[02:39] * LunchLady is now known as Asuna

03[02:39] * Asuna is now known as Humble

03[02:39] * Humble is now known as Humble|SAO|away

[02:40] <ErzaTheTitania> GUYS FAIRY TAIL IS ON TODAY

[02:41] <ErzaTheTitania>  /o/

[02:41] <ErzaTheTitania>  \o\

03[02:41] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:42] <TyDy> HUMBLE

06[02:42] * TyDy contains his inner fangirl

[02:42] <Humble|SAO|away> hot damn how can they stay in a game for 2 years

[02:42] <Humble|SAO|away> heyyy

06[02:42] * Humble|SAO|away hugs TyDy

06[02:43] * TyDy hugs Humble back

06[02:43] * TyDy gives Humble a noogie 

[02:43] <ErzaTheTitania> TyDy: waityou're male

[02:43] <ErzaTheTitania> how do you have an inner fangirl

[02:43] <TyDy> hmmm

[02:43] <TyDy> im not entirely sure

[02:44] <Humble|SAO|away> we all have an inner fangirl

[02:44] <ErzaTheTitania> no

[02:44] <ErzaTheTitania> he has an inner fan/boy/

[02:44] <Hawshire> K ladies and glentlemen

[02:44] <TyDy> fine

[02:44] <Hawshire> I'll brb!

[02:44] <Hawshire> Away i go!

02[02:44] * Hawshire (ba802a8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[02:45] <TyDy> nice job making me tear up with that leaving blog Humble

[02:47] <ErzaTheTitania> LEAVING BLOG

[02:47] <ErzaTheTitania> HELL NO

06[02:47] * ErzaTheTitania slaps Humble|SAO|away with a fish

[02:47] <Humble|SAO|away> WAT

[02:47] <TyDy> ErzaTheTitania: who are you?


[02:48] <ErzaTheTitania> TyDy: ATFF

[02:48] <ErzaTheTitania> Humble|SAO|away: SHUSH



[02:48] <TyDy> exactly

02[02:49] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) Quit (Quit: ??? ?????????????)

[02:49] <TyDy> DAMNIT HUMBLE

[02:50] <TyDy> Hi Belle :) didn't see you there

[02:51] <Belle> Hello Ty :P

[02:51] <TyDy> :D

[02:51] <Humble|SAO|away> how can they make everything without effort


[02:52] <TyDy> Humble you need to stop

03[02:52] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:52] <TyDy> im over here with eyeliner dripping down my cheek because you are leaving

[02:52] <ErzaTheTitania> TyDy: O.o

[02:52] <TyDy> im a mess

[02:54] <Humble|SAO|away> wat

[02:54] <Humble|SAO|away> wat

[02:54] <TyDy> nothing

[02:54] <Humble|SAO|away> eyeliner

[02:54] <TyDy> just

[02:54] <TyDy> nothing

[02:54] <Humble|SAO|away> ...

[02:55] <TyDy> Im hot and I know it

[02:55] <Humble|SAO|away> ...

[02:55] <TyDy> :3

[02:55] <TyDy> dat ass

03[02:56] * ErzaTheTitania is now known as ATFF|Apuddle

[02:56] <Humble|SAO|away> ...

[02:56] <TyDy> don't act like you don't care!

06[02:56] * ATFF|Apuddle has become melt

03[02:56] * ATFF|Apuddle is now known as ATFF|APuddle

06[02:57] * ATFF|APuddle has melted

[02:57] <Humble|SAO|away> WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT

[02:57] <TyDy> Im too distraught to know

[02:57] <ATFF|APuddle> Humble|SAO|away: YOU



[02:57] <ATFF|APuddle> YOUR FRIENDS

[02:57] <TyDy> HOW COULD YOU

06[02:58] * ATFF|APuddle has now liquidated

[02:59] <TyDy> so this is how its going to be

[02:59] <Humble|SAO|away> i am watching an anime

[02:59] <Humble|SAO|away> now

[02:59] <Humble|SAO|away> gimme hugs

06[03:00] * TyDy hugs Humble and suffocates her until she dies

[03:01] <ATFF|APuddle> hey guys

[03:01] <Humble|SAO|away> no

[03:01] <ATFF|APuddle> any of you watch psych

[03:01] <ATFF|APuddle> Humble|SAO|away: you are staying here dead

[03:01] <ATFF|APuddle> or you are staying here alive

[03:01] <ATFF|APuddle> leaving is not a choic

[03:01] <Humble|SAO|away> kirito

[03:01] <Humble|SAO|away> you dont squeeze that

[03:02] <ATFF|APuddle> Humble|SAO|away: O.o

[03:02] <ATFF|APuddle> what the hell are you watching

[03:02] <ATFF|APuddle> "you don't squeeze that…"

[03:02] <Humble|SAO|away> sword art online

[03:02] <Humble|SAO|away> IT'S NOT PORN

[03:02] <ATFF|APuddle> i'm glad you're enjoying your hentai…

[03:02] <TyDy> it definitely is

[03:03] <TyDy> humble is a freak

[03:03] <Humble|SAO|away> OMFG NO


[03:03] <Humble|SAO|away> WHILE TRANSPORTING

[03:03] <Humble|SAO|away> AND KIRITO

[03:03] <TyDy> then they had sex

[03:04] <Humble|SAO|away> HE SQUEEZED SOMETHING

[03:04] <Humble|SAO|away> NO

[03:04] <TyDy> animated sex

[03:04] <TyDy> not real people

[03:04] <Humble|SAO|away> WHY WOULD I WATCH HENTAI

[03:05] <TyDy> That's what I'm wondering

[03:05] <TyDy> weirdo

[03:06] <Humble|SAO|away> .

[03:06] <Humble|SAO|away> .

[03:06] <Humble|SAO|away> .

[03:06] <Humble|SAO|away> im not

[03:06] <TyDy> yeaaa ok, lets just say that

[03:07] <ATFF|APuddle> …

[03:07] <ATFF|APuddle> that came up on my dash

[03:07] <ATFF|APuddle> wtf

06[03:07] * ATFF|APuddle groans at sexism

[03:07] <TyDy> its true

[03:07] <TyDy> in some cases

[03:07] <TyDy> :3

[03:07] <TyDy> disregard that^

02[03:12] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[03:12] * Humble|SAO|away is now known as Humble

[03:13] <ATFF|APuddle> wheeen is faiiiry taiiil on

[03:13] <ATFF|APuddle> i want to watch ft

[03:13] <ATFF|APuddle> Humble: and so do you

[03:13] <flameo> Board game?

[03:13] <ATFF|APuddle> no

[03:13] <Humble> hmmmmm

[03:13] <ATFF|APuddle> i'm gonna get humble to watch fairy tail

[03:14] <ATFF|APuddle> watchit

[03:14] <Humble> do i what

[03:14] <Humble> after i finish soul eater and sao

[03:14] <flameo> L

[03:14] <flameo> O

[03:14] <flameo> L

02[03:14] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[03:14] <ATFF|APuddle> hm

[03:14] <ATFF|APuddle> no

[03:14] <Humble> not right nowwww

[03:14] <Humble> i need to catch upppp

06[03:14] * ATFF|APuddle drags humbe to and makes her watch

[03:15] <ATFF|APuddle> sorry

[03:15] <Humble> MWAHAHHAHA

[03:16] <ATFF|APuddle> Humble: fuqing wach

[03:16] <Humble> lateeeeer

[03:17] <ATFF|APuddle> NO

[03:17] <ATFF|APuddle> WATCH IT


[03:18] <Humble> wai

[03:18] <Humble> i'll watch one ep

[03:18] <Humble> there's nothing sexual in it, right?

[03:19] <ATFF|APuddle> nothing too showy

[03:19] <ATFF|APuddle> they make some jokes

[03:19] <ATFF|APuddle> but not like, boobs or anything

[03:19] <ATFF|APuddle> no more than fma, besides jokes

[03:19] <ATFF|APuddle> oh wait

[03:19] <ATFF|APuddle> they show butt, but only rarely

03[03:19] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:19] <ATFF|APuddle> but everybody has a butt

[03:19] <ATFF|APuddle> so that's not really so weird

[03:20] <ATFF|APuddle> nothing more i swear

[03:21] <Humble> my mom allowed me 30 min

[03:21] <Humble> yes

03[03:21] * Humble is now known as Humble|FT

[03:21] <Humble|FT> The theme

[03:21] <ATFF|APuddle> YES

[03:21] <Humble|FT> is it good?

[03:23] <ATFF|APuddle> Yep

[03:23] <ATFF|APuddle> Or at least I think so

[03:23] <ATFF|APuddle> The first theme suits the show rather well

[03:24] <Humble|FT> SO MANY FAIRIES

[03:25] <Humble|FT> ATFF: what ep are you on?

[03:25] <ATFF|APuddle> the current one

[03:25] <ATFF|APuddle> which airs today 160

[03:26] <Humble|FT> ah

[03:26] <Humble|FT> how long did it take?

[03:27] <ATFF|APuddle> i don't think much more than one or two months

[03:27] <ATFF|APuddle> but i watch fast, so…

[03:28] <Humble|FT> That cat thing is so cute

[03:28] <ATFF|APuddle> Happy :D

03[03:28] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[03:28] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:28] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:28] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

03[03:29] * KataraFanboy is now known as KFB|phone

[03:29] <Humble|FT> i have a question

[03:29] <Humble|FT> in a fanart i saw, ezra had an eyepatch

[03:29] <Humble|FT> why?

[03:30] <ATFF|APuddle> oh

[03:30] <ATFF|APuddle> i'd say why

[03:30] <ATFF|APuddle> but… it's best if you find out on your own :P

[03:30] <ATFF|APuddle> it's a long story XD

[03:35] <flameo> I'm tired

[03:35] <flameo> Where in heavens name is Koh...

[03:38] <Humble|FT> so

[03:38] <Humble|FT> im watching the english dub


[03:39] <ATFF|APuddle> why

[03:39] <ATFF|APuddle> no

[03:39] <ATFF|APuddle> watch the sub

[03:39] <ATFF|APuddle> watch the suuub

[03:39] <ATFF|APuddle> Happy's VA is cuter

[03:39] <ATFF|APuddle> The narrator is more narratory

[03:40] <Humble|FT> but

[03:40] <ATFF|APuddle> and lucy makes more sense

[03:40] <Humble|FT>  /haberkorn/

[03:40] <ATFF|APuddle> and doesn't sound like a know-it-all

[03:40] <Humble|FT> i might

[03:40] <ATFF|APuddle> plus more episodes are on hulu w/ sub

[03:42] <Humble|FT> ok hulu just went all weird and stopped during the commercials

[03:43] <Humble|FT> ;~;

[03:44] <ATFF|APuddle> so watch the sub :D

[03:45] <Humble|FT> i will

03[03:45] * KFB|phone is now known as KataraFanboy

[03:45] <Humble|FT> but my mom is being a meanie

[03:45] <Humble|FT> and saying that i only have 10 more minutes ;~;


03[03:46] * Humble|FT is now known as Humble

[03:46] <ATFF|APuddle> -__

[03:46] <ATFF|APuddle> Tell your mom to chillax

[03:46] <ATFF|APuddle> 'cause its' friday

[03:46] <Humble> i know

[03:46] <Humble> but i have to go to school tommorow early and do something for history

[03:46] <Humble> Because I'm behind

[03:46] <ATFF|APuddle> why

[03:46] <ATFF|APuddle> on saturday?!

