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Fanon Fact Finders Schedules
Fruipit ByBray

Hey, guys! I'm back again, and I plan to do an interview whenever I can find the time between school, work and my own 'real life'. Because I am so busy, I specialise in one-shots, but will happily interview anyone for their fanfic! No dates, I will just get to you as soon as I can about your interview. The months are the time period with which I hope to get to you about your story. Note the word hope.



Greetings fellow fanon contributors! I will release a new interview every week or so, as I plan to have around four total interviews per month. Pre-releases can also be interviewed, if you so desire. If something were to arise, I may be unable to complete an interview at a given time. This could result in a postponement, but will be put highest on the tier of my to-do list.


Note: If your fanon is obscenely lengthy, please allow more time for me to read it. Thank you!

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Kuir [[User:|]]

Salve cittadini di Wiki! I will give interviews every week or so, give or take for length. I will post when I can interview. Please specify the length of fanons so that I can adjust the time.



If you want to be interviewed by any of the above members of the FFF, add a link to their schedule(s).
Dates are first come first serve, and are subject to change.
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These are all the interviews which have been conducted by current members. To view every single interview which has taken place, go here.