• It's time to ask you about your thoughts on Beginnings. Awesome or sucked? howbout 'The Guide'? I liked the latter fairly enough.

    IM3 had a rather... what-just-happened ending. But if you're just looking for action there's plenty to satisfy you. :P

    I'm officially a Nolanite; you really should start watching all his films. awaiting the launch of Interstellar.....

    How do you feel about the fact that The Inheritance Cycle and Eragon have recieved mostly negative votes?

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    • I mean 'reviews', not votes

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    • Lol I forgot to reply :(

      One word, Amazing. It fulfilled ALL of my expectations.

      IM3 was meh, too action-y not enough story imo.

      SO. PSYCHED. FOR. INTERSTELLAR. Can't wait. Have you seen Gravity?

      I haven't seen the film so idk :p

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    • Really? Everyone (or most users on Avatar Wiki) seemed to be overwhelmed by the 'awesomeness' of Beginnings. -_-


      Me too. After watching all his non-batman films I was just WOW. Wanna see what he's gonna do in Interstellar. What with the cast!

      But what about the books? You're a huge fan, so I'm wondering how you feel about the world mostly viewing it negatively? 

      Hope I'm not nosey.

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    • Yeah, I felt that is was an amazing way to start the cycle of the avatar.

      Have you seen Thor 2 yet?

      I still have yet to watch other movies, aside from Inception and TDKT :(

      Honestly, I really don't care, so that's that.

      Nahhh, you aren't being too nosey ;)

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    • KK.

      Nope. How was it? Mako100 says it's amazing. I still doubt that it will surpass the first.

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    • I haven't seen it yet...was going to but ended up not being aple to :(

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    • K. I gotta Q 4 u. MF or 112? Who's more interesting?

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    • btw What did you think of the finale? I'm sort of mixed-feelings about it.

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    • MF == 112 so I can't decide.

      Lol, Mixed-feelings xD I loved the thing, but I just don't get what Jinora was doing in the end :(

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    • Actually, I thought Jinora's part was the only thing I got in the whole finale.

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    • Btw, "MF == 112" is an excellent escape-answer.

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    • Oh dear. I now regret the day I used the term 'Nolanite' without looking it up first. I am not a nolanite. Just a Nolan-fan. XD

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    • Really? It felt like Bryke wrote themselves into a corner with no way out xD

      Well, there has to be some answer.

      Okay, the term "Nolanite" sounds exactly like me. Like on the dot about me.

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    • Bryke love to write themselves into lots of corners with no way out.


      So the expression 'Nolan is God' works for you?

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    • A FANDOM user
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