[03:47] <Humble> Because my teacher's a meanie-boo

03[03:47] * snip101 (4cb45697@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:47] <ATFF|APuddle> isn't it a crime to make somebody go to school on the weekend?!

[03:47] <snip101> lol

[03:47] <ATFF|APuddle> no i'm dead serious

[03:47] <ATFF|APuddle> hi snip101

[03:48] <Humble> no

[03:48] <Humble>  meep

[03:48] <Humble> at least not in our state anyways

[03:50] <RandomRanaun> wait what?

02[03:50] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[03:50] <RandomRanaun> there's a book 2 trailer tomorrow?

[03:51] <Humble> probs

[03:51] <Humble> but the lok might be freaking out

[03:52] <RandomRanaun> lol, what if Grey was telling the truth and LoK is coming out this month? :P

[03:53] <Humble> holy fuck

[03:53] <Humble> there would be a 100 gifs of mako

03[04:02] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:02] <TyDy> Hey Snip

03[04:03] * plasma117 (4c64a990@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[04:03] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[04:03] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

[04:03] <TyDy> hi Plasma and Ultimate :)

[04:04] <+Ultimate> Hi TyDy.

[04:04] <Humble> ATFF|APuddle: mind if I put you as my senpai on my blog?

02[04:09] * Humble (~Pride@unaffiliated/humble) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

03[04:12] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:12] <+Ultimate> FLAME

[04:15] <TyDy> welcome back Flame !

02[04:16] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[04:16] <TyDy> was it something I said?

[04:17] <+Ultimate> =/

[04:17] <plasma117> Dear god why didn't this happen but noooo Lin and Tenzin had to date.

02[04:21] * DirkStrider ( Quit (Quit: bluh bluh huge witch)

[04:23] <TyDy> hahahah

[04:23] <TyDy> i loled

[04:23] <TyDy> because of plasma's link -_-

03[04:24] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[04:25] * BlueDagger (48191b60@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:28] <snip101> TY


02[04:32] * BlueDagger (48191b60@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[04:36] <ATFF|APuddle> huwhat's senpai

[04:38] <ATFF|APuddle> oh humble's gone

[04:38] <snip101> humble senpai

[04:39] <TyDy> she left without saying goodbye

[04:39] <TyDy> how rude

02[04:47] * snip101 (4cb45697@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

06[04:47] * ATFF|APuddle grows exceed wings

03[04:47] * ATFF|APuddle is now known as HappyTheExceed

02[04:48] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: Stay tuned for work, next over most of these KataraFanboying stations. We will return to the air just after 1:30am EST.)

02[04:49] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[04:49] <plasma117> some may say this is an extreme example, I agree but This would be a deal breaker if I meet a girl like that.

03[04:51] * snip101 (4cb45697@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:51] * snip101 (4cb45697@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

02[04:57] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) Quit (Quit: Now I'll be movin' on.)

03[05:07] * auror (auror@trivialand/regular/auror) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[05:07] * IBKman (4be65381@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:07] <IBKman> so what's up gangstas?

[05:08] <+Ultimate> Hi IBK.

[05:08] <IBKman> hey

[05:08] <IBKman> this sure is a lively group of people

[05:08] <IBKman> and it's a friday for crying out loud

03[05:09] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[05:10] * Cithara (ae4a5bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:10] <Cithara> MYSTAY IS IN DA HOUSE

[05:10] <Cithara> :P

[05:10] <Cithara> Hi peoples.

[05:10] <IBKman> hey finally someone who is talking!

[05:10] <Cithara> Haha.

03[05:17] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:18] <+Ultimate> Hi OR.

[05:18] <Omashu_Rocks> hi

02[05:18] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) Quit (Quit: Now I'll be movin' on.)

03[05:22] * BoLinBeifong|hol (b4fe124d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:22] <BoLinBeifong|hol> hey Dopey

03[05:22] * BoLinBeifong|hol is now known as holiday|BLB

[05:24] <+Ultimate> Hi Acer.

[05:25] <holiday|BLB> What's up? How's WANWTE?  When will you publish the next chap?  Are you on holiday?  How's your final exam (if you have)

[05:26] <+Ultimate> Not much, just hanging around. WANWTE - yeah, need to get working on that... =/ I have no clue, to be honest.

03[05:26] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:26] <Omashu_Rocks> wait… who's acer?

[05:27] <Omashu_Rocks> BLB is acer

[05:27] <+Ultimate> I'm not on vacation yet and heh, thankfully I don't have finals. Do you?

[05:27] <Omashu_Rocks> ?

06[05:27] * +Ultimate nods

[05:27] <Omashu_Rocks> but wait

[05:27] <holiday|BLB> Dopey.. .What? You don't have finals?  *Poor Acer*

[05:27] <+Ultimate> Not at this point. xD

[05:28] <+Ultimate> It's only the fourth month of school for me. =P

[05:28] <holiday|BLB> -.-

[05:28] <holiday|BLB> I got 4 exams every year.  One on September, one on December, one on March, and last... June for the graduation

[05:28] <+Ultimate> Good luck with your finals, though (I'm assuming they're coming up soon).

[05:28] <+Ultimate> =O

[05:28] <+Ultimate> Oh wow

[05:28] <holiday|BLB> no, they've done :p

[05:28] <+Ultimate> Oh xD

[05:29] <holiday|BLB> At least my English isn't that bad. XD

[05:29] <+Ultimate> xD

[05:30] <holiday|BLB> yeah; but Indonesia have a terrible English class... So it's easy for me (During our 8th grade, we're learning about past tense)

[05:31] <+Ultimate> At least you're making progress in your language class.

[05:31] <holiday|BLB> XD Yeah.

[05:31] <+Ultimate> I love my Spanish teacher, but honestly, I've self-taught myself half the Spanish I know so far...

[05:31] <Cithara> Haha.

[05:31] <Cithara> Nice.

[05:32] <holiday|BLB> Yeah.. Nice. :-)

02[05:42] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[05:45] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) Quit (Quit: Now I'll be movin' on.)

03[05:47] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[05:47] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: I've learned that good-byes will always hurt, pictures will never replace having been there, memories good and bad will bring tears and words can never replace feelings.)

02[05:49] * holiday|BLB (b4fe124d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Eating, guys!  Yummy ^_^)

02[05:51] * Will-k (~Will-k@unaffiliated/makeshift) Quit (Client Quit)

03[06:04] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[06:05] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has left #wikia-avatar

03[06:05] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[06:08] * HappyTheExceed is now known as ErzaTheTitania

[06:08] <EragonShadeslyr> ohai atff

03[06:10] * ErzaTheTitania is now known as AnimeFeels

[06:11] <EragonShadeslyr> so, how was everyone's day

[06:11] <AnimeFeels> Good ^^

06[06:11] * AnimeFeels is having AnimeFeels tho

06[06:12] * AnimeFeels misses fullmetal alchemist + early fairy tail

[06:12] <AnimeFeels> ;_;

[06:12] <AnimeFeels> EragonShadeslyr: Fullmetal alchemist actually strikes me as something you may enjoy :P

02[06:12] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

[06:13] <AnimeFeels> It's about people

[06:13] <AnimeFeels> who do things

[06:13] <AnimeFeels> and then it all goes wrong

[06:13] <AnimeFeels> and then people die

[06:14] <AnimeFeels> and then it somehow winds up hapily ever after :D

[06:14] <AnimeFeels> OR DOES IT?!

06[06:14] * AnimeFeels misses fullmetal alchemist feels

[06:14] <AnimeFeels> i miss dat sho

03[06:22] * SifuHatman (1828cb1a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[06:22] <RandomRanaun> hi SifuHatman

[06:22] <EragonShadeslyr> hello sifuhatman

[06:23] <SifuHatman> Ello poppets.

[06:23] <SifuHatman> Ah shit.

03[06:23] * SifuHatman is now known as SifuHotman

03[06:23] * EragonShadeslyr is now known as SifuHatman

[06:24] <SifuHotman> So....

[06:24] <SifuHatman> Yes

[06:24] <SifuHotman> How about that weather?

[06:24] <SifuHotman> Can't get enough of that there weather.

[06:24] <SifuHatman> uh yeah, it uh nice yeah

[06:24] <SifuHotman> Weatheriest weather there ever was.

[06:24] <SifuHatman> talk to KFB about weather

[06:24] <SifuHotman> Where the hell's KFB?

06[06:24] * SifuHatman thinks this is an awkward conversation

[06:24] <SifuHatman> i dunno

[06:25] <SifuHatman> PSU?

06[06:25] * SifuHotman intended for it to be awkward.

[06:25] <SifuHotman> By that I mean the conversation.

[06:25] <SifuHotman> ^__^

06[06:25] * SifuHatman knew that

06[06:25] * SifuHatman twiddles his thumbs

[06:27] <Cithara> HEY HOTMAN

[06:27] <SifuHotman> sooooo....who exactly are you Mr. Hatman.

06[06:27] * SifuHotman remembers who Cithara is.

[06:27] <Cithara> XD

[06:27] <SifuHatman>

[06:27] <SifuHatman> Godsrule

[06:27] <SifuHatman> I am Godsrule Mr. Hotman

[06:27] <SifuHatman> zat image may be my new image

06[06:27] * SifuHotman remembers his little guess as to who Cithara was as it reminded him of a certain 80's cartoon character who he now realizes had a very different name.

[06:28] <Cithara> XD

[06:28] <SifuHotman> SifuHatman:  Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

[06:28] <SifuHotman> So Gods.....1st comment eh?

[06:28] <SifuHatman> i ship maiko and zutara

[06:28] <SifuHatman> yeah

[06:28] <SifuHatman> 1st comment

[06:28] <RandomRanaun> lol

[06:29] <RandomRanaun> at least now people will stop whining about Gene Yang hating Mai :P

[06:29] <SifuHotman> So you ship Zuko as a lady's man playboy who gets both Katara and Mai?

[06:29] <SifuHotman> Hot.

[06:29] <SifuHotman> -ish

[06:29] <Cithara> XD

[06:29] <SifuHatman> xD

[06:29] <RandomRanaun> XD

[06:29] <SifuHotman> I mean it's a what 15-16 year old and a what? 17 year old.

[06:29] <SifuHatman> btw sifu, you missed a space on your edit

[06:30] <SifuHatman>

[06:30] <SifuHatman> zutara ftw

[06:30] <SifuHotman> Fuck me and my ecoli editing.

02[06:30] * SifuHatman (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) Quit (Quit: SifuHatman)

[06:32] <SifuHotman> Oh....okay gods.....buh bye.

03[06:33] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has joined #wikia-avatar

[06:34] <EragonShadeslyr> since you guys are so awesome can you tell me what the fanon moved template name is?

[06:34] <SifuHotman> I don't know, but I think I should learn it soon.

03[06:35] * BoLinBeifong (b4fe124d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[06:35] <BoLinBeifong> anyone here is Fanonbenders?

[06:35] <EragonShadeslyr> i will be soon acer

[06:35] <BoLinBeifong> *fanonbender (user group)

[06:35] <EragonShadeslyr> i know

[06:36] <EragonShadeslyr> i will be part of the group soon

[06:36] <BoLinBeifong> Yeah, I know.  But currently I need the group consensus

[06:36] <BoLinBeifong> ;)

[06:36] <EragonShadeslyr> acer do you know what the fanon moved template is?

