Hi Everyone,

You probably don't know me. I am a new(er) user here on Avatar Wiki and I am here to show you how to change the default signature . Please read the whole thing first.

Step 1

First off you may want to think of an idea. My Username is Godsrule, and so I decided to make my sig revolve around now Godsrule (get it). I ended up typing Gods Rule! Not Spirits. It ties in with the theme of Godsrule.

Step 2

Code It. We are going to start off your Sig with some coding. Open up source mode and type this in.

 <span style="color:blue; font-family:calibri; font-size:15pt"> </span> 

Span is basically coding to change the color, font, font size, but not Bold or Italic or Underline. In the span code, the color part is responsible for changing the color.

 <span style="color:random color"> </span>

Changing it to blue will give me this. Changing it to green will give me this. To find a list of colors go to To change the font type edit the font-family part.

 <span style="font-family:random font"> </span> 

Typing Comic Sans MS will give me this. Typing Times New Roman will give me this. To change the font size just change the font size part.

Step 3

Now it mistime to add sprites (those little photos) after the </span> type in the syntax for an image.

 [[File:Your Image]] 

All of Avatar Wiki's sprites can be found at If the sprite you want isn't there go to to find it.Make sure you only upload sprites you want to use. If they don't get used in 3 hours then they will be deleted.

Step 4

Now open up a new tab or window and go to There click the edit button and paste all of your coding.

Then open up another tab and go to There click the edit button and paste {{User:/Sig}} Then move your cursor to your name on the top of the screen and click to my preferences. There scroll down to Signature. Sig_page.png
Where it says custom signature type in {{SUBST:User:/autosig}} Then check the I want to use wikitext in my signature and click save. Scroll down and you will see your Signature.

Step 5

Now to use your signature just type ~~~~ and you will see your Signature followed by the timestamp. You you have any problems just send me a message on my wall and I can help you.


Step 1


Step 2

Note: The first part of coding in the span syntax should always be <span style=" type in all the parameters after the quotation mark (") and separate them with a semicolon (;). Once you are done type "> (don't put a semicolon there) and then type the words. Once you type the words type </span> and you are done.

Other Note: To link it just type [[Your Link|Your Code]]

Step 3

Note: To link the image just type [[File:Your Image|link:Your Link]]

Step 4

Note: if it doesn't work often times the User was not typed in the {{SUBST:User:/autosig}}