It was a sunny day when an arrow whizzed by my ear. I was walking in the forest. I looked up and in the trees I saw a Yu Yan Archer. He didn't speak but I could tell he was one of them, the tattoos were too prominent. I was wondering what he was going to do next when an arrow aimed straight for my head. Quickly I earthbent a slab of stone from the ground up to block the arrow from hitting me. Next I bent rock onto my body to act as armor. I hopped onto an earth wave and started to run away.

Khozin said capturing the kid would be easy. He didn't even mention the kid was a bender. An earthbender. It was just going to be harder, but I have done harder. I notched my arrow. But not any arrow, it was a special arrow. My favorite, a spike arrow. These were the strongest, capable of breaking five sets of rock armor. It was simple. Aim in front of the bender. He would think I missed and then run right into it. All too simple.

The arrow should have missed the kid. It was aimed far away from him. But before I knew it, it hit him. Shyu-yan had a perfect plan, and it worked. Now I could capture him.

Yes! My plan worked. As soon as I was out of the Archer's vision I created a decoy. Using my earthbending I made it seem real. Now for Part 2 of my plan.

I was notching my next arrow when suddenly the tree I was sitting on started moving. I then realized why Khozin wanted the kid. He was not only an earthbender, but also a woodbender. Suddenly the branch started to wrap around me, and then it choked me.

What! Shyu-yan just died? Well it would just make things harder. Suddenly I saw a stone coming towards me. But how was that possible? I didn't have time to think about it. I quickly ducked, and then shot an arrow at the kid. Suddenly I felt the ground underneath me sink, and I breathed my last.