[06:36] <BoLinBeifong> glad to see your courage

[06:36] <BoLinBeifong> yeah

[06:37] <EragonShadeslyr> d'aw, thanks

[06:37] <BoLinBeifong> {{Fanonmoved}}, why?

[06:37] <EragonShadeslyr> just curious

[06:37] <BoLinBeifong> why?

[06:37] <SifuHotman> That's what they all say.

[06:37] <BoLinBeifong> whaT?

[06:37] <SifuHotman> Next thing you know they're rolling tanks down the streets of paris.

[06:37] <BoLinBeifong> what?

[06:38] <SifuHotman> Sorry Acer, I'm sick, grumpy, and delusional.

[06:38] <SifuHotman> Just ignore me like an elderly person in the home.

[06:38] <EragonShadeslyr> where do you life sifu

[06:38] <BoLinBeifong> *live

06[06:38] * AnimeFeels reappears

03[06:38] * AnimeFeels is now known as ATFF

[06:38] <BoLinBeifong> But I don't have any elderly person in my home, Sifu.  My grandma is currently on my cousin's house :p

[06:39] <EragonShadeslyr> i am living in my grandparents house right now

[06:39] <SifuHotman> Nursing Home.

[06:39] <EragonShadeslyr> state/country?

[06:40] <BoLinBeifong> Hi #reappears! *poke ATFF*

06[06:41] * SifuHotman is going to watch Prometheus!

06[06:41] * EragonShadeslyr is going to watch The Hobbit eventually

[06:41] <SifuHotman> When does it come out again?

06[06:41] * BoLinBeifong is going to watch EragonShadeslyr whose going to watch The Hobbit *Sorry for the grammatical errors*

[06:41] <EragonShadeslyr> dec. 14

[06:42] <SifuHotman> Sooo.....Acer is gonna watch Gods while Gods is watching the Hobbit.

[06:42] <Cithara> I want to watch The Hobbit.  :P

[06:42] <EragonShadeslyr> yeah

[06:42] <BoLinBeifong> yEAH correct 'lol'

[06:42] <SifuHotman> So in essence Acer's gonna be stalking Gods.

[06:43] <SifuHotman> GODS LOOKOUT ITS A TRAP!

[06:43] <BoLinBeifong> XD

[06:43] <EragonShadeslyr> oh quote start wars right there

[06:43] <EragonShadeslyr> brb

[06:43] <BoLinBeifong> BLB

[06:43] <SifuHotman> Aaaand of course Windows Media Player crashes.

06[06:43] * SifuHotman mutters unspeakable things about windows.

[06:44] <SifuHotman>

[06:44] <EragonShadeslyr> you should do what I do

[06:44] <EragonShadeslyr> use a amc

[06:44] <EragonShadeslyr> *mac

Session Close: Sat Dec 08 06:44:29 2012

Session Start: Sat Dec 08 06:44:29 2012

Session Ident: #wikia-avatar

02[06:44] * Disconnected

Session Close: Sat Dec 08 06:44:30 2012

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Session Ident: #wikia-avatar

03[14:37] * Now talking in #wikia-avatar

03[14:37] * Topic is 'Avatar Wiki channel | | Channel rules: | Contribute to The Ba Sing Se Times!'

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05[14:37] -ChanServ- [##c++] Visit and || Getting Started? || Pastes to || Be patient, courteous, and precise...this is C++, we all have our segfaults. We don't do homework.

03[14:41] * Zulie (75c2296d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[14:41] <Zulie> Hi

03[14:46] * Thailog (~Thailog@unaffiliated/thailog) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[14:46] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Thailog

[14:46] <+Thailog> hi

[14:49] <Zulie> hey Thailog

03[14:51] * Zulie is now known as Zulie|Busy

02[15:02] * +Thailog (~Thailog@unaffiliated/thailog) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

03[15:09] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[15:09] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[15:11] <Zulie|Busy> Hey KFB

[15:11] <+KataraFanboy> Hi

03[15:11] * Zulie|Busy is now known as Zulie

[15:11] <Zulie> Can I ask you something?

[15:12] <+KataraFanboy> Yes?

03[15:13] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:14] <Zulie> its really random all right

[15:14] <Zulie> Isn't Ursa pretty?

06[15:14] * +KataraFanboy shrug

[15:15] <Zulie> Hey Gods

[15:15] <EragonShadeslyr> hey zulie

03[15:27] * madfoot ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[15:27] * madfoot ( Quit (Changing host)

03[15:27] * madfoot (~madfoot@unaffiliated/madfoot) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:28] <Zulie> wb madfoot

[15:28] <madfoot> hi

03[15:33] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[15:33] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[15:33] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[15:35] <Zulie> hey Lia

[15:35] <Belle> hello Zulie

[15:36] <Zulie> new nick ;)

[15:37] <Belle> XD

[15:38] <Zulie> URSA IS SO DAMN PRETTY

[15:38] <Zulie> No Lia I am not one sugar

[15:39] <Zulie> *on

[15:41] <Belle> :P

03[16:05] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:05] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

[16:08] <Zulie> Hi Ultimate

[16:08] <+Ultimate> Hi Zulie.

03[16:12] * EragonShadeslyr is now known as WANWtE_Wanter

[16:13] <+Ultimate> =P

[16:13] <WANWtE_Wanter> too bad, I want it

[16:21] <WANWtE_Wanter> can you give me the first sentance?

[16:21] <WANWtE_Wanter> please Ultimate?

[16:22] <+Ultimate> "The first thing her eyes honed in on was the dagger blade."

[16:22] <+Ultimate> ^

[16:22] <WANWtE_Wanter> ty

[16:22] <+Ultimate> No problem.

[16:22] <WANWtE_Wanter> now can I have the first paragraph?

[16:22] <+Ultimate> -_-

[16:24] <WANWtE_Wanter> so are you?

[16:25] <WANWtE_Wanter> please?

[16:25] <+Ultimate> I'll give you a related passage. =P

[16:25] <WANWtE_Wanter> okay

[16:25] <+Ultimate>  /My father says to watch your step, at least when you’re alone. You never know who could be wielding a knife. That’s how Quinn got hurt a few months ago./

[16:26] <+Ultimate>  /He got into a fight with a mere twelve year-old, a scraggly-looking thing really, and the kid had a six-inch blade on him!/

02[16:26] * Zulie (75c2296d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[16:26] <WANWtE_Wanter> bye zulie

[16:26] <+Ultimate>  /Just be careful./ The words of warning in the letter rang in her mind along with the question of how anyone could truly grow comfortable living here.

[16:26] <+Ultimate> There you go. ;)

[16:27] <+Ultimate> As you can see, there are new characters.

[16:28] <WANWtE_Wanter> yay! I reallu am looking forward to it

[16:28] <WANWtE_Wanter> *really

02[16:31] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

02[16:40] * WANWtE_Wanter (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

03[16:45] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:49] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #wikia-avatar

03[16:50] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[16:56] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[16:57] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[16:59] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:00] <EragonShadeslyr> wb flameo

[17:04] <flameo> Hi

[17:04] <flameo> Thanks

03[17:04] * Igilix (411b863a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:04] <Igilix> Heller

[17:04] <EragonShadeslyr> hey henry!

03[17:21] * Lostris ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:21] <EragonShadeslyr> ello Lostris

03[17:21] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Lostris

[17:21] <+Lostris> Hey Gods

[17:21] <EragonShadeslyr> how was your day?

[17:22] <+Lostris> Long, tiresome, and more tiresome.

[17:22] <+Lostris> I had to present my paper today

[17:22] <+Lostris> interestingly enough, I haven't completely written the paper yet

[17:22] <+Lostris> So part of my presentation was just me winging it and making stuff up as I go

[17:22] <EragonShadeslyr> haha, how'd it go

[17:22] <EragonShadeslyr> did you manage?

[17:23] <+Lostris> Though people commented afterwards that it was good, so I guess it went well

[17:23] <+Lostris> Long live public speaking an improvisation skills ^^

[17:23] <+Lostris> And that all on 3.5 hours sleep B-)

[17:24] <EragonShadeslyr> noce

[17:24] <EragonShadeslyr> *nice

[17:24] <+Lostris> What professor makes us present something when the paper is due the 24rd

02[17:24] * Igilix (411b863a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[17:24] <+Lostris> I'm a procrastinator, there was no way in hell I would've already finished it by now ^^"

[17:25] <EragonShadeslyr> well maybe the wiki is affecting you...

[17:26] <+Lostris> Oh no, I've always been a procrastinator

[17:26] <+Lostris> The wiki is just what I do in the meantime, but even if I wouldn't be active here, I would've been in the same situation ^^".

[17:27] <+Lostris> I'm the gall that remembers the day before that a book report is due the next day and that she still has to finish reading it ^^

[17:27] <+Lostris> Though that's also where my strength lies: I'm a stress working. I can do a lot of work when the knife is on my throat sort of speak ^^

[17:28] <EragonShadeslyr> oh, so it is a double edged sword...

03[17:28] * Lostris_ ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[17:30] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@unaffiliated/eragonshadeslyr) Quit (Changing host)

03[17:30] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:31] <EragonShadeslyr> can someone check my cloak? I just got the wikia put it

[17:31] <EragonShadeslyr> *in

02[17:32] * +Lostris ( Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)

03[17:32] * Lostris_ is now known as Lostris

[17:34] <EragonShadeslyr> did it work?

03[17:35] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Lostris

[17:35] <+Lostris> How do you check whether or not it works?

[17:35] <EragonShadeslyr>  use /whois

[17:35] <EragonShadeslyr> do you use a client LL?

[17:39] <+Lostris> I'm logged in via ChatZilla, isn't that a client? (I know nothing about these sort of programs, I hardly ever chat anyway, and if I did, it was mostly via MSN)

[17:39] <EragonShadeslyr> yeah it is

[17:39] <EragonShadeslyr> would you like a wikia cloak?

[17:39] <+Lostris> So actually I have no idea whether or not you are cloaked, as I don't know what it is supposed to cloak in the first place ^^"

[17:40] <+Lostris> I don't know what it is, so I don't particularly need it then I think

[17:40] <+Lostris> What does that do anyway? Hide your IP?

[17:40] <EragonShadeslyr> yup

[17:40] <+Lostris> I don't care people knowing that *shrugs* What are they going to do with that?

[17:40] <EragonShadeslyr> mine is wikia/Godsrule

[17:40] <EragonShadeslyr> hack into your computer

[17:41] <EragonShadeslyr> most people have unaffiliated/orion

[17:41] <EragonShadeslyr> or such

[17:42] <EragonShadeslyr> if you want wikia attached to it you have to contact sannse (/query sannse) and ask her

03[17:43] * Lostris_ ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[17:43] <EragonShadeslyr> ello Lostris_ (again)

[17:44] <EragonShadeslyr> wha is happening, having wifi problems?

[17:44] <Lostris_> Well, I still have my normal protection on my computer and if I do get hacked, it will have been someone from this channel as this is the only place for which I use IRC or something like that

[17:44] <Lostris_> Like I said, I don't chat much, so it doesn't really seem worth all the "trouble" of getting a cloak when I just use it here

[17:44] <EragonShadeslyr> actually i can whois anyone around the irc world

[17:44] <Lostris_> I don't know what's up with the connection as I can still use the internet outside the chat without issues

06[17:45] * Lostris_ shrugs.

[17:45] <Lostris_> I'll risk it ;-)

06[17:45] * EragonShadeslyr shrugs also

[17:45] <Lostris_> What's life without some danger :-p

[17:45] <EragonShadeslyr> life is life with or without danger

[17:45] <EragonShadeslyr> and getting a cloak is easy

[17:45] <EragonShadeslyr> talk to sannse drop a message on her wall and you are done

02[17:48] * +Lostris ( Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)

03[17:48] * Lostris_ is now known as Lostris

[17:48] <Lostris> Meh, I've been okay so far. I don't really see the use of it. Even if they hack me, there is nothing interesting to be found on my computer and I have some computer genius friend in the off chance that I do get hacked.

[17:48] <Lostris> But now I got to run, have a train to catch

[17:48] <Lostris> later peeps

02[17:48] * Lostris ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

[17:48] <EragonShadeslyr> gud bye

[17:49] <EragonShadeslyr> ultimate, katarafanboy, why do some comics not have their own article?

[17:50] <+KataraFanboy> Probably not enough information to warrant one, I'd guess

[17:50] <+Ultimate> I suppose no one has created pages for them.

[17:50] <EragonShadeslyr> okay, ty. i was wondering why there weren't any

[17:50] <EragonShadeslyr> maybe ill make them

[17:55] <EragonShadeslyr> how any people here are going to watch the hobbit? I for one know I am going to

[18:00] <EragonShadeslyr> yay! new forum!

[18:01] <EragonShadeslyr> go talk now!

[18:03] <EragonShadeslyr> @ultimate, try typing when air nom into google and see what pops up

[18:03] <+Ultimate> What?

[18:04] <EragonShadeslyr> if yoou type it in in the predicition thing it shows WANWtE

[18:04] <+Ultimate> Oh

[18:05] <EragonShadeslyr> even google knows it is awesome

[18:05] <+Ultimate> -_-

06[18:07] * EragonShadeslyr thinks that ultimate has ultimate writing and should co-write a fanon with ARG

[18:08] <EragonShadeslyr> did you know I have been around the wiki longer than yo have ultimate?

[18:08] <+KataraFanboy> Aha, yes - the two fanonbending masters ftw

06[18:08] * +Ultimate thinks Gods is suffering from severe insanity that should be treated

[18:08] <EragonShadeslyr> i've been here since about 4 years

[18:09] <+Ultimate> Except when you talk about ARG being an awesome writer.

[18:09] <+KataraFanboy> But

[18:09] <+Ultimate> Heh, really?

[18:09] <EragonShadeslyr> no you both are

[18:09] <EragonShadeslyr> yup

[18:09] <+KataraFanboy> Was that any more insane then what he said about me yesterday morning

[18:09] <+KataraFanboy> I would say aw heeeeeeeeeeelllllllll naw

[18:09] <+Ultimate> He wasn't insane then.

[18:10] <EragonShadeslyr> no both were right

[18:10] <+KataraFanboy> Nein

[18:10] <EragonShadeslyr> i was the person who added an aang airbending photo to the article

[18:10] <+KataraFanboy> Es ist ein "ja" to Ultimate being an amazing writer

[18:10] <EragonShadeslyr> till then there was none

[18:10] <+KataraFanboy> Es ist ein "nein" to me

[18:11] <+Ultimate> Ugh, no. Vosotros sois locos. =P

[18:11] <EragonShadeslyr> huh?

[18:11] <+Ultimate> Translation: You are all crazy.

[18:11] <+KataraFanboy> Ja, the other admin here est ein ausgeztechneict writer

[18:11] <EragonShadeslyr> no

[18:11] <+KataraFanboy> (Probably spelled that wrong)

[18:12] <+KataraFanboy> (Benn four years since my last lesson in German)

[18:12] <+KataraFanboy> *3

[18:12] <EragonShadeslyr> ah german

[18:12] <+Ultimate> Que estas diciendo? (What are you saying? =P)

[18:13] <+KataraFanboy> ausgeztechneict = excellent

[18:13] <+Ultimate> Todavia, que estas diciendo? (Still, what are you saying?)

[18:13] <+KataraFanboy> est ein = is a(n)

[18:13] <EragonShadeslyr> the other admin here is an excelent writer

[18:13] <+KataraFanboy> es ist = It is

[18:13] <+Ultimate> ...

[18:14] <+Ultimate> Creo que no.

[18:14] <+Ultimate> xD Yeah, I get it, but what are you saying? It's nonsense. xD

[18:14] <+KataraFanboy> Ja, the other admin here est ein ausgeztechneict writer = The other admin is here in an excellent writer, ja?

[18:15] <+Ultimate> Eso no es cierto. (That is not true.)

[18:15] <EragonShadeslyr> i am trying to find my first contrib (i was an anon) tiring work

[18:15] <+KataraFanboy> Du bist nicht correct, Ultimate

[18:16] <+KataraFanboy> (You are not correct)

[18:16] <+Ultimate> Soy una escritora mala. Tu eres un buen escritor.

[18:16] <+Ultimate> (I'm a bad writer. You are a good writer.)

[18:16] <+KataraFanboy> Nein

[18:16] <EragonShadeslyr>

[18:16] <+Ultimate> Uh, si

[18:16] <EragonShadeslyr> my fisrt contrib

[18:16] <EragonShadeslyr> *first

[18:16] <EragonShadeslyr> *fourth

[18:17] <+KataraFanboy> Ultimate, Sie sind das erstaunliche Schriftstellerin

[18:17] <+KataraFanboy> (You are the amazing writer - so had to look that up :P)

[18:17] <+Ultimate> Tu no puedes triunfar. Estoy diciendo la verdad.

[18:17] <EragonShadeslyr> *yawn* good night y'all

[18:18] <+Ultimate> (You cannot win. I am right.)

[18:18] <+Ultimate> Buenas noches.

[18:18] <+KataraFanboy> Guten nacht

02[18:18] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) Quit (Quit: Good night)

[18:18] <+Ultimate> Sorry, I'm telling the truth <- that's the correction translation.

[18:19] <+KataraFanboy> Spaß beiseite, wir beenden die Abfrage, kann ich Ihnen die Wahrheit sagen in deutscher später.

[18:19] <+KataraFanboy> (All joking aside, let us finish the query, I can tell you the truth in German later.)

06[18:19] * +Ultimate waves hand in dismissal

02[18:26] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Blessed is the man who admires without being jealous, praises without flattery, follows without imitating and leads without manipulating.)

02[18:30] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[18:31] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit

03[18:32] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[19:09] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[19:09] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has left #wikia-avatar

03[19:20] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[19:30] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[19:38] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[19:41] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

02[19:53] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[19:53] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:00] <ATFF> Hello

[20:00] <ATFF> who is ok

[20:00] <ATFF> anybody here

[20:00] <ATFF> with chatting?

02[20:11] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed> Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[20:23] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[20:23] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

03[20:37] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[20:37] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[20:39] <flameo> I gtg

02[20:39] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[20:41] <ATFF> Hello

[20:41] <ATFF> how is everybody?

[20:44] <ATFF> Welp

[20:44] <ATFF> People seem to be quiet

[20:44] <ATFF> that's ok

[20:53] <ATFF> We have a page on cactus juice…

[20:53] <ATFF> But not on actual cactuses?

[20:54] <ATFF> How does that make sense?

[20:55] <+KataraFanboy> Good question...

[20:56] <ATFF> Perhaps the cactus juice page should be renamed to cactus and have information about catuses as well?

[20:56] <ATFF> IDK

[20:57] <ATFF> omg

[20:59] <ATFF> I mean i don't like tahnorra but XD

[20:59] <+KataraFanboy> meh

[21:00] <+KataraFanboy> no tahnorra

[21:00] <ATFF> I don't like it either :P

[21:00] <ATFF> But it's still better than Makorra

[21:02] <ATFF> ugh i want the next episode of fairy tail to be out

03[21:02] * KataraFanboy is now known as Navy0Army0

[21:02] <ATFF> why to they only air once a week

[21:02] <+Navy0Army0> B/c people like you moan about it enough :p

02[21:07] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed> Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

03[21:07] * atff (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:08] <atff> 'ello

[21:08] <atff> my connectin is deciding to suck

[21:08] <atff> Is the ranom page button supposed to lead to fanon?

[21:08] <atff> or can it lead to fanon?

[21:08] <atff> because it just did…

[21:09] <+Navy0Army0> It has for me in the past

[21:10] <atff> ok good

[21:10] <atff> just wanted to check that it wasn't being weird :P

[21:10] <atff> Also;

[21:10] <atff> I don't know if this is just me

[21:10] <atff> but the fanon logo isn't appearing

[21:11] <+Navy0Army0> There's some odd space up at the top for me

[21:11] <atff> yeah

[21:11] <atff> it's just like… empty

[21:11] <atff> do you think that wikia removed the feature that allows you to have seperate logos?

[21:11] <+Navy0Army0> I've got the fanon logo still

[21:12] <atff> oh hm

[21:12] <atff> must just be me ^^

[21:12] <atff> my interent's been weird all day

03[21:13] * Navy0Army0 is now known as Navy0Army0|Q1

[21:16] <atff> Navy vs Army?

[21:16] <atff> Interesting names :P

[21:17] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> U.S. Naval Academy v. U.S. Military Academy

[21:18] <atff> Ahh

[21:18] <atff> They have sports teams?

[21:19] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> Yep, the Naval and military academies, along with the Air Force Academy, participate in NCAA sports

[21:19] <atff> Also, can bugs be considered fauna?

[21:19] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> I assume so...they are animals...

[21:20] <atff> ok

[21:20] <atff> Well they're not technically animals :P

[21:20] <atff> But I'll take your answer :P

[21:21] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> Well, you don't have to me word for word :p

03[21:25] * atff is now known as ATFF

[21:26] <ATFF> Anyways, how are you?

[21:26] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> Not ready to prepare for finals this week :p

[21:27] <ATFF> XD

[21:30] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> Finals 17th, 18th then I'm done

[21:30] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> until January

[21:40] <ATFF> well at least you get a nice break :P

[21:40] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> Not much

[21:40] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> Only until 1/7

03[21:42] * ATFF_ (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[21:43] <ATFF_> Thanks for fixing; I can't believe I spelled beetle wrong…

[21:43] <ATFF_> I alwasy get mixed up between the eas and the ees

[21:44] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> Np

[21:44] <ATFF_> not sure if a joke… but this sounds a bit violent

02[21:44] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[21:46] <+Navy0Army0|Q1> Pretty sure a joke

[21:46] <ATFF_> OK good, lol

[21:46] <ATFF_> Because like the way they said it

[21:46] <ATFF_> it just sounded kind of serious :P

03[21:48] * ATFF_ is now known as ATFF|AFK

03[21:51] * Navy0Army0|Q1 is now known as Navy0Army0|Q2

03[21:57] * ATFF|AFK is now known as ATFF

[21:59] <ATFF> hm

[21:59] <ATFF> ok

[21:59] <ATFF> i want to know

[21:59] <ATFF> what exactly did cole sprouse do

[22:01] <ATFF> i just feel a bit lost

[22:01] <ATFF> like i know tumblr was a sociology project or something

[22:02] <ATFF> but everybody hates cole now

[22:02] <ATFF> and i'm just like so confused

03[22:02] * Navy0Army0|Q2 is now known as Navy7Army0|Q2

[22:02] <+Navy7Army0|Q2> I haven;'t followed it

06[22:03] * ATFF shrugs

[22:03] <ATFF> I haven't either

[22:03] <ATFF> i'm just confused

[22:03] <ATFF> because stuff about it is on my dash like all the time

[22:04] <ATFF> also

[22:04] <ATFF> should this page be deleted

[22:04] <+Navy7Army0|Q2> Was just thinking about it...trying to think if it could be expanded to anything worth keeping...

[22:05] <ATFF> hm

[22:05] <ATFF> a history section could be added

[22:05] <ATFF> about their formation

[22:05] <ATFF> and what probably happened afterwards

[22:05] <ATFF> maybe something about what they played?

[22:05] <ATFF> other than that… can't think of muh

[22:06] <+Navy7Army0|Q2> All there really is is Aang getting them together, they played a couple songs...and that's about it

[22:06] <+Navy7Army0|Q2> As far as non-speculative info

03[22:07] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:08] <ATFF> :/

06[22:09] * ATFF shrugs

[22:09] <ATFF> hi Chiyo

[22:09] <Chiyo> hai ATFF :)

[22:10] <+Navy7Army0|Q2> Well, it's up for deletion now

[22:10] <ATFF> well hot just vfd it

[22:10] <ATFF> Navy7Army0|Q2: ninja

[22:10] <+Navy7Army0|Q2> :p

[22:12] <Chiyo> hey KFB

[22:12] <ATFF> hmmm

[22:12] <ATFF> i'm debating on expanding it

[22:12] <+Navy7Army0|Q2> Hi Chiyo

[22:13] <+Navy7Army0|Q2> Your call ATFF

[22:13] <ATFF> like it does need expansion

03[22:13] * Navy7Army0|Q2 is now known as Navy7Army7|Q2

[22:13] <+Navy7Army7|Q2> That it does

[22:13] <ATFF> but i doubt it'll survive vfd, and i'm not even sure if I oppose it's deletion

[22:14] <ATFF> however, we do have an article on the fire ferrets cosplayers

[22:14] <ATFF> who you could argue have equal importance…

[22:14] <+Navy7Army7|Q2> You can certainly put the stuff on and see if it sways opinions

[22:14] <ATFF> if anything even less

[22:14] <ATFF> …yes i suppose i could

[22:15] <ATFF> Also

[22:15] <ATFF> Do the blank profile images bother any other people?

[22:16] <+Navy7Army7|Q2> ?

[22:16] <ATFF> like godsrule's and acerevan's

[22:16] <ATFF> when you look at a comment they've said

[22:16] <ATFF> it looks like it doesn't have an avatar

[22:16] <+Navy7Army7|Q2> Oh yah, those are strange..

[22:16] <ATFF> Like i always think my page hasn't loaded or something

[22:16] <ATFF> Or i'm like, it's a bug, but then it's not

06[22:17] * ATFF shrugs

[22:17] <+Navy7Army7|Q2> I knew Acer had one but Gods does now?

[22:20] <ATFF> yea

03[22:22] * MasterFred (~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique) has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:26] <ATFF> hi MasterFred

03[22:28] * Navy7Army7|Q2 is now known as Navy10Army7|Q2

[22:29] <MasterFred> haro

[22:29] <MasterFred> ugh

[22:29] <MasterFred> First article created gets put up for deletion. 9_9

[22:30] <MasterFred> Great.

06[22:32] * ATFF pats MasterFred 

[22:32] <ATFF> Don't worry, most new articles are

[22:32] <ATFF> *on the back

[22:32] <ATFF> And, it's really hard to create new articles for a show that finished airing several years ago :P

[22:36] <MasterFred> I just don't get why size is a reason for deletion.

[22:36] <MasterFred> Makes no sense to me.

[22:37] <ATFF> On the wiki, if nothing can be said about an article

[22:37] <ATFF> it usually winds up being deleted

03[22:37] * Navy10Army7|Q2 is now known as Navy10Army10|Hal

[22:37] <ATFF> for example

03[22:37] * Navy10Army10|Hal is now known as Navy10Army10|HT

[22:37] <ATFF> Let's say I wanted to make an article about Katara's dress

[22:38] <ATFF> And all I said was "She wore it a lot", and that's all anybody could think of to say about it

[22:38] <ATFF> It isn't really worth it because that is something everybody knows

[22:38] <ATFF> And, it has no usefulness to somebody genuinely looking for information

[22:38] <ATFF> So it would be dleted

[22:39] <MasterFred> Well of course.

[22:39] <MasterFred> Her dress is not notable.

[22:39] <MasterFred> I'm referring to The Flameos.

[22:39] <MasterFred>

[22:39] <ATFF> MasterFred: I saw the page, I just expanded on it :P

06[22:39] * ATFF is A True Fire Ferret

[22:40] <MasterFred> :O

[22:40] <MasterFred> mind=blown

[22:40] <MasterFred> XD

[22:40] <MasterFred> Thanks, then haha

[22:40] <ATFF> :P

[22:41] <MasterFred> I suppose that message on your wall was not entirely necessary then. lol

[22:41] <MasterFred> Where does it say that the band was formed from students?

[22:42] <ATFF> Well they all have the school uniform on

[22:42] <ATFF> Plus, school staff wasn't present at the event

03[22:43] * LAlonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:43] <ATFF> Hi LAlonde

[22:43] <LAlonde> hello

[22:44] <MasterFred> oh yeah

[22:44] <MasterFred> School uniforms.

[22:44] <MasterFred> Didn't think about that. :P

03[22:44] * Humble ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[22:44] * Humble ( Quit (Changing host)

03[22:44] * Humble (~Pride@unaffiliated/humble) has joined #wikia-avatar

[22:44] <ATFF> hai Humble-bumble

[22:44] <Humble> hihi

[22:45] <ATFF> What part are you at in Fairy Tail?

[22:45] <ATFF> guys

[22:45] <ATFF> tehre will be dvd commentary :D

[22:45] <ATFF> yay

[22:46] <Humble> i only saw the first ep

[22:46] <MasterFred> ATFF: Some of your expansion was de-expanded. :P

[22:46] <ATFF> Yep

[22:46] <ATFF> Happens to me alll the time :P

[22:46] <ATFF> Humble: Do you like it

[22:47] <ATFF> Who's your favorite character

[22:47] <MasterFred> lol

[22:47] <ATFF> Are you going to start watchign the sub

[22:47] <Humble> natsu? happy?

[22:47] <Humble> i dunno

[22:47] <ATFF> :O what about Lucy?

[22:47] <MasterFred> I actually agree with how it is now. Some of the info before wasn't entirely relevant.

06[22:47] * Humble shrugs

[22:47] <ATFF> :P yep

[22:47] <Humble> but isn't japanese such a pretty language you cant understand

[22:48] <ATFF> Exactly

[22:48] <ATFF> So the sub VAs are better

[22:48] <ATFF> Because the Lucy VA is less know-it-all-ish, and happy is ridiculously cuter

[22:48] <ATFF> you know

[22:48] <Humble> how?


06[22:49] * Humble high fives

[22:49] <Humble> I wasn't used to subs before

[22:49] <Humble> But now i am

[22:49] <ATFF> Me too

[22:49] <ATFF> Fairy tail got me used to it :P

[22:50] <MasterFred> um

[22:50] <Humble> i now know what feels feel like ;_|

[22:51] <MasterFred> Is there a way to know how to spell "The Flameos"?

[22:51] <Humble>

[22:51] <ATFF> nope

[22:51] <MasterFred> Is it perhaps "Flamey-Os"

[22:51] <ATFF> nah

[22:51] <MasterFred> Ok, because has it spelled that way.

[22:51] <MasterFred> And that is just weird to me.

[22:52] <ATFF> or maybe

[22:52] <ATFF> idk

[22:52] <ATFF> oh well then yeah i guess

06[22:52] * ATFF shrugs

[22:52] <ATFF> it doesn't really matter

[22:53] <MasterFred> apparently it is spelled in a source.

[22:53] <MasterFred> coolio

[22:55] <ATFF> she doesn't sound like erza ;_;

[22:55] <ATFF> but I think i've heard that dub actoress before

[22:55] <Humble> who?

06[22:57] * ATFF goes to find who it is

[22:57] <Humble> NO

[22:57] <Humble> I LOST 3 FOLLOWERS TODYA

[22:57] <Humble> ;~;

[22:58] <+Navy10Army10|HT> lol I give up

[22:58] <+Navy10Army10|HT> How does Lostris always find like everything

[22:59] <ATFF> Humble: D:

[22:59] <ATFF> What did you post?

[22:59] <Humble> what did i do wrong

[22:59] <ATFF> Or maybe it's just tumblr being silly

[22:59] <Humble>  /nothin/

[22:59] <ATFF> it does that sometimes

06[22:59] * ATFF sighs

[22:59] <ATFF> i like the sub actors better

[22:59] <ATFF> i mean the dubbers aren't bad it's just…

[22:59] <Humble> maybe it was because of the fact that i posted too much kirisuna

06[22:59] * ATFF sniffs

[22:59] <Humble> it's because it's such a beautiful language

[22:59] <Humble> isn't it

[23:01] <ATFF> yes

06[23:01] * ATFF pushes Humble now go watch fairy tail

[23:01] <LAlonde> oh

[23:01] <LAlonde> my

[23:01] <LAlonde> god

[23:01] <LAlonde> i just found my first boyfriend on facebook

06[23:01] * Humble melts


[23:02] <ATFF> Humble: WELL SUCKS TO BE YOU

[23:03] <Humble>  i think this was the reason i lost a follower

[23:03] <MasterFred> Is there a place for Behind the scenes info on this wiki?

[23:03] <MasterFred> Or is that just trivia

[23:03] <ATFF> Humble: Ever heard of Colleen Clinkenbeard?

[23:04] <Humble> nope

[23:04] <ATFF> hmmmm

[23:04] <ATFF> ohh yeah

[23:04] <ATFF> she was riza :D

[23:04] <ATFF> So that's where I recognize her voice from ^^

[23:04] <Humble> :OO

[23:04] <ATFF> thank you wikipedia ^^

[23:05] <Humble> why is everybody from fma in other animes

[23:05] <ATFF> because

[23:05] <ATFF> the dub actor community

[23:05] <ATFF> is small

[23:05] <Humble> :O

[23:05] <Humble> ;~;

[23:05] <Humble> well at least they have the best then

[23:06] <ATFF> Oh and the voice of Natsu is ling

[23:07] <ATFF> ohh the girl who voiced lucy also did elicit hughes

[23:07] <ATFF> *elicia

[23:08] <Humble> ._.

[23:09] <ATFF> And Gray was Heath

[23:09] <ATFF> Whoever that is

[23:09] <Humble> the chimera people!

03[23:10] * Navy10Army10|HT is now known as Navy10Army10|Q3

[23:11] <ATFF> oh

[23:11] <ATFF> yeah

[23:12] <LAlonde> pikachu

[23:12] <ATFF> And Happy was Shao May :D

02[23:12] * Humble (~Pride@unaffiliated/humble) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

[23:13] <LAlonde> Pikachu

[23:13] <ATFF> hm

[23:13] <ATFF> now i'm going to go do something

[23:13] <ATFF> but what

[23:16] <ATFF> MasterFred: Well it looks like your article is being kept :)

[23:17] <MasterFred> yep :P

[23:17] <MasterFred> Woot!

[23:19] <MasterFred> Just proposed the creation of a template for inserting audio files into articles.

[23:29] <Pikachu> lalonde

[23:29] <LAlonde> hello!

03[23:30] * Navy10Army10|Q3 is now known as Navy10Army13|Q3

02[23:38] * LAlonde (6161b72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

02[23:38] * madfoot (~madfoot@unaffiliated/madfoot) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[23:39] * madfoot ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[23:39] * madfoot ( Quit (Changing host)

03[23:39] * madfoot (~madfoot@unaffiliated/madfoot) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[23:39] * Navy10Army13|Q3 is now known as Navy10Army13|Q4


[23:41] <Pikachu> THEN GO DO IT


[23:53] <Pikachu> google

Session Time: Sun Dec 09 00:00:00 2012

02[00:03] * MasterFred (~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique) Quit (Quit: Leaving)

03[00:11] * Navy10Army13|Q4 is now known as Navy17Army13|Q4

[00:15] <Chiyo> watch Azumanga Daioh :3

03[00:23] * Navy17Army13|Q4 is now known as Navy17Army13|F

03[00:30] * Lostris ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[00:30] * Lostris ( Quit (Client Quit)

03[00:50] * minnichi (8173c343@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

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03[00:54] * BoLinBeifong (b4fe1711@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[00:55] * RandomRanaun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) has joined #wikia-avatar

[00:56] <BoLinBeifong> HI RR

02[00:57] * +Navy17Army13|F (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit

02[00:58] * BoLinBeifong (b4fe1711@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

06[01:03] * ATFF waves

03[01:09] * ATFF is now known as ATFF|KNT

03[01:15] * BlackMonkey (d106097d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:15] <BlackMonkey> Hello

[01:16] <ATFF|KNT> Hi BlackMonkey :D

[01:16] <ATFF|KNT> Long time no see

[01:16] <BlackMonkey> Yeah, I know

[01:16] <ATFF|KNT> Welcome back ^^

[01:16] <BlackMonkey> Well, don't expect me back full-time for a little while

[01:17] <BlackMonkey> Nice to check in though

[01:27] <ATFF|KNT> ok ^^

[01:27] <BlackMonkey> I'm focused mainly on my fanon right now, that's all

[01:27] <BlackMonkey> Plus school is busy

[01:28] <ATFF|KNT> School sucks :P

[01:28] <ATFF|KNT> What grade are you in?

[01:28] <BlackMonkey> 8th

[01:29] <BlackMonkey> Lots of other stuff too

[01:29] <ATFF|KNT> Ah

[01:29] <BlackMonkey> I'm more active in the wiki during the summer

[01:29] <ATFF|KNT> Yeah eighth grade sucked :P

03[01:35] * ATFF|KNT is now known as ATFF|STUUPID

03[01:35] * ATFF|STUUPID is now known as ATFF|Frustrated

[01:35] <BlackMonkey> Uh oh

[01:36] <BlackMonkey> Stupid with 2 u's.

[01:36] <BlackMonkey> *never* a good sign

[01:36] <ATFF|Frustrated> my stupid interent won't let me watch videos

[01:36] <BlackMonkey> Stupid internet

03[01:36] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[01:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

[01:36] <ATFF|Frustrated> KataraFanboy: WHY IS MY INTERNET BEING MEAN

[01:36] <BlackMonkey> Hello KFB

[01:36] <ATFF|Frustrated> oh and hi :P

[01:37] <+KataraFanboy> Hi guys

[01:37] <ATFF|Frustrated> omg somebody gave aang a dog named weed in a fanon

[01:37] <ATFF|Frustrated> XD

[01:37] <BlackMonkey> heh heh

[01:38] <ATFF|Frustrated> now if you'll excuse me

[01:38] <ATFF|Frustrated> i'm going to try and get my internet to stop being mean

[01:38] <ATFF|Frustrated> bbl

02[01:38] * ATFF|Frustrated (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[01:38] <BlackMonkey> Weed the dog

[01:38] <BlackMonkey> Heh heh

03[01:51] * RandomRanaun is now known as RR|Laundry

03[01:53] * Humble ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[01:53] * Humble ( Quit (Changing host)

03[01:53] * Humble (~Pride@unaffiliated/humble) has joined #wikia-avatar

[01:56] <BlackMonkey> Hello

03[01:59] * RR|Laundry is now known as RandomRanaun

03[02:01] * KataraFanboy is now known as HeismanWinner

[02:02] <Humble> Hey

[02:04] <BlackMonkey> Hey

03[02:04] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:06] <BlackMonkey> Hello once again, ATFF

[02:08] <BlackMonkey> Internet still being stupid?

03[02:09] * Ultimate ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[02:09] * Ultimate ( Quit (Changing host)

03[02:09] * Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[02:09] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ultimate

[02:09] <Humble> ice cream time :D

[02:10] <BlackMonkey> Ice cream?

[02:10] <Humble> yup

[02:10] <BlackMonkey> Mmmmmmmmm

03[02:15] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:18] <Humble> so quiet...

[02:18] <TyDy> how are you Humble?

[02:18] <Humble> good

[02:18] <Humble> tired

[02:19] <TyDy> same :P

[02:19] <ATFF> hi BlackMonkey nah

[02:19] <ATFF> it's finally working

[02:19] <TyDy> i had my first track meet today

[02:19] <ATFF> and hi Ultimate and TyDy

[02:19] <BlackMonkey> hello

[02:19] <TyDy> hi ATFF :D

[02:19] <ATFF> Humble: How are you liking Fairy Tail?

[02:19] <+Ultimate> Hi ATFF.

[02:20] <ATFF> You know I'm going to keep bothering you until you start watching more :P

[02:20] <Humble> I've only seen one epepepe

[02:20] <ATFF> Humble: well then

[02:20] <ATFF> watch more

[02:21] <Humble> of wut


[02:22] <TyDy> have you guys seen Momo lately?

[02:22] <BlackMonkey> Momo?

[02:22] <Humble> but im only on ep 12 or 13 of sao

06[02:22] * Humble faints

[02:22] <Chiyo> not tonight

[02:23] <TyDy> criminy

[02:23] <ATFF> Nope

[02:23] <ATFF> NOt in a while

06[02:23] * TyDy shakes his head

[02:23] <Humble> i miss momo ;~;

[02:24] <TyDy> same

[02:26] <Humble>  can i just say that this is the most accurate gif ever

[02:27] <TyDy> its pretty damn accurate

[02:29] <Humble> lets get crazy and post random gifs

[02:29] <TyDy> im not in a crazy mood

06[02:29] * Humble sigh

[02:30] <TyDy> thats accurate for my mood^

02[02:32] * TyDy (484c26d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: going to read a book...or something.)

[02:33] <Humble> i havent heard the english language in an hour

[02:33] <Humble> what is wrong with me

02[02:35] * BlackMonkey (d106097d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[02:37] <ATFF> Humble: :/

[02:37] <Humble> ive had a long dya today

[02:39] <ATFF> Humble: watched anymore ft

[02:39] <Humble> in a few more min.

[02:39] <Humble> hey can you do me a favor?

[02:40] <ATFF> yeah sure

[02:41] <Humble>  do you see any ask, archive,  or any other links you see on a usual tumblr page?

[02:41] <Humble> just wanna make sure it isn't just me

03[02:43] * aoc (cf66cd17@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:43] <aoc> lol

02[02:43] * aoc (cf66cd17@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[02:44] <ATFF> lol Humble i think you just downloaded somebody's personal theme or something

[02:44] <ATFF> unless you have multiple blogs…

[02:44] <Humble> how?

[02:44] <Humble> meep

[02:44] <ATFF> do you?

[02:44] <Humble> like on my main account??

[02:45] <Humble> Mitasora is my account, but i have other blogs on my account, too

[02:46] <ATFF> oh, you od?

03[02:46] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:46] <ATFF> do you have like a seperate soul eater blog?

[02:46] <ATFF> well no

[02:46] <ATFF> i don't see anything else

[02:46] <Humble> yeah. and blogs where i save my urls

[02:46] <ATFF> i think you got a weird theme :P

[02:47] <ATFF> you should change it :P

[02:47] <Humble> okkkk

[02:47] <Humble> it's the sidebar, isnt it

03[02:49] * MasterFred (~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique) has joined #wikia-avatar

[02:50] <ATFF> hi MasterFred

[02:51] <MasterFred> haro

02[02:54] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[02:57] <ATFF> Psst

[02:57] <ATFF> anybody know what kimi ni todoke is about?

[02:58] <Humble>

[02:58] <Humble> it sounds cute

02[03:00] * +HeismanWinner (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit (Quit: Now here would go /nick Johnny Manziel)

[03:01] <ATFF> sounds boring :P

[03:01] <ATFF> but cute :P

[03:01] <ATFF> But i'm not big on romances¬

02[03:06] * Humble (~Pride@unaffiliated/humble) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

03[03:11] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:14] * MasterAqua (ae4a5bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:14] <MasterAqua> Hey everyone.

[03:14] <ATFF> hi MasterAqua

06[03:15] * MasterAqua is Mysti

03[03:26] * KataraFanboy ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[03:26] * KataraFanboy ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:26] * KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) has joined #wikia-avatar

03[03:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +v KataraFanboy

03[03:32] * DirkStrider ( has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:33] <ATFF> hi DirkStrider

[03:33] <DirkStrider> hi

03[03:35] * Taikai (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:36] <+Ultimate> Hi Taikai.

[03:37] <Taikai> Hey Ultimate :)

[03:38] <MasterAqua> Hello Trill.

[03:39] <DirkStrider> Hello

[03:39] <Taikai> Hey Trill

[03:39] <Taikai> Hey Mysti

[03:41] <Taikai> Everyone

[03:41] <Taikai> I have a big announcement.

[03:42] <Taikai> Well, not /that/ big...

[03:42] <DirkStrider> Yes?

[03:42] <Taikai> Anyway.....

[03:42] <DirkStrider> Are you finally coming out? O:

[03:42] <ATFF> Yes?

[03:42] <ATFF> What

[03:42] <ATFF> OMG

02[03:42] * Chiyo (~Chiyo@pdpc/supporter/active/chiyo) Quit (Quit: ??? ?????????????)

[03:42] <ATFF> Taikai: we'll support you through this

[03:42] <Taikai> *rolls eyes*

[03:42] <DirkStrider> Peoples, I have a big announcament!

[03:42] <Taikai> No!

[03:42] <Taikai> I am going to release a new fanon soon.

[03:42] <DirkStrider> My friend is gay AND european!

[03:42] <DirkStrider> :O

[03:42] <ATFF> DirkStrider: :O

[03:43] <DirkStrider> ATFF: :O

06[03:43] * Taikai blinks.

[03:43] <Taikai> Okay then...

[03:43] <DirkStrider> > sits down quietly

[03:43] <DirkStrider> > looks at life looks at choices

[03:43] <DirkStrider> > singing 'legally blonde' songs on avatar wiki chat

[03:44] <DirkStrider> > no

03[03:44] * DirkStrider is now known as Trill|no

03[03:44] * Trill|no is now known as Bolout

02[03:44] * Bolout ( Quit (Changing host)

03[03:44] * Bolout (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) has joined #wikia-avatar

[03:44] <Taikai> Um...

[03:44] <Taikai> Okay

[03:46] <Taikai> So, what do you peoples think?

[03:46] <Taikai> I'm going to make up a coverart soon and then I'll release the main page :)

[03:48] <Bolout> What will it be about?

[03:49] <Taikai> So the main character, a waterbender, and his friends have to take down "The Manipulator", who attempts to take over all power using his army of "darkness cells".

[03:49] <ATFF> Bolout: wb

[03:50] <ATFF> kind of :P

03[03:50] * Bolout is now known as Trill|no

03[03:50] * Trill|no is now known as KarkatVantas

02[03:50] * KarkatVantas (~Bolin@unaffiliated/trillian) Quit (Quit: If uiop60 shows up, please kindly tell him 'fuck off' from me.)

[03:50] <Pikachu> poor trill

[03:51] <Taikai> Glad to know that she liked the plot :P

03[03:53] * ATFF is now known as ATFF|AFK

03[04:00] * Turok-Han (48192d97@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

02[04:00] * RandomRanaun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

03[04:00] * Turok-Han is now known as MasterWesley

[04:00] <Taikai> Hey Turok

[04:00] <MasterAqua> Hello.

[04:00] <Taikai> Master

03[04:01] * RandomRanaun (~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:01] <Taikai> Welcome back RR

[04:02] <MasterWesley> Apparently they're making an Ant-Man movie

[04:02] <MasterWesley> Hallelujah

[04:02] <MasterWesley> The wifebeater finally gets his time on the big screen

[04:05] <MasterAqua> Why call him the wifebeater?

[04:05] <MasterAqua> ...And who are Fred and Wesley?  What are they Masters of?

[04:05] <MasterAqua> ._.

[04:07] <MasterWesley> Ant-Man? The wifebeater?

[04:07] <MasterWesley> He beat his wife at one point

[04:07] <MasterAqua> Weird.

[04:08] <MasterAqua> FYI, I know next to nothing about Ant-Man.

[04:08] <MasterAqua> :P

[04:08] <MasterWesley> 'Cause like his entire story arc for a while was him slowly going insane and him not being able to get another discovery as great as his Pym Particles

[04:08] <MasterWesley>

[04:08] <MasterWesley> Also,

[04:08] <MasterWesley> I am BD

06[04:08] * MasterAqua nods

[04:08] <MasterWesley> And Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is a character on Buffy and Angel

[04:08] <MasterAqua> Ah.

[04:08] <MasterWesley> And he is the master of good looks, an awesome accent, making tough decisions, and being a badass.

[04:08] <MasterAqua> Haha.

[04:09] <MasterWesley> I put it on because I saw MasterFred and Fred is a character on Angel and I've been watching Angel all day so yeah

[04:09] <MasterAqua> Aqua is master of those things, too.

[04:09] <MasterAqua> Except she's called a Master because she's a Keyblade Master.

[04:09] <MasterAqua> :P

[04:09] <MasterAqua> Totally different fandom.

[04:11] <MasterWesley> Also Wesley kidnaps Angel's baby because he thinks Angel is going to kill the baby because of a fake prophecy created by Sajhan, who made the fake prophecy so Wesley would kidnap the baby because there was a real prophecy saying the baby would kill Sajhan

[04:11] <MasterWesley> Wesley ends up with his throat cut by Justine, who's Holtz's lackey, and then Holtz kidnaps the baby again and runs off to the dimension Quor-Toth with him

[04:12] <MasterWesley> And then Angel tries to kill Wesley and Wesley ends up ostracized from his friends completely for like a season and then he comes back but they all still kinda either hate him or distrust him

[04:12] <MasterWesley> Did I mention he's a badass

[04:13] <RandomRanaun> personally I like Aqua more

[04:13] <RandomRanaun> she's awesome

02[04:15] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[04:15] <MasterAqua> Haha.

[04:16] <MasterAqua> Hey, nice to find another KH fan.

[04:16] <MasterAqua> All Kingdom Hearts fans, raise your hands!  :P

06[04:16] * MasterWesley raises hand

06[04:16] * MasterAqua throws her hand up

06[04:17] * Taikai raises hand.

[04:17] <MasterAqua> You too, Taikai? :D

06[04:17] * Taikai nods.

[04:17] <Taikai> Yup.

[04:17] <MasterAqua> Yay.

[04:17] <Taikai> I don't have a lot of the games though.

[04:17] <Taikai> Only two. :p

[04:17] <MasterAqua> I only have KH I and KH II.

03[04:18] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:18] <MasterAqua> Welcome back Flame.

[04:18] <MasterWesley> I have

[04:18] <flameo> Thanks

[04:18] <Taikai> I only have Days and Re:coded.

[04:18] <MasterWesley> KH1

[04:18] <MasterWesley> KH2

[04:18] <flameo> Hi

[04:18] <MasterWesley> DDD

[04:18] <MasterWesley> BBS

[04:18] <flameo> Umm

[04:18] <flameo> Who are you?

[04:19] <Taikai> hey flameo

[04:19] <MasterAqua> Jealous.

03[04:19] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:19] <Taikai> Wesley is BD

03[04:19] * SukiFanboy (18e054c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:19] <Taikai> Hey Belle

[04:19] <MasterAqua> Flame:  MasterWesley is BD.

[04:19] <MasterWesley> and 358/2 Days

[04:19] <flameo> Oh

[04:19] <MasterAqua> Hey Slash.

[04:19] <Taikai> Hey SukiFanboy

[04:19] <flameo> O my

[04:19] <SukiFanboy> Heyo, everybody.

[04:19] <MasterAqua> And we're talking about Kingdom Hearts.

[04:19] <MasterWesley> flameo: if you needed to know, you would

[04:19] <flameo> All of my friends come on at the same time

[04:19] <MasterAqua> Because it's awesome.

[04:19] <Taikai> 358/2 Days was fun. :)

[04:19] <RandomRanaun> I only have KH1, KH2, Re: COM, 358/2 Days, and BBS

02[04:19] * Belle (~androirc@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)

[04:19] <MasterAqua> I'm jealous of you two, owning that many.

[04:20] <MasterAqua> I had to watch walkthroughs on YouTube to get the full story.

[04:20] <Taikai> I liked 358/2 Days. It was good.

[04:20] <flameo> MasterWeasley well it's seems I do need to know because I do

[04:20] <MasterWesley> i wanna get COM

[04:20] <MasterWesley> my favourite is either KH2 or BBS

[04:20] <MasterWesley> but DDD is also really really good

[04:21] <Taikai> I don't have a 3DS, so I can't play DDD. :/

[04:21] <MasterAqua> I don't have one, either.

[04:21] <MasterAqua> But I did watch the walkthrough.

[04:21] <Taikai> Sometimes I wish I could shoot Re:coded in the face.

02[04:21] * SukiFanboy (18e054c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[04:21] <MasterAqua> YouTube is a great resource.

[04:21] <MasterWesley> you should get a 3DS

[04:21] <MasterWesley> and by that I mean 3DS XL

[04:21] <RandomRanaun> the KH fandom as a whole is not a fun place to be though imo

[04:22] <MasterWesley> there's a ton of awesome games

[04:22] <RandomRanaun> and the Kingdom Hearts Wiki sucks ass

06[04:22] * MasterAqua nods

[04:22] <MasterAqua> It does suck.

[04:22] <MasterAqua> What's wrong with the fandom?

[04:23] <MasterAqua> Besides how unacknowledged it is.

[04:23] <RandomRanaun> they turned it into a "fansite" so it wouldn't compete with their off-Wikia wiki -_-

[04:23] <MasterAqua> Huh?

[04:23] <MasterAqua> WHAT?

[04:23] <MasterAqua> ...

[04:23] <MasterAqua> What is this nonsense?

[04:23] <MasterWesley> Fandoms in general end up being fandumbs

[04:23] <MasterWesley> I don't bother with them

[04:23] <Taikai> XD

[04:23] <MasterWesley> My number one rule of the internet:

[04:23] <RandomRanaun> well, in my experience at least, it's difficult to find two fans to actually agree on something

[04:23] <MasterAqua> I'm not really in any fandoms.

[04:23] <MasterWesley> People on the internet are stupid.

[04:23] <MasterAqua> I don't fangirl, etc.

[04:24] <MasterAqua> But I do really like KH.

[04:24] <MasterAqua> Without obsessing.

[04:24] <MasterWesley> "Fangirls" are the biggest idiots, so yeah.

[04:24] <RandomRanaun> and people are usually too opinionated

[04:24] <MasterAqua> Fanboys are bad, too, BD.

[04:24] <MasterWesley> Any fansuffix is horrible, Mysti.

[04:25] <MasterWesley> And if I ever meet anybody who watched Supernatural just do obsessively ship Dean and Castiel, I will punch them right in the nose.

06[04:25] * MasterAqua nods

[04:25] <MasterAqua> XD

[04:25] <MasterAqua> Bleh, I'm not a rabid shipper.

[04:25] <MasterAqua> It's too ridiculous.

[04:25] <RandomRanaun> shipping is something that ruins fandoms imo

[04:25] <MasterWesley> Shipping is something that ruins intelligent thought

[04:26] <MasterWesley> Shipping is something that turns epic scenes from Supernatural or something into "omfg dean touched cas' shoulder omfg destiel 4 lyf"

[04:26] <MasterWesley> I literally cannot express my hatred for "destiel".

03[04:26] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:27] <Taikai> Welcome back Belle

[04:27] <MasterAqua> Yeah, welcome back Lia.

[04:28] <MasterAqua> AKA Eona.

[04:28] <MasterAqua> AKA Belladonna

[04:28] <Belle> Hello Mysti :P

[04:30] <MasterAqua> Heh.

[04:30] <MasterAqua> :P

[04:30] <RandomRanaun> what if Gene Yang makes Mai into a villain like How I Became Yours?

[04:30] <MasterAqua> :/

[04:30] <MasterAqua> No

[04:30] <MasterAqua> Please

[04:30] <MasterAqua> Mai is a wonderful character.

[04:30] <MasterAqua> She shows how you don't need to be 'heroic' to be a hero.

02[04:31] * +Ultimate (~Ultimate@unaffiliated/ultimate) Quit (Quit: Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you, not because they are nice, but because /you/ are.)

[04:31] <MasterWesley> RandomRanaun: i'll break his kneecaps

[04:31] <RandomRanaun> lol, I once saw a comment that said "Mai is like miley cyrus she is annoying"

[04:31] <MasterAqua> And she shows why it's wrong to not let people express themselves.

[04:31] <MasterAqua> :o

[04:31] <RandomRanaun> where the hell do you make that connection? xD

[04:33] <MasterAqua> Yeah, that's a weird comment.

[04:33] <MasterAqua> No connection to the two.

[04:33] <MasterAqua> *between

02[04:35] * +KataraFanboy (~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy) Quit

02[04:36] * MasterWesley (48192d97@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[04:40] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:41] <MasterAqua> Welcome back OR.

[04:41] <Omashu_Rocks> thanks

[04:46] <Taikai> Bye guys.

02[04:46] * Taikai (1816954b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: k-bye)

03[04:52] * ATFF|AFK is now known as ATFF

[04:57] <ATFF> Wlp it's quiet :/

03[04:57] * JimLogan (d05e48c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:57] <JimLogan> Hello

[04:59] <JimLogan> How are you guys doing?

03[04:59] * namelessbastard (4735cab9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[04:59] <JimLogan> Hello

[04:59] <namelessbastard> Hello

[04:59] <JimLogan> How are you doing?

[04:59] <namelessbastard> Pretty pissed. How about you?

[05:00] <JimLogan> Why are you angry?

[05:01] <namelessbastard> Because I'm a nameless bastard, and I'm jealous of some one.

02[05:01] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) Quit (Quit: bbl)

[05:01] <JimLogan> O_O

03[05:02] * Annawantimes ( has joined #wikia-avatar

02[05:02] * Annawantimes ( Quit (Changing host)

03[05:02] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:03] <namelessbastard> Hello Annawan. Haven't talked to you in ages.

02[05:03] * JimLogan (d05e48c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[05:03] * JimLogan (d05e48c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:03] <JimLogan> I got disconnected for somereason

[05:04] <namelessbastard> Connection problems I assume

[05:04] <Annawantimes> Hey nameless

[05:04] <namelessbastard> Hola

[05:04] <JimLogan> Hello Anna

[05:04] <namelessbastard> ....that makes it sound as if he was a girl

[05:05] <JimLogan> o.o

[05:05] <namelessbastard> This place has lost A LOT of life since I was last here

[05:06] <JimLogan> Uh

[05:06] <JimLogan> You guys ever write a fanon

[05:06] <JimLogan> and as soon as you sat down to write more of it

[05:06] <JimLogan> your mind just blanks out

[05:07] <namelessbastard> My creativity makes me want to vomit inside out, Jim, so no.

03[05:08] * Melkor (407e59f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

03[05:08] * Melkor is now known as Melkor345

[05:09] <JimLogan> Hello Melkor

[05:09] <JimLogan> Well I have like 10 fanons

[05:09] <JimLogan> i start and I cannot finish because my mind always goes blank ;(

[05:09] <Melkor345> I assume you mean when you're writing them, and not when you're reading them.

[05:10] <Melkor345> If the latter, something's wrong with the author...

[05:10] <JimLogan> Well I write them

[05:10] <Melkor345> :D

[05:10] <namelessbastard> True; bad writing

[05:10] <namelessbastard> Most authors here have good writing though.

[05:10] <JimLogan> O-o

[05:10] <Melkor345> Mmm.

[05:10] <Melkor345> I wouldn't know.

[05:10] <JimLogan> You know, I write, Pirates of the Caribbean

[05:11] <JimLogan> Metal Gear

[05:11] <Melkor345> I never have the time to reading anything.

[05:11] <JimLogan> Red Dead Redepmtion

[05:11] <JimLogan> Marvel

[05:11] <namelessbastard> good game!

[05:11] <Melkor345> *read

[05:11] <JimLogan> DC

[05:11] <JimLogan> InFAmous

[05:11] <JimLogan> (etc) fanon

[05:11] <namelessbastard> How about Avatar?

[05:11] <JimLogan> and I have GREAT STARTS

[05:11] <Melkor345> I barely have the time to even /write/ my own fanon anymore.

[05:11] <JimLogan> But I can never finish them

[05:11] <Melkor345> Not that anyone in the world cares.

[05:11] <JimLogan> Ya I attempted to write an avatar one

[05:12] <JimLogan> I care

[05:13] <Melkor345> Well, it's certainly not shown in the (lack of) comments I've been getting on my fanon pages recently, then.

[05:13] <namelessbastard> I love it here!

[05:13] <JimLogan> I tried to restart my Marvel fanon, but I only wrote 2 chapters

[05:13] <Melkor345> It's enough to make one call one's losses, and pack up.

[05:13] <namelessbastard> ....but I don't think I can ever come back

[05:13] <namelessbastard> I'll read fanon though...

[05:13] <Melkor345> Why's that, nameless?

[05:14] <JimLogan> O.o

[05:14] <namelessbastard> If I come back, I'll go crazy and...well...break Wikia policy even further than I have

[05:14] <JimLogan> Wait what?

06[05:15] * Melkor345 squints

[05:15] <JimLogan> I gots to go

[05:15] <Melkor345> Did you /used/ to come to this wiki regularly?

[05:15] <Melkor345> *use

02[05:15] * JimLogan (d05e48c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[05:15] <namelessbastard> Your damn right!

[05:15] <Melkor345> See you later, JimLogan.

[05:15] <namelessbastard> I was an addict actually

06[05:15] * Melkor345 nods

[05:16] <Melkor345> And did .you...wreck havoc on this wiki for awhile?

06[05:16] * Melkor345 wonders if MasterAqua is someone he knows...

[05:17] <namelessbastard> Nope, nothing that messed the wiki up at all; I made a huge amount of positive contributions here in a short amount of time (like the average Rollback really). I just began to break 'a certain' Wikia policy.

[05:17] <Melkor345> Oh?

03[05:17] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:17] <Melkor345> Let me guess - the age policy?

[05:18] <EragonShadeslyr> Omasu_Rocks , I sent you something

02[05:18] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) Quit (Client Quit)

[05:18] <namelessbastard> Nope.

[05:18] <namelessbastard> Borderline though.

[05:19] <namelessbastard> But no, that wasn't it.

03[05:22] * JimLogan (d05e48c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:23] <JimLogan> Hey do you guys wanna read one of my fanons?

[05:23] <namelessbastard> Shoot me a link.

[05:24] <JimLogan> Is there a PM?

[05:25] <JimLogan> nvm

[05:26] <Melkor345>

[05:26] <Melkor345> If anyone is interested.

[05:26] <Omashu_Rocks> i think we should ban blank propics

[05:27] <namelessbastard> What?

[05:27] <JimLogan> Uh can I post it in here?

[05:27] <Melkor345> OR: What?

03[05:28] * ATFF (4caddb6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<IP removed>) has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:28] <JimLogan>

[05:29] <JimLogan> Here you go nameless

06[05:29] * Melkor345 walks away

06[05:29] * Melkor345 's fanon bores people

06[05:29] * JimLogan yawns

[05:29] <Melkor345> ^Nice timing.

[05:30] <JimLogan> Thanks

06[05:32] * JimLogan drinks some mountain dew

06[05:33] * Melkor345 expects a burp soon

[05:33] <namelessbastard> @Melkor: Your the user Toph's fanboy?

06[05:34] * JimLogan suspects trickery 

[05:34] <Melkor345> Yes, I am.

[05:34] <Melkor345> Currently going under a different nick, but yes.

[05:35] <JimLogan> :O

03[05:35] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:35] <JimLogan> Hello Eragon

[05:35] <EragonShadeslyr> hello

06[05:36] * JimLogan hands Eragon a dragon

06[05:36] * EragonShadeslyr hatches it

06[05:36] * JimLogan sells it on Ebay

[05:37] <Melkor345> Why the ":O", JimLogan?

[05:37] <Melkor345> *Sapphira

[05:38] <JimLogan> Melkor

[05:38] <JimLogan> What's up?

[05:39] <MasterAqua> Blergh.


[05:39] <JimLogan> Hello Aqua

03[05:40] * Toprawa (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/Toprawa) has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:40] <MasterAqua> I was away and didn't change my nick.

[05:41] <namelessbastard> Chat is so so dead

[05:41] <namelessbastard> *IRC

02[05:41] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) Quit (Quit: Do I have to put something here? Hmm what to make my quit message say? How about: Bye guys! You know you could read Avatar: The Bending Prodigy ( )!)

02[05:41] * flameo (ba2d1064@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: well life goes on and I shall be asleep sweet dreams to all)

06[05:42] * Melkor345 yawns

06[05:42] * JimLogan awaits review for my fanon

[05:43] <MasterAqua> Hello Melkor345.

[05:43] <MasterAqua> Who are you, JimLogan ?

[05:43] <JimLogan> [[User:Jim Logan]]

[05:43] <MasterAqua> Ah.

[05:43] <MasterAqua> New persom.

[05:43] <JimLogan>

[05:43] <MasterAqua> *person

[05:43] <JimLogan> :D

[05:43] <JimLogan> Avatar fan since 2005

[05:44] <JimLogan> I linked a fanon I wrote

[05:45] <JimLogan> But no one has reviewed it, I take it they hated it ;(

03[05:45] * Kitty-Kat (32714799@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:45] <JimLogan> Hello Kitty

[05:45] <Kitty-Kat> hey

03[05:46] * minnichi (631b890f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:46] <Kitty-Kat> Came on to show my dad somthin

[05:46] <Kitty-Kat> so bye

[05:46] <JimLogan> Hello Minnichi

02[05:46] * Kitty-Kat (32714799@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)

[05:46] <minnichi> hey :)

[05:47] <ATFF> Hello

[05:47] <MasterAqua> Hey Kat.

06[05:47] * ATFF hath returned

[05:49] <JimLogan> MasterAqua

[05:50] <MasterAqua> Yeah?

[05:50] <JimLogan> Would you like a link to my fanon?

[05:51] <MasterAqua> Um, sure?

[05:51] <JimLogan> I think I put it in your PM

06[05:52] * Melkor345 yawns

[05:52] <MasterAqua> Yes, you did.

03[05:53] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) has joined #wikia-avatar

[05:53] <ATFF> hi EragonShadeslyr

[05:54] <EragonShadeslyr> hey ATFF

[05:54] <MasterAqua> Hi Gods.

[05:54] <EragonShadeslyr> ello Mysti

[05:55] <JimLogan> Master Aqua

[05:55] <JimLogan> Do you like it?

[05:55] <namelessbastard> Godsrule!

[05:57] <EragonShadeslyr> yes

03[05:57] * EragonShadeslyr is now known as UrbanDic_Hater

[05:57] <namelessbastard> No, I was just saying that Gods rule.

02[05:58] * UrbanDic_Hater (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) Quit (Client Quit)

[05:58] <MasterAqua> I have to go.

[05:59] <namelessbastard> Later Mysti

[05:59] <MasterAqua> Bye everyone.

[05:59] <MasterAqua> Goodnight.

02[06:00] * MasterAqua (ae4a5bd1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: "Darling I'll be your werewolf")

[06:00] <JimLogan> Bye Aqua

03[06:00] * namelessbastard (4735cab9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #wikia-avatar

[06:00] <ATFF> Yo

02[06:00] * JimLogan (d05e48c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[06:00] <ATFF> Anybody have a lot of time on their hands

02[06:00] * Melkor345 (407e59f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[06:01] <Pikachu> atff wat

[06:01] <ATFF> somebody asked a favor of me

[06:02] <ATFF> and i am too lazy to do it

[06:02] <Pikachu> ah okay

03[06:04] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) has joined #wikia-avatar

[06:07] <EragonShadeslyr> pokey

[06:07] <EragonShadeslyr> wakey wakey IRC...

02[06:08] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) Quit (Client Quit)

[06:09] <RandomRanaun> yaay Toonami

[06:09] <RandomRanaun> I don't even watch anime anymore, but who cares :P

02[06:10] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[06:10] <ATFF> yo

03[06:10] * Belle (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikia-avatar

02[06:10] * Belle (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)

03[06:10] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) has joined #wikia-avatar

[06:10] <ATFF> Anybody know where I can find good themes?

02[06:20] * Belle (~chatzilla@wikia/LiaSakura) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

[06:37] <MasterFred> themes?

02[06:38] * Omashu_Rocks (4a60bdfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

03[06:40] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[06:40] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) Quit (Client Quit)

03[06:44] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[06:44] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) Quit (Client Quit)

02[06:45] * Annawantimes (~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121128204232])

03[06:47] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) has joined #wikia-avatar

02[06:50] * EragonShadeslyr (~Gods@wikia/Godsrule) Quit (Client Quit)

03[06:50] * Toprawa (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/Toprawa) has left #wikia-avatar

[06:59] <ATFF> looooking for good pictures of erzaaaa

03[07:08] * IBKman (4be38415@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-avatar

[07:09] <ATFF> hi IBKman

[07:09] <IBKman> whaz up ATFF?

[07:10] <ATFF> Nm ^^

[07:11] <ATFF> Looking for tumblr stuff

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